Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1199 - 1199: Mango Appleking

"They were written in the time of the First Emperor. Of course, they would praise his strength too much to make him happy. It's common sense," the Southern Emperor chimed in. 

"When records of mine will be made, I'll also make sure they depict me as a Warrior that could shake the heavens. But that won't mean that's true. None of us is strong enough to even face a common Heavenly Warrior. So don't believe records," he further said.  ​​

"Moreover, as I said, we are only getting stronger. Each generation is stronger than the last. Just like we are stronger than him," he continued, talking about the Saing King. "Even if we use common sense, it's obvious we're stronger than the First Emperor."

" Your words hold merit, but still, we can't take the risk. No one knows how strong the First Emperor actually was. All we know is that the Blood Dragon Emperor was stronger than him. So we can't underestimate him. Overconfidence can be our fall," the Western Emperor also spoke. 

"What can we even do other than have faith in ourselves? We don't even know where the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor was hidden by the First Emperor. The only person who could have known it was that Saint King. But we killed him," the Southern Emperor asked, rolling his eyes. 

"That's right. We don't know where that body is. If we knew, we could have set a trap around it for that soul. But without that, we can do nothing but wait," the Northern Emperor said, frowning. 

" When the Blood Dragon Emperor comes before us next time, he'll probably have his body back. I think we should study the formation that the First Emperor used. Maybe we can develop it even more with our advanced knowledge to bring the soul out again?" The Easter Emperor suggested. 

"That's possible. We might as well start preparing for facing the Blood Dragon Emperor," the Northern Emperor said, nodding. 

"Did any of you bring that broken statue with you? Let us see that," he asked the Generals. 

"We didn't bring anything out of that place as per the rules," the Northern General answered, shaking his head. 

"It's fine. You can go there again and come back with the broken statue," the Northern Emperor told the Northern General, giving him the permission to leave. "We'll need that for reference."

"Yes, Your Majesty. I won't disappoint you," the Northern General affirmed as he left the hall. 

"Anyone have anything else to say about this situation? Or anything to add?" The Northern Emperor asked, looking back at his fellow Emperors. 

"I have something," The Western Emperor said. 


"I think we should search the Palace of the last Emperor. Or what's left of his Palace after we destroyed it. Maybe we'll find some clue about where the body of the Blood Dragon Emperor is hidden?"

"That's true. You can investigate that place personally," the Northern Emperor said, nodding. 

"Instead of the body, I'm more concerned about the soul. If only we knew where it was, we could have destroyed it so easily," the Southern Emperor said, 


The Northern General went back to the Dragon Temple, but this time he was alone. He didn't bring other Generals with him. 

After unlocking the door of the Dragon Temple, he stepped inside the Portal.

The Northern General appeared inside the Dragon Temple and flew towards the Treasure Tower.


Still sitting inside the Dragon Temple, Long Chen had been meditating for the last few days. 

He had only stopped now as he decided to take a walk outside to calm his head and move his body a little. 

He stood up as he stretched his arms. 

"I don't know what's about this place, but it's just too depressing. Meditating here is harder than outside," he let out as he shook his head. He left the Herb Garden to glance at the Waterfall in the distance. 

"That's right. It can be good to refresh the body," he said, staring at the Waterfall. He decided to take a shower under the Waterfall. 

He started flying towards the floating waterfall in the distance, which was near the Treasure Temple. 

At the same time, the Northern General was coming down from the fortieth floor of the bloodline Temple after taking the pieces of the statue with him. 

As he reached the entrance of the Treasure Tower, he happened to see Long Chen, who was flying past the tower. 

Long Chen also noticed the man at the same time. He stopped mid-air as he realized that someone else was here.

Moreover, this guy wasn't weak. Long Chen could feel that this person was at least as strong as him. 

The Northern General also looked at Long Chen, frowning. He couldn't feel any cultivation from Long Chen, but for some reason, he felt threatened. Moreover, it was evident that this guy wasn't a mortal since he was flying.

He also wondered how this person was even able to enter? Only Blood Dragons and people with the special keys could enter. How was he in? Did he have a key? How could he have a key? There were only four of the keys, and they were with them. There were many questions that were floating in his head.

Without giving Long Chen a chance to explain, the Northern General pulled out his sword, which he aimed at Long Chen. 

"Who are you? Identify yourself!" he commanded Long Chen. 

"Ladies first," Long Chen replied lazily. 

"Stop the nonsense. There are no ladies here!" The Northern General snorted. 

"Oh, aren't you a lady? You can't be a man after all. A real man wouldn't be so scared of a weak person like me that he'll have to bring his sword out to ask a question," Long Chen replied as he chuckled. 

"Enough nonsense! Who are you, and how did you get inside?" The Northern General asked, frowning. 

"I won't tell you until you tell me about yourself," Long Chen replied lazily. 

"You're in the presence of the Northern General! Identify yourself if you don't want to be executed!" The Northern General yelled. 

"I'm Mango AppleKing. I was born here in the Dragon Temple. I didn't enter here," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

"You were born here? How could that be? Where are your parents?" The Northern General asked, frowning, but he suddenly stopped. 

'Wait! The Dragon Emperor soul was just released. Could it be that the soul somehow took a human form? That's why he says he was born here? Or is he just fooling me?' he wondered. 

"Mango AppleKing! Answer me! Who are your parents?" He asked again.