Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1246 - 1246: Surprise Help

Right when Long Chen was thinking about leaving to steal the item he needed from the treasury of the Western Emperor, the greatest thief of Immortal World was also thinking the same. 

He was known as Glaze. At Least that's what the world knew him as. No one knew his real name. They didn't know what he looked like or where he lived. 

He was also the same person that had stolen the lie detection artifact from the Northern Envoys that was given to them by the Northern Emperor so the envoys could check if a Heavenly Demon Spawn had actually appeared in the Mortal Worlds. 

Glaze walked towards the Royal Palace before ultimately turning into a shadow and disappearing. 


Long Chen sent the Snake Monarch back before he left the hotel through the window in the middle of the night. He was dressed in all black as well. 

Leaving the hotel, he used Shadow Transformation, which seemed similar to the skill that the thief had used. He disappeared as well. 

Long Chen appeared near the Royal Palace, still quite far away from the Royal Guards. 

He glanced towards the Royal Palace, which was brightly lit even in the dark night. He once again disappeared, but this time to directly appear inside the Royal Palace because he has used the teleportation to appear inside the Royal Palace. 

Since he could only appear in the places he had seen before, he appeared in the hallway from where Mimi had taken her to his room. 

It was also the spot that didn't have any guard formation. 

"From here on, it should be much easier," Long Chen said as he started walking in the direction of the treasury after using Shadow Transformation to make himself invisible. 

After turning invisible, he started walking in the direction of the treasure. Without any concern, he walked from right before the guards. The guards could neither see him nor sense his aura. He was easily able to walk past them. 

It seemed to be simply too easy. Within minutes, he was standing near the treasury, but that's also where their trouble started. He was able to see the hallways surrounded by the guards, most of whom were standing right in front of the treasury. 

He couldn't go in without taking them out, it seemed. But he also couldn't teleport inside the treasury since he hadn't been inside before. 

After thinking for a little, he decided to play a little trick. He wanted to use an illusion on them all to have his way. 

Taking a deep breath, he was just about to use the Law of Illusion to make the Emperor himself appear here before all the guards to get them out of the way. 

His eyes started shining in a mystical light. Everything was prepared, and he was ready to use the illusion when he suddenly stopped as he smelled something strange in the air. 

He didn't seem to be the only one who was smelling it. All the other guards were also smelling the same thing. Unlike Long Chen, they couldn't stand still after smelling it though. They started dropping on the ground, seemingly unconscious. 

'Poison?' Long Chen thought, surprised. All the guards in this place were down. It was undoubtedly the work of poison, it seemed. 

He stepped closer to one of the guards and tried to see if he was dead. He still didn't remove his shadow transformation because it was clear that an intruder was here. Long Chen didn't want to be seen. 

As he checked the nerves of the guard, he nodded. 

'They are still alive. It should be something used to put them to sleep," he thought, understanding everything. 

As for the reason he wasn't affected, it was because he had the immunity from all types of poisons, and that included the ones that put people to sleep. 

It was clearly not the work of an enemy since the guards were left alive. That only left one possibility. 

'Someone else is here to rob the treasury as well. But where is that person hiding?' he thought, glancing all around. 

In the end, he spread out his Divine Sense to find that person. Fortunately, he didn't have to work hard since that person seemingly appeared himself.

As Glaze put all the guards to sleep, he stopped hiding since he didn't know that Long Chen was there as well. 

Long Chen observed Glaze, watching him advance towards the safe. 

 Glaze stopped in front of the treasury and brought out what seemed like a strange key from his pocket.

He didn't insert the key in the lock though. Instead, he simply made sure that the key simply touched the lock. 

As soon as the key touched the lock, it started changing shape into a different key. 

Soon, the key looked like a different key. It was only now that Glaze inserted the key inside the lock and opened it. 

'A key that can change shape to unlock anything? Not bad at all,' Long Chen thought, frowning. He liked the key and believed that it was a precious treasure on its own and that it could be of great use in certain situations. 

In any case, it had helped him. By unlocking the doors, Glaze gave Long Chen a direct entry inside the Treasury.

Right behind Glaze, Long Chen also entered inside the treasury. 

As Long Chen entered the treasure, he was amazed to see how big it was. Previously he had thought that Mimi's room was big, but this was in a completely different league of its own. 

The walls of this treasury were covered in gold. He wondered if it was just paint or real gold. As for treasures, gold coins and artifacts were spread as far as the eyes could see. 

He walked in search of the item he was looking for, ignoring the thief. He didn't need treasures or money anyway. All he needed was what he was here for. As for the money, Glaze could take it all. 

Strangely enough, Glaze also didn't take any money or treasure. It seemed like he was also looking for something. 

Both of them tried to find something in this vast treasury that looked to be as big as a small town in itself. 

There were just so many things there that it was hard to find what they were looking for. 

'There it is!' Long Chen thought as he noticed what he was looking for. 

At the same time, Glaze also exclaimed, "Found it!"

As it happened, both of them happened to be looking in the same direction. In fact, they were looking at the same item.