Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 158 - 158: Exposed

Long Chen was passing through the forest in between the boundary of Shui and Huanji Kingdom in order to get to the city of thunder inside the Huanji Kingdom.

He had taken off his mask and was traveling without hiding his face. He had removed the effect of Heaven's Shroud as well which again made his cultivation impossible to be seen just like it was before.

"This horse is pretty fast… Unfortunately, it's not as fast as the horse I had inside the trial world. It's still good though as this will decrease the time it will take to get to the city of thunder " Long Chen muttered as he traveled on the horse feeling the fast-moving wind on his face.

'Roar' A voice sounded from nearby attracting Long Chen's attention.

"Hah, it must be a beast. Finally the opportunity to hone my skills through some battle. I hope it's a strong one" Long Chen let out with a smile as he made his horse change direction towards the place where the sound came from.

Not after long, he reached the place and saw a beast.

"A peak gold realm Armoured Gale Tiger? Nice..." Long Chen muttered as he saw the beast. It looked like a tiger but had a horn and green skin. The air around its skin looked to be much denser than in the surrounding creating something like an armor of wind.

"A girl?" Long Chen exclaimed as he saw the Armoured Gale Tiger moving towards a certain direction albeit somewhat slowly and cautiously. Long Chen saw a girl lying on the ground at some distance of Armoured Gale Tiger.

Without waiting for long, he jumped from his horse and using his movement skill appeared between the girl and the Armoured Gale Tiger.

"Are you the one who made her unconscious? " Long Chen muttered as he glimpsed at the girl lying on her back with eyes closed. 

"Doesn't matter." Long Chen muttered as he brought his 'Mountain Destroyer' out of his storage ring as he moved towards the Armoured Gale Tiger. The Armoured Gale Tiger unexpectedly matched Long Chen's speed as it dodged Long Chen.

"As expected, I need to upgrade my movement skill as well. The old one is too weak to help me nowadays. I must learn Earthly Monarch Effect as well to increase my speed when I'm in the City of Thunder" Long Chen let out softly. He swung his sword towards his back at the empty space but Armoured Gale Tiger just happen to appear on that spot and was struck by the sword.

Armoured Gale Tiger fell back on the ground with a wound on it's back. Although the wound was bleeding, It was a minor wound as his wind armor decreased the impact of Long Chen's casual attack.

Before Armoured Gale Tiger could stand up, Long Chen appeared near him and stabbed his sword downwards. The Sword penetrated Armoured Gale Tiger as it roared loudly. An energy blast suddenly appeared from the Armoured Gale Tiger with an extreme amount of destructive power inside. Long Chen felt like this attack would be enough to disintegrate a normal peak gold realm cultivator.

Long Chen's eyes turned black as his body was surrounded by something like an armor made of empty space. The energy blast expanded in area but passed through Long Chen without hurting him in the slightest.

"As always, the space barrier is pretty useful. Works as a good defensive skill" Long Chen muttered with a smile. He looked towards the Armoured Gale Tiger and found that it had already died.

"That was a powerful and clever last attack... too bad you were matched with the wrong opponent" Long Chen let out as he put Armoured Gale Tiger's body inside his storage ring.

Long Chen turned back and walked towards the unconscious girl.

"Beautiful..." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the girl. He walked near her and sat down on his knees.

"She is breathing but her pulse is pretty weak..." Long Chen muttered as he checked her pulse. He put his hand under her back to correct her position but he felt something wet. 

"Blood?" He brought his hand out only to find his hand covered in blood.

He slightly picked her up and saw a large sword wound on the girl's back which was bleeding. Without thinking much, he took the "Life Healing Pill" that he received from the Duan Clan patriarch out of his storage ring.

After slowly opening the girl's mouth with his hands, he placed the Pill inside her mouth. His fingers touched her soft tongue as he placed the Pill inside her mouth.

"I need to do as much as I can to save her. Can't sit idle by blindly believing the effects of this pill" Long Chen let out softly with a serious look on his face as he took out a healing ointment from his storage ring that he has brought in greyfall city.

"Uhmm... I must do it to save her even though it's wrong. Furthermore, her top is already torn, I can't leave a girl with a torn dress and a wound on her back. I must do everything to heal her even if it's immoral" Long Chen let out loudly but it wasn't clear if he was talking to the girl or talking to convince himself and to give himself a reason.

After seeing that her breathing was slightly stable, he slightly picked up the girl and got behind her so that he was facing her back. Using his hands, he took her top off revealing her Jade like white back most of which was covered in blood. He took out a bottle of water and a towel from his storage ring. He began washing her back in the non-wounded area and used the ointment on the wounded area.

"Should I wrap her wounds in bandage? I'll have to touch her breasts to properly arrange the bandages. " Long Chen muttered as he closed his eyes with a thoughtful look on her face. 

"I have no choice but to do it!!! It's about the safety of a girl" Long Chen muttered with determination.

" Can you stop fulfilling your pervert desires in the name of healing her? Her wounds have already healed" The voice of Xun sounded as she appeared before Long Chen could open his eyes. Long Chen opened his eyes and saw that her wounds had healed.

"Looks like the pill and the ointment did its magic. I'm glad I don't have to wrap the bandages. Saved me the effort" Long Chen let out with an innocent look on his face as he ignored Xun's words. 

"You're in big trouble now" Xun muttered as she looked at Long Chen with a cheeky smile on her face as she disappeared.

"Hmm? What trouble?" Long Chen said with a confused look on his face but soon his expressions changed.

The girl slowly opened her eyes and after some effort stood up. She didn't realize that she was topless as she stood up. As she gained focus, She looked back and saw Long Chen sitting behind her.

"Who are you?" She took a step back as she got in an alert position and asked but she felt something strange. The guy in front of him was not looking in her eyes, instead, he was looking downwards. She looked downwards as well and her eyes opened wide as she did. Her breasts were hanging freely in front of the eyes of a stranger without any cover.

"Kyaaa" She screamed as she covered both her peaks with her soft hands.