Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1283 - 1283: The Meeting

The dark-haired man had just stepped out of a spatial portal that soon disappeared behind him. 

"I hope they won't find me, but that's just unlikely at this point. I wonder how they find me so fast. I thought they didn't have any artifact that could do that."

"But no matter which planet I go to, they come to that planet in less than a week! I wonder if I should just go back. I came to have fun, but with them on my back, I can't even have that. Going back would put it to rest!"

"No, if I go back, it'll be my defeat. The old man will think that his plan worked. I won't give him the satisfaction. Only when they give up shall I go back to the Black Tortoise Clan!" 

The man talked to himself as he walked on top of the frozen river.  .

The dark haired man was the heir of the Black Tortoise Clan, which was one of the nine Supreme Beast Clans. 

The Black Tortoise Clan was the equivalent of the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan. It was amongst the top four Heavenly Beast Clans, along with the White Tiger Clan.

Even though it was the weakest of the four major Heavenly Clans, which were dominated by the White Tiger Clan and the Dragon Clan, they were still superior to the other five Heavenly Beast Clans.

While the top two Heavenly Beast Clans were searching for the tenth Heavenly Beast King that they believed to have appeared, the Black Tortoise Clan was busy on their own search as they were trying to bring back their heir who had run away. 

Unfortunately, despite all the resources they had put, they weren't able to bring the young heir back since he wasn't willing to. Instead of coming back, the dark haired man kept running away. Two mortal worlds were also destroyed in all this. 

A similar thing had happened once again, which made the dark haired man use his treasure to change worlds. That was also one of the reasons why the Black Tortoise Warriors were having such a hard time catching this guy. 

Before running away from the Clan, he had stolen some powerful treasures, amongst which was one which he was using to run away to other worlds so easily. 

It didn't even take him one second to go to other worlds from the last one. 

"I wonder which world it is this time. This treasure keeps tossing me to random mortal worlds. I don't even know where I am most of the time at all. It can only be specific when I want to go home or to the Immortal World."

"When it comes to Mortal Worlds, this is a really bad item since I can't select the world I want to go to. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as the last one."

With his hands behind his back, the dark haired man walked on the snow-covered ground, observing his surroundings. 

He couldn't find any human civilization at sight, but he didn't seem to be in a hurry. 

It was only after a long time that he finally stretched his arms, yawning. "Enough strolling. I'll start feeling sleepy if I don't find someone soon."

Gently tapping his foot on the ground, he started flying, shooting straight ahead. 

He flew for twenty minutes straight, not finding a single person.

"Is it a barren planet or something?" he asked himself, disappointed. 

He started flying higher and higher, thinking that he could see far and wide from the top, hopefully finding some tall building or something in his wake. 

"There is someone!" he exclaimed as he noticed someone in the distance. He hadn't even flown much higher before he saw a beast in the distance. 

He once again started coming down, landing right in front of the being he had seen. 

"Interesting. You don't seem like a human. Which species are you?" he asked, observing the strange-looking being before him. 

The being was entirely made of snow. It had two black eyes and a mouth. Other than that, he also had four arms on each side. 

The forty feet tall Snow Giant looked at the Dark Haired Man, not speaking anything. 

"Hmm?" The dark haired man started frowning, feeling something off before that gaze. 

He slowly looked down, noticing that his legs were frozen. 

"Is that how you want to play?" he asked, frowning. "Then so be it!"

The man raised his right hand towards the sky, bringing a Pitch Black Hammer out of thin air. He flew closer to the Snow Giant, swinging his black hammer. 

The hammer landed on the head of the Snow Giant, shattering his skull. Despite having a powerful defense, the Snow Giant shouldn't resist one swing of this hammer.

"Hmph, this bastard dared to attack us! Rot in hell!" The dark haired man said, rolling his eyes. His foot returned to normal. 

"Hmm? More people? It looks like a human this time?" he suddenly exclaimed, noticing a man flying in his direction. The man was followed by the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Looks like I won't have to search for someone else. If humans are here, then their City must be nearby. I can certainly have fun here," the dark-haired man said, flying towards Long Chen. 


"Hmm? Is that another human that I see? Didn't you say humans can't come here? How was he able to come then?" Even Long Chen had noticed the Black Tortoise heir in the distance. 

"How should I know? Maybe he is someone from the Immortal World too?" The Blood Dragon Emperor replied. "Wait, do you see that body near him? I think that was a Snow Giant. This person killed him. He mustn't be weak. Stay alert."

"Yeah, I saw that too. He's coming towards us. Let's see who he is and what he wants," Long Chen said, slowing down. 

Soon, he and the Black Tortoise Heir stopped before each other. 

"You, human. Tell me where we are? Which world is this?" The dark haired man asked Long Chen. "And how far is the closest human city?"

' Human? Why is he talking like that? Isn't he a human too?'Long Chen energy, curious. 

He still answered. "This is the Beast World, occupied by beasts. You won't find another human here, let alone a human city. There are only beast cities here. Humans aren't even allowed."

"That's a really bad lie, human. If that's true, then why are you here? Stop joking with us, or the consequences will be bad! Our patience isn't unlimited!"  

"I'm not joking. As for why I came here, it's because I'm searching for something. So I came here from the Immortal World," Long Chen explained.