Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1038 - 1038: Final

"The other way is if you form an Origin Energy barrier around your eyes to protect them. Unfortunately, you can't use Origin Energy, so it's impossible for you. That's why just listen to me and don't look in the eyes of someone when you see them shining. You can look at those forehead, nose, lips, anywhere." 

Xun explained to Long Chen with advice on how to protect himself. 

"Also, I'm only telling you now because you listened to me last time and sent the sword back. If you again use that Sword unless it's an absolute emergency, I'll be upset," she told Long Chen. 

"Don't worry. I will only use that in an emergency now," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

In his mind, he had different thoughts, though. 

'Only I can decide what's emergency for me. So it doesn't matter anyway,' he thought. 

The battle in the arena was over. General Wuki picked up Meng Huling and took him back to his father. 

Du Liang went back on his own. 

"You finished it too fast. I thought I was going to see more of your action. But you were pretty cool. I'm pretty proud of you," Emperor Du praised his son as he subtly glanced at Emperor Meng, who had suffered two defeats. 

They were one step closer to victory now. After the third fight, the finals will begin. Victory in that round was going to mean victory for them. They would get the right of resources extraction in twenty worlds, with most of the rights going to the first ranked person. 

He believed that his son was going to win that. That was going to make his Empire even stronger and more resourceful. 

"Is Prince Zen still not back?" General Wuki asked the Emperor of Tricion, who shook his head in disappointment. 

"We will wait ten minutes more for the third round. If Prince Pei isn't back, we will begin," the General declared. 

They couldn't delay this important tournament infinitely. It was being telecasted to the leaders of twenty worlds since it was so crucial. 

The time was of the essence. Usually, he should have declared the victory of Ji Shan already, but since Pei Zen was the Prince of his own Empire, he gave ten more minutes. 

"Why ten minutes? You said if he isn't here by now, you'll give victory to us."

Hearing the delay announcement, Emperor Meng complained. 

"Emperor Meng, your son accused us of cheating again and again. Do you know how much time that wasted? Precisely ten minutes. So I believe it's fair that this side gets ten minutes too," the Emperor of Tricion said lazily. 

Now that the topic of his son was back, Emperor Meng could only shut his mouth. It was true his son had wasted time. 

"Fine. We will wait ten minutes. But if he's not back, no more waiting," Emperor Meng said as he folded his arms while sitting back. 

"I accept."


As the deal was made, everyone started waiting. 

No one knew if Pei Zen was going to come in time or if he was going to be late and lose his opportunity. 

The only ones who knew the truth were Long Chen and Qian Yu. None of them cared to say anything, though. 

"The third round will have Ji Shan, Du Liang, and Qian Yu. I wonder how they will have that battle. Two on one? Or a three-side battle? In any case, Ji Shan would be singled out," Long Chen said as his eyes rested on Ji Shan, who was standing with his arms folded, no expression on his face. 

It didn't seem like he was thinking about the future at all. 

"At Least there's no risk of life in these battles from what I have seen so far," Long Chen muttered as he closed his eyes. 

So far, the battle was mild in danger and over before anyone was seriously injured, let alone killed. He also had a feeling that these people weren't going to have any contender die. They were going to protect them. 


"Ten minutes are over. No one came. The third round's winner is Ji Shan!" General Wuki declared after ten minutes were over. 

They had waited long enough. Still, he was somewhat glad as well. He didn't have to use his Amplifier Stone to change the field for the third battle. 

"Now, we will move over to finals. Our three finalists are Prince Du Liang, Princess Qian Yu, and Ji Shan. The final stage will decide the ranking of top three and mark the end of this trial," General Wuki announced as he started rising in the air. 

"All three candidates step forward!"

Hearing the command, all three of the youngsters flew forward and landed on one of the three platforms on the lava. 

Watching Ji Shan step forward, if there was one person who was upset, it was Meng Qian.  

"Cheh, this lucky bastard! If only I had chosen the last box, I wouldn't have been embarrassed. It's all his fault," he muttered under his breath, jealous of Ji Shan.  He was so angry that he wanted to kill that guy. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do now. At least, not in the open. 


"The third stage of the battle is relatively simple but more deadly. All of you stop on one of the platforms. If you see carefully, on that platform, there's a number written vaguely," General Wuki advised his men. "Please speak the numbers you received."

"Number one," Du Liang said. 

"Number two," Ji Shan replied. 

"Three." Qian Yu said. 

"Alright,"  General Wuki nodded his head. "According to the rules that had been decided, the numbers you received will decide your next round."

He looked back at the Emperors and said, "Emperor Du, please stand up."

Emperor's Du stood up with an amused smile on his face. 

"All four Emperors here were provided with two numbers from one to three. It was done to make sure that no father would match with his son or daughter in the battle. I'm sure you three may understand now what the final stage is, right?" General Wuki asked, smiling. 

"They're going to fight the Emperor? Is that what he's implying?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen, surprised. "But none of them can defeat an Emperor, can they?"

"They can't defeat an Emperor. Well, maybe they can. It depends on how strong or weak the Emperor is. Du Liang has the highest probability of winning. And whoever his father matches with has the highest probability of losing," Long Chen answered. 

"What if no one wins? How will the winner be decided?" Zhiqing asked. 

"I don't think any of the Emperor expected to be lost. So the winning criteria isn't defeating them, I think," Long Chen answered.