Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1122 - 1122: Strength

"Are you mocking us? Or have you gone crazy in front of death? It's fine, though. One of us is enough to kill you," the True Dao Sect Master exclaimed before he looked at the Dark Soul Sect Master. 

"You go and kill him! The rest of us will take care of the Snake," he said. 

In response to him, Long Chen couldn't help but laugh. 

"As much as I want to see the Snakey beat your ass, I'm afraid I'll have to be the one to do that," he said after he stopped laughing. 

"I genuinely wasn't going to go destroy your sects since I had more important things to do, but you came to me yourself. I must say, you people are very considerate."

"Now that you're here, I might as well settle the scores for your sects destroying my clan and killing my people. Can't leave you all to Snakey."

As Long Chen finished speaking, his body started floating in the air as he started rising.

Seeing Long Chen fly, there wasn't a single person who wasn't shocked since they all knew what this implied.

Being able to walk on air meant a person was in the Sky Realm, but to be able to fly, one had to be in at least Heaven Realm. 

The Sect Masters had the cultivation of the initial Heaven Grade, so they were able to fly, but for Long Chen to be able to fly? It was clear as day what it meant. 

"It can't be! How did a kid become a heaven-grade cultivator? How did you do it?" The Sect Master of the True Dao Sect exclaimed in shock. 

Even the Dark Soul Sect Master was stunned. It hadn't been long when Long Chen had joined their sect. 

Even when he left, he was only an Earth Grade Cultivator! How did he reach the Heaven Realm so soon? Just how was his luck so good? To reach Heaven Realm in Cultivation and to get a Heaven Grade Beast!

Everyone was believing that it was because of some magical herb that Long Chen had successfully achieved this feat because of some mystical herb that he found.

For an herb to bring such a high grade of cultivation to him so easily, it was believed to be a really great treasure. 

The Sect Masters couldn't help but wonder how amazing it would be if they could get it too. Their Cultivation would grow by leaps and bounds.

With that thought in mind, the Heavenly Slaughter Sect Master took the leap and started threatening Long Chen. 

" What Heavenly Herb did you eat to achieve such a breakthrough! Tell me the location where you found it right now! We might think about leaving you alive if you can get us to those herbs!" He warned Long Chen. 

"Oh, you want that herb? It's called 'work hard to breakthrough. All of you have grown so old, yet you're so slow in Cultivation. You have a hard time cultivating doesn't mean others too. Not everyone needs herbs to breakthrough," Long Chen retorted as he chuckled.

Hearing Long Chen's reply, the Sect Masters felt like they were being insulted by a kid. 

The Sect Master of one of the Righteous Sects opened his mouth to reprimand Long Chen. 

"Kid! Don't forget your place! Don't forget who you're talking to! You might be a Heaven Grade Cultivator like us, but you're still nothing! Against our combined effort, you and your snake won't last for even a second! So listen to us and ha-"

He did start speaking, but before he could even finish, he saw Long Chen's figure flicker. The next moment, Long Chen was standing right in front of the Sect Master. 

The dark robed sect master tried to move back, but before he could, he saw Long Chen's hand entering his chest. 

Long Chen didn't even use any weapon. He only used his hand to stab the chest of the man and grab his heart. 

The Sect Masters' eyes opened wide as his heart was held by Long Chen. He opened his mouth to plead to Long Chen, but he seemed to be too late as his heart was crushed before Long Chen pulled his hand out. 

" Anyone else who wants to remind me of my place?" Long Chen asked as he finally brought his sword out. 

His figure flickered once again as he disappeared while everyone was still in a daze at what they saw. 

This strength and this speed, it wasn't something that an Initial Heaven Grade Cultivator could possess. Just who was this guy? How strong was he in reality? Was he a Peak Heaven Grade Cultivator?

They had thought that the biggest obstacle in killing Long Chen was the Snake Monarch, but it seemed like they were wrong. The biggest obstacle wasn't the snake but their target himself. 

They thought Snake Monarch was strong and Long Chen was weak, but now that Long Chen moved, their entire perception was destroyed. Long Chen was in no way weaker than them. 

Unfortunately, they realized this too late as the battle had already begun. 

Long Chen's figure kept flickering as he kept appearing before the Sect Masters, cutting them up one after another. 

The Sect Master tried to find Long Chen and fight back, but their speed was too slow compared to Long Chen, who was like a warlord that kept killing. 

They couldn't even see Long Chen for the most part as he only appeared like a ghost when he wanted to kill before he disappeared.


Mingyu and Zhiqing had already seen Long Chen in battle, and they already knew how good he was.  They weren't stunned.

Standing near them was another girl, Chu Miao, who stood with her mouth wide open, amazed at Long Chen's growth. 

Just a short time ago, Long Chen was having a hard time fighting against Peak Earth Grade Cultivators, and now he could keep up against the Strongest Cultivators of this world on his own. His growth was really monstrous, and so was his talent. 

She couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she had gone with Long Chen. Would she have gotten as strong as him?

'Nah, he is in an entirely different breed altogether. Keeping up with him was always impossible, even when he was here. It's his destiny to be stronger. I can't keep up, and I would never be able to. He's like a bright star that I can only appreciate but never reach,' Chu Miao thought as she sighed. 

Terra and Roli were also watching Long Chen fight. Their mouths were wide open. 

"Is this the strength of Legendary Humans?" Terra asked, frowning.