Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1140 - 1140: Confession

"I don't deserve your thanks. It was my responsibility," Long Chen replied to the young boy before he looked back at Yue Fei. 

"Yue Fei, I want to talk to you in private. Can you come with me?" He told Yue Fei. 

Yue Fei nodded her head.

"Prince Ming, you wait with Prince Zhu. No one will do anything," Long Chen told Yue Ming, stopping him from following them. 

"King Zhu, you also come with me," Long Chen told the King. 

Hearing his words, King Zhu and Yue Fei followed Long Chen, wondering what he wanted to talk about in secret.

King Zhu even wondered if Long Chen had any other demands that he couldn't tell here?

The three entered the Royal Palace under the watchful eyes of the guards. 

"King Zhu, I want a private room. Take me to one. A place which is soundproof," Long Chen told King Zhu, stepping inside the Palace. "Is there a place like that?"

"There is. My Throne Room. I'll get everyone else to leave. The sound from inside won't go outside. You can rest assured," King Zhu said while wondering why Long Chen wanted a room like that. Was he going to kill him? 

'Does he want it so that my scream doesn't leave the room if he kills me?' he wondered.

"Don't think nonsense. If I wanted to kill you, I could have killed you outside as well. You're not strong enough to stop me. And I'm not weak enough to have to resort to schemes against you," Long Chen told the King lazily as he heard his thoughts. 


The King didn't know what to think. Could Long Chen hear his thoughts? Or was it a simple guess from his side?

"O-of course," He said. He couldn't even dare to ask Long Chen the truth. 

He escorted Long Chen to his throne room which was already mostly empty as all the Ministers that were in the throne room were outside the Palace now. They had left with the King, and they didn't dare follow the King back inside. 

Only a few guards and a Eunuch were inside the Throne room.

The guards opened the heavy gates, allowing the King to enter without having to use any effort. Long Chen and Yue Fei also entered after him. 

"You all, empty this place now! I want to see none of you here within three seconds. If even a single one of you is here, I'll kill you personally!" The King declared as soon as he stepped inside. 

Hearing his commands, not a single person delayed as they all hastily ran outside the Throne Room. 

"Close the Gates!" The King commanded the guards outside, who closed the door. 

"Your Excellency, not a single person outside will hear you. You can speak," he told Long Chen as soon as the gates were closed. 

Long Chen looked at King Zhu as he said, "Good. Now you leave too."

"W-what?" King Zhu asked, confused. 

"Leave. I only want to talk to Yue Fei. Moreover, after she leaves this room, I will leave this place too. You won't see me again unless you ever think about hurting Yue Fei. You understand?" Long Chen asked the King. 

"Ah, I already took a heavenly oath. I'll never let any harm come to her. I promise," the King replied. 

"That's good. Leave now," Long Chen responded. 

Hearing the words, King Zhu glanced at Yue Fei one last time before he left. He didn't forget to close the door after leaving. 

Yue Fei looked at Long Chen, wondering what he was going to say. What did he want to say in privacy? Could it be that he... he wanted to propose to her? She wondered. 

She thought that it was possible. Long Chen was too strong. He didn't need to come here in privacy to speak something. 

The only reason he came here could be because he was shy outside? Maybe he really wanted to propose to her and was worried that it would be embarrassing if she rejected her, so he came here?

Many thoughts crossed her head as she believed a proposal was coming. 

'C-could it be that he really wants to propose to me? He loves me? Is that why he saved me last time right before the wedding? Is that why he killed that guy who wanted to marry me? Is that why he's helping me take back the Kingdom? Because he likes me?' Yue Fei wondered as Long Chen looked like he was trying to gather his courage.

Unlike last time, he wasn't trying to hear Yue Fei's thoughts, so he didn't know what she was thinking. She didn't know how wild her thoughts were right now. 

In fact, Yue Fei's face had also started turning crimson as she thought more about it. 

'What should I do if he really wants to marry me? Should I say yes? I mean, I-i do think he isn't bad. He's a really great man. He is handsome, and he is extremely strong. Moreover, he is caring,' she thought as her face turned redder. 

She clenched her fist as she made up her mind. 'I'll say yes. I'll be his wife if he proposes to me now.'

"Yue Fei, I... I don't know how to say this, but I can't let it go. I wanted to tell you the truth for so long, but I couldn't gather the courage. Here goes the final try. This time I'll tell you the truth," Long Chen said as his beautiful golden eyes gazed at Yue Fei's deep blue eyes. 

Yue Fei's heart was thumping faster as she heard Long Chen's words. It was as if her heart was going to come out of her chest in anticipation. 

"I..." Long Chen once again opened his mouth, but he again stopped as he took a deep breath. 

"I was the one who destroyed the Dragon City! I wiped the Royal Family. I killed your father and everyone in the Yue Clan. I also destroyed all other major sects in the Dragon City. It was all because of me. I'm the real culprit," Long Chen confessed. 

Hearing his confession, Yue Fei's face turned pale as she couldn't believe what she heard. Were her ears playing a trick on her? Or did she really hear what she thought she did?

She looked at Long Chen as she again asked weakly, "Can you say that one more time?"

"I destroyed the Royal City. I destroyed everything but listen to me. I wasn't in my right mind that day. I wasn't in cont-"