Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1165 - 1165: Struggles

"Don't think I'm trying to take away your privacy. I was just curious. If you don't want to tell, it's fine. I apologize for asking," Gu Lin told Long Chen apologetically as she bowed slowly, making Long Chen see her cleavage. 

'God, this girl is really evil.' Long Chen thought as he looked elsewhere. He stopped talking to her. 

He wondered when this excess yang energy was going to go away. He was sure that the only way to make it go away was to have sex, but he couldn't even do that.  

Xun had told him that he couldn't have sex before he stabilizes his cultivation as that would be nothing less than suicide. 

As for the reason, she said that the yin energy he was going to receive was going to corrupt his core which was already affected negatively because of getting so much stronger in such a short time. 

'I'll need to bear it for months? I'll go crazy like this,' Long Chen thought. 

Gu Lin stood straight. She couldn't understand why Long Chen was rejecting her advances. She was sure that she was beautiful and attractive. Moreover, on the horse, she got confirmation that he's interested in her. 

So why wasn't he taking the bait? Why wasn't he trying to get close to her? Instead, he seemed like he wanted to be a gentleman.

'Don't worry. I'll get you soon,' she thought, clenching her fist. 

It was when the librarian returned. He gave the two maps that were in the form of scrolls to Long Chen. 

Long Chen took the scrolls and kept him in his storage ring for watching later. 

"May I help you in any other way?" The librarian further asked. 

"This is enough. Thank you," Gu Lin answered as she started leaving with Long Chen.  

"Best of luck for tomorrow," The library yelled from behind before Gu Lin could even leave. 

"What's tomorrow?" Long Chen asked Gu Lin. Even though he already knew everything, he acted ignorant. 

"Tomorrow? There's an event. Father can tell you better about it, but it's a very fun event. You'll love it," Gu Lin responded. "Tonight, I'll tell my father to explain in detail."

She climbed on the horse and told Long Chen to sit behind her. 

"I'm riding this time. You can sit in the back," Long Chen let out, not willing to repeat the previous mistake. He didn't want to have to suffer like that again.

If he sat before her, he believed he was going to be between. Neither could he see her, nor anything of his would touch anything of hers. 


Gu Lin got down and let Long Chen climb first. As Long Chen sat,  she also climbed behind him. 

"Ready?" Long Chen asked. 

"Wait a minute!"

Gu Lin hugged Long Chen firmly from behind as he said, "Now I'm ready. I don't want to fall after all."

'Now there's this too?' Long Chen thought, frowning.

He could feel Gu Lin's breast being squeezed on his back as she hugged him as her life depended on it. 

The horse started moving as Long Chen kept his eyes on the road to make sure he hit no one. 

To distract himself, he started talking. 

"I'm sure your father can tell me about it, but you can at least give me a general idea. That would be better. So what is tomorrow?" Long Chen asked.

" For a general idea, tomorrow is a competition of all Major Clans in the Kingdom. And according to the results of the competition, the distribution of resources will be decided. I think you will enjoy it. Watching weak cultivators like us fight for measly resources," Gu Lin answered. 

"The Royal Family will also be there," she further said as she played another trick. 

Long Chen could still feel Gu Lin's breast, but that wasn't the worst part of it. What troubled him even more were her hands. As she spoke, her hands kept sliding down until they were on her pants, touching what they shouldn't. 

Gu Lin acted as if she didn't notice it as she kept talking.

"I'm sure father will explain it better," she further said. 

By then, the horse was already back at the Gu Clan Mansion. 

"We're back. Thank you for showing me around. I'll be in my room," Long Chen told Gu Lin as he got off the horse and started leaving. 

"I'll come to take you for dinner when it's night," Gu Lin told Long Chen as she also got down. 

Standing behind, she couldn't help but wonder something. 

"This guy... I'm sure he feels it too. I felt it. He certainly wants to let go. So what's stopping him? Why doesn't he just stop controlling himself?"


Long Chen reached his room again as he closed the door. He could finally relax without having that vixen around.

" This girl is crazy," Long Chen let out as he laid on the bed. 

" Don't act as if you didn't like it. The proof is right before my eyes," Xun told Long Chen, appearing before him. 

"Which sane man wouldn't like something like this? Of course, I liked it. But it's tormenting too. I would be able to control it if I had released my lust before, but as you said, for the sake of my core, I can't," Long Chen said, frowning. 

"This whole thing is a mess. Whatever, stop disturbing me. Let me meditate. That way, I can stabilize my cultivation even more while also calming myself," he further said as he sat down in meditation.

Time kept passing slowly as Long Chen immersed himself in the process of meditation. He didn't even know that hours had passed already since he began. It was already the time for dinner. 

He opened his eyes at the sound of the knock on his door. 

"It's open!" He said as he opened his eyes. 

"As I promised, I'm here to invite you for dinner," Gu Lin told Long Chen as she stepped inside the room. 

"Alright. I'm coming."

"Don't come so fast. There's no need to hurry. Take your time," Gu Lin answered, laughing. 

Long Chen understood her meaning. He had changed his normal statement to a double-meaning thing. 

Long Chen ignored the joke as he asked," Did you inform Ji Shan as well?"

"I haven't yet," Gu Lin answered. "By the way, is that person your friend?" 

"He's not my friend. He's nothing less than family," Long Chen replied. "I'll inform him myself."

Stepping out of his room, he walked to the next room before knowing. "Ji Shan! Dinner time! Come and eat!"