Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1171 - 1171: Forcing Down

Gu Wang was shocked to see the Snake Monarch speak. Only Gu Lin knew that this guy could not only speak, but he could speak too much. 

"That's right. I forgot to send you back. Come here," Long Chen said as he reached out his hand towards the Snake Monarch. 

"No, no! I promise I won't speak nonsense today. Let me stay out!" Snake Monarch replied, asking Long Chen to let him stay out. 

"You promise?"

"I promise."

As the conversation finished, Long Chen turned back to the cranes. He could see the king in the lead, followed by others. His son sat on the crane on the left side of him while his young daughter sat on the right. 

The prince was fit like Long Chen, completely contrary to his father, who was slightly fat. As for the Princess, she seemed to be similar to the king as she was also chubby like him. 

Hundreds of such cranes landed in the center of the field. It was now when all the people of other clans that stood in the distance started walking towards them. 

Gu Clan also did as the others, as they also walked towards the king.

Only the Clan Masters were allowed to truly meet the King though. That's why the rest stayed behind while twelve middle aged men from Twelve Major Clans walked to the King. 

"Welcome, Your Majesty," they all greeted the Clan Master. 

The only person who didn't go alone was Gu Wang, who also took Long Chen with him. 

Seeing Gu Wang bring Long Chen with him, the other clan masters seemed furious. 

They fumed as they yelled, "Gu Wang! Have you grown so big that you forgot the traditions? You dare bring a Junior to meet his Majesty?"

"He's too arrogant. I wonder where he gets his arrogance from!" 

One after another, all the clan masters started using this opportunity to scold Gu Wang. 

"Gu Wang! What is the meaning of this? Did you forget everything?" Even the King himself scolded Gu Wang. 

"Your Majesty, you're misunderstanding! He's not a junior of my Gu Clan, instead-"

"Shut up! If he's not a junior of your Clan, you think it's alright to bring any Junior to us! Preposterous! What nonsense is this!" 

Without even letting Gu Wang finish, the king fumed in rage. 

"Is this your effort to make a mockery of our rules?!" The King further said, frowning. 

He didn't even stop there as he shifted his focus to Long Chen. 

"You Kid! Scram out of here!" 

In his rage, he had even forgotten that Long Chen wasn't at fault here, even if it was true. 

"I advise you to control the tone of your voice against me. Or you'll regret it!" Even Long Chen didn't hold back as he warned the king. 

So what if he was older? He was still a kid in front of him. Long Chen didn't appreciate him talking with such disrespect. 

Gu Wang was also sweating by now. He wanted to tell the king what mistake he was making, but he couldn't get an opportunity as the king blew up. 

"Otherwise, I'll regret it? Big tongue you have, kid! You dare talk to the King like that?" The King roared in rage. 

As for the other Clan Masters, they were already sure that Long Chen was going to be dead now. And Gu Wang was also going to get punished. 

The King didn't think twice as he stepped forward to slap Long Chen in rage. 

"Enough is enough. Kneel!"

Just as Long Chen was another to be hit, he released his entire aura of a Divine Saint Emperor. He had the strongest strength after the four Emperors, after all. 

As his aura was revealed, it swallowed the entire field, forcing everyone to the ground. Even the King's knees buckled as he was forced down to his knees. 

The same was true for the other Clan Masters. Even Gu Wang wasn't able to escape as he also went down to his knees!

The only two people who were free of this pressing force were Gu Lin and Ji Shan. The Snake Monarch was also unaffected as he was Long Chen's tamed beast. Long Chen's aura couldn't harm him.

"Not again!" Gu Ren cursed as he was forced down to his knees the second time. 

"Great Master, please forgive us! I didn't know it would happen like this! I only wanted to introduce Great Senior to our king. Please forgive us all as he misunderstood!" Gu Wang apologized to Long Chen. 

Also, he finally made sure himself that what Gu Lin said was indeed true! Long Chen was actually that strong! Now that he was directly expressing that force, he clearly understood. 

For someone to force another person to his knees, that meant the difference in strength was immense. 

'Great Senior? This strength! I'm really an idiot! When Gu Wang meant he isn't a junior of his clan, he meant he wasn't a Junior at all!'

'He's some Great Master? This great strength! I haven't felt this before, but he's too strong. He must be from the central area, reporting directly under the Emperor! I really am an idiot!'

As the King faced Long Chen's strength, he finally realized what great mistake he had committed. He had actually dared to attack Long Chen?

"G-great Master! Please forgive me! I didn't realize who you were. Please give me your forgiveness. I made a grave mistake. I'll do anything to say! Let me have my life!"

Without a second thought, the King started pleading with Long Chen. For him, his life was more important than anything else. 

Long Chen looked down at the King, amused. It seems like the trick had worked. 

'It's so good to have strength. No need to worry about anything or hide. Just smack the arrogance of wherever you like. This is pretty good.'

"Why should I forgive you? You dare attack me!" Long Chen said, still pretending to be furious.

"I apologize, Master! I had gone mad! I learned my lesson! I'll treat you even better than an ancestor!" Gu Wang said as he pleaded again. 

" Stay like that for ten minutes, and I'll forgive you. Everyone will stay like that! The one who stood up before ten minutes would see his head roll on the ground," Long Chen said as he walked past them, towards the throne that was arranged for the King. 

Without caring about the dignity of the King, Long Chen sat down, relaxed. 

"Can you at least let my father stand? Pretty please?" Approaching Long Chen, Gu Lin requested.

"Alright. Tell him he can stand! As for the rest, they stay on their knees!" Long Chen commanded.