Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1052 - 1052: Exposed In Twenty Worlds

General Wuki had flown back to dodge the sword of Long Chen at lightning-fast speed, not realizing that Long Chen had already seen the possibility of that. 

Without thinking twice, Long Chen Teleported behind General Wuki as he slashed down. The General had seen Long Chen's Teleportation, but he was still shocked at his fast thinking and reaction. 

He had intentionally moved in a strange manner so that Long Chen couldn't appear behind him. He needed time to gather his thoughts and get adjusted to the new body. Despite all that, Long Chen still managed to appear behind him as if he could read his mind and know where he was going to appear. 

Shocked, the Ancestor once again tried to dodge. He did manage to dodge to save his vitals, but he couldn't keep himself unharmed entirely. 

His left shoulder was cut, separating his left hand from his body. As the body didn't belong to him, the Ancestor didn't feel the pain, but he realized that he was in a tough spot. One of the hands of his body was cut. If he were a little late, his entire body would have been destroyed. 

Now he only had one hand to take care of Long Chen, but that too, if he got the chance to attack. He wasn't even getting an opportunity. No matter how much he tried, no matter where he dodged to get time for himself, he found Long Chen there, attacking from behind. 


"Emperor Lu, what are you doing here? Why did you ask me to stop? I'm in a hurry. I have to stop that guy before he kills," Emperor Du told Long Chen's father in law who had just arrived here. 

"I know that, but you can't attack him. He has kidnapped my son before coming here. I can't have him die before he gives me the answer and tells me Wang's whereabouts," Emperor Lu replied. 

"Huh? Your son is again kidnapped? Is he a kid? Last time he disappeared before marrying my daughter. He came back, and you claimed he was kidnapped. Now he is again kidnapped just when we started the marriage talks again? Is this your scheme? Why would a young man from a different world kidnap your son?"

It was none other than Qian Yu's father who had chimed in. He and Emperor Lu had a big enmity before they decided to change their enmity to a relationship. But things were complicated. Even now, Emperor Qian couldn't believe the words of Emperor Lu. 

"That's right. Even though he has proven that he can kidnap even an Emperor, that still doesn't explain. Why would he kidnap your son? He wouldn't even know him since he's not from here. From what we know, he came here from a different world only recently for his friend," Emperor Du also raised his suspicions. 

Was Emperor Lu making an excuse to save the kid? Why would he do that? This wasn't a good look for their world to show a relationship with the enemy who just killed Emperor Meng since that would prove it was Fengshu who schemed all this to win the tournament easily. 

"That's because..."

Emperor Lu was about to tell about him and his daughter being married and about Long Chen going crazy to kidnap his son, but he controlled himself. Long Chen was an enemy. After finding out about his son, he was probably going to kill him anyway. It was better not to tell anyone that he was their son in law. 

Moreover, he had also sent someone to inform the Immortal World about the appearance of a possible Heavenly Demon descendant. 

If things went as planned, within a month, an Envoy from the Immortal World would come to investigate. It was better to portray Long Chen as just a stranger, so she wasn't involved in all this. 

"Actually this man forced a poor waitress inside our Royal City to satiate his beastly desires. My son caught him and brought that incident to light. That's why he was angry and kidnapped my son before running away. I don't know where he is now?

"What? He forced a girl?"

"What? He seemed like a good man when accusing General Wuki, but he was also a bastard?!"

"He deserves to die!"

"Emperor Du! Kill that bastard! How dare he force a woman?!"

Since Emperor Lu's voice was loud, the entire arena heard what he said. And thus the rumors about Long Chen spread even more as his innocence was once again brought to question. 

"You! I swear to god that you're looking to die! I did no such thing! It was your bastard son who framed me! And he received the punishment for that!"

Long Chen was already in an angry mindset as he tried to kill the Ancestor, who was good at dodging but seeing the Emperor spread this lie in front of twenty worlds, he was enraged!

He was being called out for what he didn't do and that too in front of more than just one World. 

"He forced a girl?"

At the accusations, even Qian Yu was shocked. She couldn't believe it. When she fought Long Chen, she had a feeling that he was a just guy who had good morals and a warrior spirit. She didn't believe these accusations, but she also couldn't call that lie right away since she didn't know the truth. 

Emperor Lu was telling it. Why would he lie? He gets no profit from calling out Long Chen. That was what confused her. Her mind was split. On one side, she wanted to believe her heart. On the other end, he knew that she should believe Emperor Lu. 

As Long Chen was momentarily distracted, he stopped chasing after the Ancestor, who finally got a chance to breathe. 

'This guy has a really weird ability. He can keep up with a Saint Realm Cultivator. Just what exactly is he?" the Ancestor muttered as he breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, he had a chance to attack when Long Chen was distracted. 

"I don't care to explain anything. Just tell me where my son is!" the Emperor commanded Long Chen. 

"Your son is-"

Since the Emperor had already lied about him in front of the world, Long Chen wanted to hurt him as well by telling him the truth about his son. 

He was still answering when he suddenly stopped as he raised his head upwards. 

Gazing towards the sky, he saw hundreds of tiny suns the size of a person's head. 

All hundred of those fell down towards Long Chen, leaving no place for him to dodge. The balls of flames were falling everywhere, including the area where the spectators sat.