Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 267 - 267: Entering The Forest

He was about to speak more when he saw something that made him open his eyes wide.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked with wide eyes as he looked ahead.

" What am I doing?" Zhiqing said with a smirk on her face.

She slowly walked towards Long Chen. Her hair was still wet and water droplets could be seen going down her fair body. The only thing she was wearing was a white towel that was wrapped around her body.

"Whatever. I'm here to tell you that tomorrow, I shall be participating in the true disciple exam. Fortunately, It shall be held inside the beast forest. After I'm done with my work inside the beast forest, We will leave." He informed them before he turned to leave.

" Hey, I've noticed that you have been trying to keep your physical distance from us? What is happening with you?" 

Zhiqing said in a confused tone as she saw Long Chen leaving.

" Well, alright. I think I should tell you." He said as he turned back.

"The thing is that I can't have close contact with girls for the next few weeks. It's something for the better. I apologize in advance. After passing my trials, I'll tell you everything. " He said with a smile.

" We can understand that you must have a reason. We'll wait for your explanation. Just for what it's worth, I think that I should tell you. You can tell us anything that's troubling you." Mingyu noticed the trouble on his face and said with concern.

"I promise I'll tell you everything after we leave the Beast Hall." He said as he left.


Unbeknownst to everyone, hundreds of flying beasts were coming towards the Beast Hall. A massive number that would have shocked a normal kingdom.


The day passed without much happening. Long Chen and the others simply attended a class and walked back and spent the rest of the day in cultivation.

The next day arrived and everyone got ready for what truly mattered.

All temporary disciples left their courtyard and left for the beast forest.

As Long Chen and the others got there, they were able to see  2 Elders already present at the entrance of the beast hall. One was Elder Jun. He was the Elder, who praised Long Chen before, while the other one was Elder Xin. 

Hundreds of temporary disciples were standing in front of the Elders.

Mikan and a few other senior disciples were also standing with the elders.

"Is everyone here? It's time to start" Elder Xin said as she stepped forward.

"Let me tell you about the rules first. This test shall be on your taming knowledge. We will create an opening in the formation surrounding the beast forest and you will be allowed to enter. " She continued as he gazed at the faces of everyone present.

" The beast forest contains thousands of beasts and it spreads for miles. To succeed in the test, you need to tame a Beast. The beast shall at least be a spirit realm beast. Even if you can't tame a beast, as long as you are able to make it follow you outside willingly, it will be considered your win."She further said.

" The time limit is 4 days. You must... I repeat, you must exit the forest after 96 hours from the moment we open the entrance. After 96 hours, the opening will be closed and those who haven't left the forest will be killed by the formation. So make sure that you leave before the time is up. We don't wish for any accident to happen. "

" Also, Stay in the outer vicinity of the first. Don't go farther than 2 miles from the boundary of the formation. There are Earth Realm beasts that live deep in the forest. They might attack you. Alright, that's all you need to keep in mind. " Elder Xin finished explaining.

" Those who want to participate shall enter after we create the opening." 

Elder Xin and Elder Jun stepped forward and placed their hands on the barrier. They both had a beautiful bracelet on their hands that started shining as soon as their hands touched the barrier.

The barrier that was transparent before, turned light blue in color. Everyone was finally able to see the barrier.

The barrier looked like a Dome that surrounded the whole forest.

A small door shaped opening appeared in front of the Elders.

The elders moved back.

"You can enter now." Elder Xin announced.

The disciples started moving forward as they entered the first one after another.

Ji Shan and Long Chen also walked forth.

"Best of luck, guys" Mikan wished them just before they entered.

"Thanks." They replied.

Soon, everyone had entered except Mingyu and Zhiqing.

Mikan walked up to them as she saw them just standing there.

"Won't you be taking part?" Mikan asked with a confused look on her face.

"We won't be taking part." Mingyu replied.


Long Chen and Ji Shan entered the forest together.

"Do you want to work together?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen as he looked at him.

"I think it would be better for us to work alone." Long Chen said.

" Alright then. If you say so" Ji Shan replied.

He walked deeper into the forest as he left Ji Shan behind.

Long Chen continued walking deeper and deeper inside the forest.

'Sun Destroying Condor must be residing in the depths of the forest' Long Chen thought as he kept moving inside the forest without thinking about anything else.

His main target was to tame the Sun Destroying Condor and leave the sect. Everything else came after that.

He completely ignored the warning of the elders as he left three outer vicinity of the forest and entered deeper.

The forest was simply too big. It had taken him half a day just to leave the outer region of the forest and entered the inner region.

"Heavenly Demon Wings." He muttered as two wings appeared behind his back. He started flying inside as he used the wings and his divine sense simultaneously.

As he was flying, he did face a few flying beasts that attacked him out of nowhere. Fortunately, these were just initial Earth Realm beasts thus he didn't have much trouble.