Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1103 - 1103: Where Is He?

"Sigh, then why were you even making me circle back and forth. If you lose this argument, you wouldn't have gone inside. If you had won, you wouldn't have gone inside with me. We all should have landed long ago. At least I could have enjoyed your bickerings, ahem, I mean your conversation when I had no stake in it," the Snake Monarch asked Long Chen as he started going down. 

Not long after, he landed on the ground where Long Chen and the girls got down. 

"Because it was just like taking an amusement park ride, round and round. And it gives the feeling of urgency, which was important for putting up the weight of my case." As everyone got down, finally Long Chen replied to the Snake Monarch. 

"Anyway, not only you but others as well, none is going with me. I'll go alone since I'm going to be using Teleportation a lot," he further said. 

"Wait, we're not coming with you?" Mingyu asked Long Chen, seemingly surprised. 

"You aren't. Neither is Zhiqing. As I said, I need to be swift in I'm movement and Teleport a lot. That would become impossible with you all," Long Chen explained. 

Zhiqing opened her mouth, trying to say something. "But..."

"No buts. If I want to leave without getting in conflict, this is important," Long Chen said, cutting off Zhiqing's words in the middle. 

"Sigh, fine!" Left with no other close before Long Chen's logical reasoning, Zhiqing and Mingyu finally agreed. 

"Good girls. Don't worry about anything. I'll soon be out of this world," Long Chen said as he hugged both the ladies before he sent them back without much long talk. Time was of the essence here. 

He has no idea if the Immortal World envoys were here or not, so he could only work on the assumption that they were already here and that they were on his trail. With that thought in mind, he wanted to get out of here as fast as he could.

"How about I become a scarf again? I can accompany you on Teleportation then?" Snake Monarch suddenly asked as he watched Long Chen stepping towards him. He didn't want to have to go back. 

"Oh?" Long Chen was surprised at the suggestion of the Snake Monarch, but it seemed plausible. "Interesting suggestion. And I can even allow it, but only if you agree to keep your mouth shut throughout."

"Of course I will! I'm the least talking person I know. Don't worry about me! You won't even know I'm there," the Snake Monarch replied cheekily. 

"Alright. Get smaller than," Long Chen said as he stretched his arms while yawning. 

The Snake Monarch became smaller and wrapped itself on Long Chen's shoulder, lying like a scarf. 

"Let's leave now! Let's show those guys how useless their defense is," Snake Monarch said to Long Chen cheekily.

"Didn't you say you were the most silent person you know? I forgot to mention it, but that was a good joke. You and silence in the same sentence, it's like using you and brain in the same sentence," Long Chen said as he rolled his eyes before he raised his hand towards the front. 

As he raised his hand, a Teleportation Portal appeared before him. 

He had two long-distance Teleportations available now that he was able to use his Laws properly. And since he has already been inside the Royal City of Du before, he didn't need to bother traveling since he was able to go through the Teleportation portal using his skill.

As Long Chen entered inside the portal, it disappeared from sight. 

Another portal of came size opened in an unknown corner of the Royal City of Du, from which a person stepped out. 

Stepping out of the portal, Long Chen looked around.

"The Royal City of Du, I'm back," he muttered as he waved his hand, making a mask appear. 

He placed the Mask of Mischief on his face, changing his looks to properly disguise himself since his face was most probably known by a few influencing people here. Stopping someone from recognizing him and controlling the flow of information was more important for him.


In a different corner of the world, the four envoys were still tracing the blood of who they believed to be Long Chen. 

They had come tracing Long Chen's dark aura, which was released by him as he traveled. Even though he occasionally Teleported, his Teleportation was generally short ranged, which didn't make it any hard for the enemies to trace him. 

Only when Long Chen's dark Sacrifice stopped did that dark aura stop, stopping his trail. But even then, the envoys managed to find another trail which was leading them to the hut of the old lady where Long Chen was treated. 

After a short journey by foot, they reached the place.

A small wooden hut could be seen before them. 

"So this is where the body was taken. I can't see any dark traces leaving out. He must still be inside," The First Envoy said as he stepped towards the door of the hut and kicked it open. 

"Huh? Who are you people? What are you doing here?"

As the door was suddenly kicked open, the lady inside the hut was shocked. There were four strangers who far barged inside the house without permission. 

"Are you thieves? Take anything you need, don't kill me!" She said, misunderstanding the Immortal World Envoys to be thieves. 

Ignoring the words of the old lady, the five envoys continued looking around. 

"Strange. Other than this old woman, no one else is here. No dead body either," the Third Envoy said, stating the obvious, which was right before the eyes of everyone here. 

"You! Tell me where he is?! Where is that Heavenly Demon!" The First Envoy asked the old lady sternly. 

"What Demon? I don't know any demons?!" the old lady responded. "There might be some misunderstanding."

"There is no misunderstanding. That blood trail ends here. Tell me, where is the injured body that you dragged here?" The Envoy again asked.

'Huh? Long Chen? They're calling him a Demon? Who are these people?'

Hearing their questions, the old lady finally understood who they were talking about. She couldn't help but worry if these were the bad guys that had injured Long Chen. 

Throughout the time Long Chen stayed with her, he had casted a great impression. She could never see him as the bad guys, and thus the envoys before her were the bad guys that were trying to kill an innocent. 

She decided that she must save Long Chen from these evil people and never tell them the truth.