Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1091 - 1091: Sucessful Trick

Long Chen placed his hand inside the illusory mirror as he started repeating his thoughts, hoping to make it work. 

He knew that if it didn't work, he was going to be at the mercy of his body, which was running on an impulse, so it didn't seem like the best thing at the moment. 

He had understood that his body didn't have any plan and was just listening to the Kill command in his head. 

He planned to replace that Kill command with his own commands or at least make it so that his commands were followed. 


The body of Long Chen was fighting with everything it got. Despite the enemy having a mysterious protection that was decreasing the strength of his attacks, Long Chen's strong attacks were still successful in wounding the enemy.

The blue-eyed man was bleeding all around. His clothes were also cut at places. On the contrary, Long Chen seemed much better because of his healing. 

"Keep attacking blindly. It won't be long," the man exclaimed as he watched Long Chen attack. 

Neither he nor Long Chen could use Teleportation, so the battle had become very linear, like a battle between two swordsmen that could fly since none of them were able to create distance from the other to be able to use their skills.

Long Chen's mind was pretty blank with only a single thought inside him which was that he needed to kill the enemy at whatever cost. 

Something strange was happening to him, though, as his attacks were slowing down. A confused look had appeared on the face of Long Chen as a strange set of thoughts had started entering his head, telling him to do something else. 

As he tried to understand the two thoughts and what was happening, confusion spread across his face as he slowed down. 

As he slowed down, the attacks on him intensified, making him even more wounded making him spend even more energy. 

"Use Illusion!"


"Use Illusion!"

Two different sets of thoughts clashed in his head for dominance. 

Frustrated, Long Chen screamed as he flew back, leaving the enemy back, stopping the attacks. 


The consciousness of Long Chen was still in the dark space, but there was a smile on his face as he realized that this was working! Why else would his body slow down otherwise? His thoughts were reaching that place!

Moreover, his body belonged to him! He was sure that it was going to follow his thoughts as long as he managed to get his thoughts to his body. 

Now that it was possible, Long Chen was pleased. 

"The real game begins now...." He muttered as he smiled. 


The darkness around the body of Long Chen was still the same. His eyes were still as dark, but something seemed different. 

The blue-eyed man could feel that something was different about Long Chen. He wasn't attacking like a crazy beast from before. Instead, he stood in the distance, just gazing at him. 

Since Long Chen wasn't attacking, he decided to attack himself. In any case, he needed to make Long Chen's energy run out as fast as he could, and that was only possible by injuring Long Chen. 

With his Golden Sword firmly placed in his hand, he started flying towards Long Chen. 

Even then, Long Chen didn't move. 

Just as the man reached near Long Chen, another Long Chen appeared behind him. 

"I knew it! You were using your illusion!"

It seemed as if the man could see behind his head. As soon as Long Chen appeared behind him, he saw. He realized that it was Long Chen's trick. The man who was standing before him was an illusory being. As for the one who appeared behind him, that was the real one. 

He understood that it was a trick of Long Chen to make him attack the illusion while Long Chen stabbed from the back. Unfortunately, in his mindless state and eagerness, Long Chen messed up the timing and appeared before it was time. 

Instead of attacking the illusion which stood before him, the man turned his body back and swung his sword at Long Chen, who had appeared behind him. 

As his sword moved like lightning, Long Chen also moved his sword, but he was still slow. His sword wasn't as fast as the Golden Sword this time which reached his neck before Long Chen's Sword could reach the enemy.

The golden-eyed man had a satisfied face as if he had won as his sword sliced through Long Chen's neck. He held his sword cut through the flesh, making him sure that he had sliced the real Long Chen. This wasn't an illusion. 

As he was feeling pleased about himself, he sensed danger. The golden sword was once again warning him, but as he was too pleased about victory, he was slow in understanding the warning. 

By the time he realized the danger and moved, it was too late.

A golden sword had come from the back, penetrating his heart. 

The protection around him was able to decrease the damage of all attacks, but as the heart was impaled this time, even that was useless. 

The blue-eyed man blurted out a mouthful of blood as he saw the blade of a sword coming out of his chest, covered in his blood. 

His pale face couldn't believe what had happened. 

He was right about Long Chen's plan. Long Chen's goal was to make him attack the illusion while the real one killed him. 

Despite being right about the plan, he was wrong about the most important thing. He was wrong about the position. 

The one that had appeared behind him wasn't the real Long Chen but the illusion. 

As for being able to see the Illusion as the real being despite using his Divine Sense, that was because in this dark form, Long Chen's all laws could work at peak capacity. 

And the peak of illusion was Illusion which was no different than fake. Normally Long Chen wasn't able to make Illusion as realistic, but not this time. 

The real Long Chen knew that the man was only delaying him for time. The longer this fight went on, the more disadvantage he was going to be in, so he needed to finish the battle in time. 

As for the second thing, Long Chen wasn't sure that the enemy was using Divine Sense, but he still risked it. The whole plan might have failed if the Divine Sense wasn't at play. 

Using his Heaven's Shroud, Long Chen made his body hide the real aura, making his real body invisible from the Divine Sense which made it seem like his real body was the illusion instead, which was exactly what he wanted.