Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1221 - 1221: Impersonator

"Yeah. If we really did get something useful, everyone would be jealous of our Sun Sect. Let's see how it goes," the youngsters said as they advanced towards the depth of the city. 


Inside the restaurant, Long Chen had finished the dinner. He stood up to leave. 

Fu Qua also stood up at the same time as she followed after Long Chen. 

"Aren't you going to eat more? Your plate is almost full?" Long Chen asked, noticing she hadn't finished. 

"I am a light eater. Don't worry about it. Anyway, now that you are done, tell me about it. Where are you from? You said you'd tell me after you finish eating?" Fu Qua answered. 

"I never said I'll tell you after I finish. I said that I'd think about it. And I really thought about it. The answer stop remains a no," Long Chen lazily responded. 

" Argh! You're so irritating! Even after all this, you don't tell me about yourself! Fine! It doesn't matter which sect you're from; it's clear that you're from a High Ranking Sect! And you're certainly here for the treasures that we want. Isn't that right?" Fu Qua inquired, frustrated. 

"Actually, you couldn't be any more wrong. I don't think I'm here for what you want. But I really wouldn't mind taking what you want either. Maybe we can make a deal in the future for that," Long Chen said, laughing. 

"Anyway, just tell your team to give their best if they want to keep up with me," he further added before he left. 

Standing outside the restaurant, Fu Qua watched Long Chen leave. 

"Keep up with you? If that's the way you want to play it, then fine. Just wait and watch," she muttered as she turned around and left as well, planning for the journey inside the Ghost Town. 


In the distance, the Dark Moon Sect Elder watched them. He couldn't hear their conversation, but it didn't seem like their conversation ended on good terms. 

"I did hear that Sun Sect Master is an unorthodox personality. He certainly can upset the Formation Sect princess as well. I didn't expect anything less from him. I guess at this point; it's almost confirmed who he is. We should really forget about revenge," he said, disappointed as he reached a conclusion. 

He turned around and started leaving.

He hadn't walked far before he noticed the youngsters who had the Sun Symbol on their chest. 

'Ah, and here they are! The disciples of his Sun Sect. As expected, they appeared for the first time in this town. That old man was right. I'm glad I didn't attack him again. Calling Sect Master would have been a bad choice as well,' he thought, sighing. 

There wasn't a single doubt in his head now. 

He walked back to the hotel. 


Just as he was about to enter his room, he heard someone call him. 

The man turned back to find a youngster near him. It was the disciple of his sect and the same guy that had actually attacked Long Chen. 

The man was so angry at him that he wanted to kill him right now for messing with someone so powerful, but he controlled himself. 

"What do you want?" He said in an annoyed tone. 

"I want to know if I'll get my sword back. That guy stole it from me. It's an insult to our Sect. Has he come to apologize and return the sword?" The young man asked. 

"Coming to apologize? And to return the sword?" The Elder repeated as his face turned red in anger. This guy really just said that after causing so much trouble. 

He took a deep breath to stop himself from killing the young man. After he was a little calmer, he finally replied, "Forget about what happened. Also, forget that sword. Get a new one in the future."

"What do you mean get a new one? That's my treasure sword!" The youngster insisted. 

"Well then, you should have thought about this before attacking that monster!" The Elder finally snapped, unable to take it anymore. 

"Do you know who that guy is?! He's the Sect Master of the Sun Sect? And you want him to apologize to you?! That man can single handedly destroy our whole sect, and you want him to apologize to you after he took your Sword?" He yelled. 

"Why don't you ask for flying pigs as well! And angels! Ask for all impossible things. Why stop at one absurd request when you can make many?" He asked. 

Seeing the Elder so angry, the young man was taken aback but what shocked him even more was the revelation of Long Chen's identity. The Sun Sect Master?! What did this mean? 

He had heard about the Sun Sect. He knew it was more powerful than their Sect. How could such a young man be so powerful?

He couldn't believe it, but the way the Elder said it left no room to doubt it. 

"Sun Sect Master? Who dares to claim our Sect Master here?! Who dares impersonate him?!"

At the same time, another should come from a distance. 

The Dark Moon Sect Elder turned around to notice that the newcomers were none other than the Sun Sect disciples that he had seen before. 

This made him even more confused. Why did these people talk about impersonation?

"I apologize, but I'm not talking about any impersonator. I'm talking about your Sect Master that we accidentally angered today. But we learned our lesson," the Elder answered. He didn't need to bow down before these youngsters. 

It was a different matter before the Sun Sect Master, but these guys were just disciples. 

"What nonsense are you talking about?! Why would our Sect Master be here personally?! Has he nothing better to do? Stop lying!" The Sun Sect disciple yelled in rage. 

"Huh? Are you saying that your Sect Master isn't in the city?" Dark Moon Sect Elder asked, stunned. 

"That's right! So who is this impersonator? Take us to them! We'll teach him the consequences of using the name of our Sect Master!" The Sun Sect youngster said. 

"See? He's not the Sun Sect Master! I was right! This was a lie! How could such a youngster be Sun Sect Master! He should have lied to save his skin!" Gu Wan said, laughing. "I can get my sword back!"

"Tell us where that person is! No, take us to him instead!" The Sun Sect disciple said. 

"That's right. Let us teach him a lesson!"

"We'll break all his bones!"

"That's right! How dare he!"