Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1191 - 1191: Fighting Dead Dragon

"So we're really fighting dead dragons?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning. "How many will there be?"

"Maybe a hundred or slightly less," Long Chen replied. ​​

"All as strong as that last Dragon?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning.

"Do you think I'm some Dragon Killer? It's only my first time here as well. How would I know how strong they are? All I know is the information I gained from the memories. But I believe they should be weaker than they were when they were alive," Long Chen said, taking a guess. 

"Alright. I'm prepared to take them on. Call out my partner Orion too. While you're at it, bring others out too. We can fight like a team where I can teach them a few tricks. Or they'll say I didn't let them have fun and fought alone," Snake Monarch told Long Chen, pretending to be a master. 

"We don't need them. The two of us are strong enough. I have you, after all. You'll alone be enough for them, my brave heavenly snake. No need to put them in such a dangerous situation. And that's final. I'm going in," Long Chen replied as he cheekily smiled. 

In reality, he didn't want any of his beasts to fight. He was going to fight alone. He was only saying this to troll the Snake Monarch, who was acting to be brave.

"No, wait! Let's think ab-" the Snake Monarch started speaking, but Long Chen didn't listen as he pushed the giant gates open before he barged inside. 

"Oh heck it! What's the worst that can happen? We can take them on alone. And if we can't, we can just run," Snake Monarch said softly as he barged inside as well.

As Snake Monarch entered the place, he was surprised. This place didn't look like an indoor place at all. There were many places inside. It seemed like a different world existed inside this place. 

He could see the sky above, where a red moon was visible along with the clouds. 

As for the group, there was nothing. This entire place seemed like there was nothing as far as the eyes could see.

"Why did we even come here? There's nothing?" Snake Monarch asked, frowning. 

"There is something. You can't see it. In the place where we are standing, over a hundred dragon bodies are buried under this place. As for what we're here to find, that's also buried under here," Long Chen replied. 

"Let's get to work before they wake up and realize our presence," Long Chen said as he started flying in a certain direction. 

The Snake Monarch also flew after him. As the two of them flew, they could feel that the ground was shaking as they noticed small pieces of stones vibrate. 

"They're waking up; it seems," Long Chen said as he brought the King's Sword out of his inventory. He was prepared to use his newly learned skill to counter them all. 

The Snake Monarch was also prepared for a battle even though he didn't know how strong the enemies were going to be. 

Soon, something came out of the ground. 

"What the heck? That?" Snake Monarch blurted in shock. "Even when they turn into skeletons, they don't rest in peace?"

They could see what seemed like the skeleton of a Dragon flying in the air. 

"That's why I said they will be weaker. They can't use healing or breath fire. All they have is their incredible strength and their high number. We can handle it, can't we?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

More and more skeleton dragons started coming out of the ground, surrounding the duo.

"Of course we can! What would happen to my reputation if even a little skeleton is enough to defeat me? Don't worry, leave half to me," Snake Monarch said proudly.

"Alright. That's enough. I was kidding. I don't need you to fight. Get small and start searching for the thing that I want while I distract these dragons. Because no matter how many I kill, more will keep coming. So you have an important job," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch. 

"I'm sending you the memories of that thing and its place. Get it fast," he further said as he transferred the memories to the Snake Monarch. 

"Are you sure you can handle them alone?" Snake Monarch asked. 

"If you want to distract them instead, I'll be happy to take your place," Long Chen said, smirking.

"Ah, fine. I'm trusting you with this important thing. Stay safe until I return," the Snake Monarch said as he became smaller and started flying away. 

To attract the attention of the Dragons, Long Chen raised his King's Sword at the same time as he released his powerful aura. 

Most of the Dragons started flying towards Long Chen. While the rest still flew towards the Snake Monarch even though he was keeping his aura hidden. 

Long Chen waved his sword in the direction of the Snake Monarch, making tens of white swords come out of thin air that struck the skeleton dragons that were flying towards the Snake Monarch. 

Since he had focused on the Snake Monarch, he didn't have time to handle the skeleton dragons that were coming towards him. By the time he was free, the dragons had almost reached him. 

Fortunately, he teleported near the end, appearing between the rest of the dragons and the Snake Monarch.

As for the dragons that he had broken, their bones started flying in the air as they joined again, bringing the Skeleton Dragons back. 

"This is going to be a long fight, it seems. But it's good too. I was looking for an opportunity where I could practice this skill more," Long Chen muttered as his battle intent soared.

He raised his King's Sword again, making tens of white swords appear again. As he brought his sword down, the other swords also came down, hitting the dragons that he had aimed them at. 

"I still can't make more swords at once. Let's see if I can break through the limit."

He again raised the sword in the sky, focusing entirely on his skill as he tried to control the Origin Energy that was spread in the atmosphere as he attempted to make Qi Swords that contained a small hint of Qi. 

More swords came to shape than before, but he still felt it wasn't enough. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to experience as the Dragons again started advancing towards him. 

Instead of making more swords, he attacked with the ones he already had. 


In the different place, the Snake Monarch was still flying towards the location that Long Chen had told him about, wondering what was inside the box that Long Chen wanted.