Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 929 - 929: Overconfidence

Pei Zen and Bing Lui were ready to begin fighting seriously without holding back.

In a different part of the Palace, Long Chen was walking, trying to find the Pei Zen.

He had treated most of the Palace, but he failed to find the man. He still didn't go to the area where the Emperor used to stay. 

Excluding that place, only a few more places were left to check.

"There is one of them..." He soon noticed another member from the team of Fengshu. The first one was the Qiandi Princess Qian Yu, who he had left behind in his room. The other two people were Tricion Prince and another man. He found the third man of the team in the room. The man was comfortably lying on the bed, not caring about anything. 

"The Tricion Prince isn't there. Did he also leave like that girl behind? This is so annoying. I finally managed to find their room, and now the main guy is missing..." Long Chen let out in frustration.

"Shouldn't you be happy? This means he is walking alone in some part of the palace. If you can find him, it is going to be much easier for you to take him on without letting anyone know what happened to him. Now that you know his room, you can come back after switching places," Xun said to Long Chen as she appeared beside him.

"That's true as well," Long Chen said as he nodded his head. 

He soon asked, "How is it that you're actually taking things that can help now? Shouldn't you be opposing this?" It wasn't like Xun. Normally she would be telling him not to do it and simply to leave.

"Since you're not going to listen when I say something against your will, I might as well help you with what you want to do. I can at least make sure that you don't do anything stupid that way," Xun said as she rolled her eyes.

A child-like expression was on her face as if she really thought she was helping Long Chen.

"That's good and well, but that still doesn't solve the problem. I still need to find that guy," Long Chen muttered as he continued walking. He kept his Divine Sense spread out thin not to miss Pei Zen.

He continued walking through the Long Corridor until he reached the end, where it diverged into two parts. He could either go left or right. Both these paths were something he hadn't checked.

"The left path will lead to the Emperor's chambers. I'll take the right first then," Long Chen muttered as he looked left and right. 

He didn't wish to come face to face with the Emperor yet. Who knew? The Emperor was probably a Saint Realm Cultivator. He didn't wish to test the reach of his Mask of Mischief this soon. 

There was a chance that Pei Zen might have gone in the direction of the Emperor's chambers, but he took his chances against it.

From what he remembered, the first thing that the guards do after the teams arrive is that they introduce them to the Emperor.

That means the three people already walked towards the left. The chances of Pei Zen going back in that direction was not close to zero, but it was still less than the chances of a newcomer going right since that was where they didn't go.

Long Chen turned right and started walking in the direction. 

Fortunately, the person he was impersonating had a decent position in the Royal Army. That was the reason the guards didn't stop him along the way. Let alone stopping him, the guards didn't even ask him the reason he was going anywhere. 

Long Chen was somewhat glad that this was the person he had the opportunity to kill and impersonate. It might be tricky if it was some lower-ranked royal guard member.

He walked through the hallway for ten minutes before he found something interesting. Through the distant corner of his Spiritual Sense, he was able to see Pei Zen.

Not only Pei Zen, but he also saw the blue-haired girl and the others that he had escorted yesterday.

The two sides seemed to be facing each other. Both the Tricion Prince and the Lightning Princess had a sword in their hand. 

He could see both of them running towards each other.

"Are they having a clash?" Long Chen wondered. 

"Why would the girl fight that guy? Didn't she saw the team from Fengshu is one of the best?" 

He walked towards the arena where they were fighting.

Soon, he reached the place. He could see that the door of the arena was broken. He also saw two unconscious guards in the distance. It didn't take him long to understand what had happened.

"Someone smashed the guards in the door. Probably because they stopped the person from entering. Was it the girl? She did seem unruly and arrogant. I wouldn't put it above her," Long Chen muttered as he observed the door. 

'In any case, it can only be one of two sides that's engaging in battle. Since one side is my enemy, I'll just blame the Tricion Prince since he's a certified bastard,' he thought as he barged inside the room as well.

It was at that time where the swords of Pei Zen and Bing Lui clashed.

While Pei Zen was pushed back two steps because of the impact, Bing Lui was pushed back five steps. 

"The girl is clearly at a disadvantage." Long Chen observed as he saw the clash.

'Now, I can stand back, but that would make things worse. The girl would most probably be defeated, but it'll take a long time. More people might come by then. If that guy is in the presence of more people, I'll lose my opportunity. I need to interfere. I can't let this drag in for longer,' he thought.

"What happened? Is this all you got?" As Pei Zen had got the upper hand in the clash, it was his turn to mock Bing Lui now. "As I said, I'm not going to go easy now. Give it your best if you don't want to be defeated within ten moves."

"Ten? I'll consider you my father if you can even defeat me at all, let alone in ten moves," Bing Lui said grimly.

"Your overconfidence is going to be the death of you someday," Pei Zen said as a grin formed on his face.  He was seemingly amused.

"Let me see how long you can keep it with you," he continued.