Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 839 - 839: False History

Ji Shan was only left to fight with Earth Realm Cultivators as the Sky Realm Cultivators didn't bother staying behind in fear of Long Chen. They were all afraid of the person who could even defeat the Heaven Realm Cultivators. Thus, they didn't bother to waste even a single second, or their lives might have been in danger.

The Princess was still on the ground. She wiped the blood off her face as she stood up. 

A deep sigh left her lips as she saw the dead body of her brother. She wasn't close to Zhu Kong since the beginning, but as they were brother and sister, they acted cordial. 

She couldn't believe that he actually hit her so fiercely when all she wanted to do was help him and protect the kingdom. 

Even after all this happened, she still felt sad that her brother was dead. She couldn't believe how fast it all happened.

She was also worried about Long Chen's life initially, but after looking at his performance and strength, she realized how laughable her worries were. 

The Heaven Realm Cultivators were proving to be toys for him. Amongst the three Heaven Realm Cultivators that they had brought with them, only one of them was alive now. The rest were already killed.

"Stop!" She called out as she saw the Earth Realm Cultivators of the Royal Army running to attack Ji Shan. She couldn't interfere in the battle between Heaven Realm Cultivators at this point despite being the Princess. 

What she still could do was to stop further escalation at the smaller level. If Long Chen could kill Heaven Realm Cultivators so easily, killing weaker ones could be a child's play for him. At any cost, she couldn't let Long Chen's friend die here.

If he died, she knew that the situation would be beyond salvation. 

She didn't bother with wasting a single second as she commanded, "No one will attack him!"

"But Princess! He isn't letting us run. We need to escape; else the monster will kill us!" The Warriors protested.

"No one will hurt you. You all didn't do anything yet," she said. "The Heaven Realm Cultivators attacked him first. And my brother did the same. So far, you all are innocent. Nothing will happen to you. I will protect you all. Just stand back."

Hearing her commands, the warriors unwillingly stopped. They knew that the Princess tried to protect Long Chen before the situation got worse. Maybe she knew him? Also, she was right. The Heaven Realm Cultivators and the Prince annoyed the monster. They were all still innocent. Did they really need to attract Long Chen's ire?

Ji Shan also looked towards the Princess. He nodded his head. He only wanted to hold them here for Long Chen to decide what to do with them.  He also didn't wish anyone outside to find out about this battle outside. Unfortunately, the number of people was too much, and he wasn't able to stop the Sky Realm Cultivators.

The help of the Princess was something that was really good. 

"You all stop as well. There is no need to annoy anyone here. Halt and regroup behind me!" the Princess told the Sky Realm Cultivators who had managed to walk past Ji Shan.

"If you didn't listen, you would be the traitor to the Royal Family since I'm commanding. After my brother, I have the highest authority!" she called out again as she noticed them not stopping.

Her final threat seemed to have worked as people stopped. The Sky Realm Cultivators turned back and gazed at the Princess.

"Princess, this is the right time for us to leave. Should we really stop here?" one of the Sky Realm Cultivators said. "The Heaven Realm Elders are keeping him busy. We can bring help. You should come with us as well."

"No! You all come back this instant. I will talk to him myself. None of you shall be injured. If you left and brought help, the whole Kingdom might be destroyed!" The Princess said sternly. "If my brother had listened to it, nothing like this would have happened! Please don't make the same mistake!"

The Sky Realm Cultivators looked at each other before they nodded. They all walked back and stood behind the Princess.

The Earth Realm Cultivators also did the same. They regrouped behind the Princess as well.

Ji Shan stood on the other side, keeping an eye on them.

"Princess, if you can help, shouldn't you help the Heaven Realm Elder? Only one of them is left now," a man said to the Princess.

Sighing deeply, the Princess replied. "Sigh, it's too late for them. They already started the life or death Battle. You guys are different. You didn't do anything against him. I can protect you on that argument, but I can't stop the battle of two Heaven Realm Cultivators who attacked each other." 

The only Heaven Realm Cultivators who was alive was the one who used the Laws of Flames, who was battling against the Spirit Sword that was already half destroyed in previous battles. 

Even though the Spirit Sword wasn't healed, it still worked perfectly in keeping the Heavenly Realm Cultivator busy. 

"You bastard! How do you have a Spirit sword that is still usable in this condition?!" Ming Lu cursed.

"Sorry for that. I just used that little one to keep you busy. Now that I don't have anyone to disturb me, I can get back to you," Long Chen muttered. He sent the Sword of Time back in his storage ring and brought the King's Sword out.

Seeing Long Chen's sword, the Princess muttered, "Now that I think about it, that Sword seems familiar."

"I know that sword! It's the Saint Killer's Sword! Why do you have it!" Ming Lu exclaimed with a pale face as he recognized the sword.

"Oh, you say that as well?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

He thought to himself, 'I guess it was true. The history of this continent is much different than mine. It's the second Kingdom where someone referred to the Saint King as the saint killer.'

"Who the hell are you? How do you have that cursed sword! Even if you were the Prince of a High Ranking Kingdom, you wouldn't have been allowed that sword! Why do you have that?!" Ming Lu asked again.

"Why can't I have it? The one who finds the sword can keep it, can't they? What does my Kingdom have to do with it? Also, whatever my Kingdom allows is none of your concern since you won't stay alive for much longer."