Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1216 - 1216: Saint Formation Sect

And the two happened to be Gu Wan, who attacked Long Chen first, and the guy who started it all. It was a form of punishment for them. 

"Elder, will that guy kill us later?" One of the youngsters asked, scared.  ​​

"If he wanted to kill us, he could easily have killed us before. Just don't annoy him later, and we'll be fine. In fact, don't even go out. Stay out of his right. I'll handle the rest," The Dark Moon Sect Elder replied 

The youngsters nodded as they went inside the room. The Elder also went inside his room, wondering about how he could confirm Long Chen's identity. 

The biggest question in his head was if Long Chen was the Sun Sect Master or not? His future course of action depended on Long Chen's identity. 

Unaware of all this misunderstanding, Long Chen stepped out of the shower, drying his head with a towel. 

"Do you want to try as well?" He asked the Snake Monarch. "The Human Shower is pretty good."

"Meh, not for me," the Snake Monarch responded as he lazily rolled on the bed in his tiny ant size.

It was the evening when Long Chen stepped out of the hotel. The sky had started to darken, but the streets and the market were still pretty lit despite all that. 

The Snake Monarch followed behind him. 

"What are all these weird items that are being sold here? They look so ugly!" The Snake Monarch commented as he looked around at the items in the shop.

" The entire town was set up to cater to the needs of the people that come here for the Ghost Town. That's why you'll only find items here that can be used inside the Ghost Town. They are all things that supposedly help in protection against spirits," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he approached the shop. 

The shop had many items, including weird pendants, bracelets, and even some dolls. 

"Greetings, youngsters. You have chosen the right shop. I must praise your foresight. Many people here sell similar items, but none of those are as useful as ours! Just look at this Pendant!" the Shop Owner enthusiastically started trying to sell Long Chen the item while praising them to no rest. 

"What's so special about this crappy looking pendant?" The Snake Monarch asked, making the shop owner think that it was Long Chen who was asking it. 

"Wearing this can protect you against the spirit aura that's overwhelming inside. A lot of people can't bear the pressure of the spirit aura that gets stronger the deeper a person goes into the town. In fact, many people go crazy because of that aura," the shop owner said.

"But that won't happen if you wear this pendant. It protects your mind from the onslaught of the ghost aura. Moreover, the effects of this Pendant last for three days! You can safely go inside, get treasures and come out! A little spending on this Pendant will help you in many big ways," he added. 

"Is that so? Can I see it?" Long Chen inquired as he reached out his hand. 

The shop owner handled the pendant to Long Chen for him to observe. 

"I see. You're using formations and the natural properties of this gem to basically make a heart calming crystal but a more powerful version of that. This would really be handy for people," Long Chen acknowledged as he returned the pendant. 

"How much is it worth?" He asked the shop owner. 

"Only thirteen gold!" The shop owner said, smiling. 

"Thirteen Gold, huh. A bit expensive but not bad. Unfortunately, I don't need it. As you said, the effect of the pendant is really good, but it won't last three days. It'll last for one day at best," Long Chen commented as he started leaving.

"It'll last for a day? Were you lying to us?" The other customers who were flocking the shop were taken aback by Long Chen's words as they wondered if they were being fooled here. 

"Don't listen to that kid. He doesn't know anything. He was just scared after hearing the price of those items. That's why he gave an excuse of not buying it instead of accepting that he was too poor," the shop owner said as he scoffed at Long Chen, who had left l. 

"That must be it. How would a kid even know how long it'll last? Moreover, he wasn't from any big clan either. It's clear from his clothes. He certainly didn't have any money to buy things here."

"Hah, he talked so big. For a minute, he really scared me, making me think that we were being fooled. What a shameless kid. Instead of accepting that he was poor, he tried to blame this shop. You're too kind not to have beaten him up for these fake accusations."

The customers started believing the words of the Shop Owner instead of the words of Long Chen while justifying it as well. 

Long Chen didn't have anything to do with their stupidity. He had long left the premises, not caring about the shop. 

"Was it really a useless thing?" The Snake Monarch asked, frowning. "If it has less use duration, you could have taken more than one. It's better than going alone without any defense."

"Who said we're going without defense?" Long Chen asked, smiling. 

He brought another pendant out of his ancient ring. 

"What is that?" The Snake Monarch asked, frowning. 

"It's the pendant which was used by the Saint King when he entered there. Since it was so precious to him, he had modified it later on when he became more knowledgeable. 

Unlike that old pendant, this one doesn't have any time limit. Moreover, it doesn't just protect me from the Spirit Aura, but it also protects everyone who is in my close proximity. 

"Then why did you ask for the price? I thought you really wanted to buy that one?" The Snake Monarch inquired, stunned. 

"I didn't want to buy it. I was just trying to test something. Don't think too much about it," Long Chen responded as he continued walking around the city. 

"Are most of the items that are being sold here things to protect from the Spirit Aura?" Snake Monarch asked, curious. 

"For the most part, I guess. There are other items too, but the Spirit Aura protection items are the main lure of this town as they aren't sold anywhere else," Long Chen explained. 

*Only the Disciples of the Saint Formation Sect makes that. And then they sell those items here by hiring people to manage shops. That's why it's so expensive," he added.

"Saint Formation Sect?" The Snake Monarch wondered.