Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 917 - 917: Bet

"Please come upstairs. We have a better arrangement for you people there. You don't need to sit amongst the commoners," the Shop Owner told Long Chen, who was standing near the kids. It seemed as if he knew the person Long Chen was pretending to be. 

He must be someone really high in the Royal Army, Long Chen thought.

The Owner didn't ignore the Youngsters and the Guardian either.

"There's no need. We aren't here to shop. We are waiting for someone here. This is the best place to wait for the guy. As for commoners, you can make them go away if you wish," the girl told the Shop Owner.

Even though the girl talked so arrogantly and rejected the offer, the people accompanying her didn't even bat an eye which made it evident that the girl was the de facto leader of this group. It was either that or the others didn't really care for such things and let her do as she, please. In any way, he could only do as she said. 

"Ah, Of Course. How ill-considerate of me," the shop owner said apologetically even though he didn't feel like he was at fault.

"You, let everyone out. Very important guests are here. Tell the other guests to come later," he told his men.

Soon, the entire shop was cleared of people that had come here to buy things. Only the shop staff and the guards with the team from Lightning World were left here.

After doing all that, they started showing their most expensive and precious of talismans to the guest in hopes of selling a few. Who knew, they might even be able to get some precious treasure from their world in exchange.

After a long time, the Lightning World Team selected twelve talismans to buy, but they didn't pay for them yet.

The red-haired man was about to pay for stuff, but the blue-haired girl stopped him. She felt like their intentions were wrong.

"It's been so long; why isn't that guy here? Were you lying to us to make her sit here for selling your crap?" The girl asked the Shop Owner.

"Hmm? Lying? What do you mean?" The Shop Owner was visibly confused. The shop helper knew all the story that they were waiting for a man he told them was coming here. The shop owner didn't know it.

The shop owner was thinking that these people were waiting for their friend. He didn't know they were waiting because his own man had said that the person was coming here.

Long Chen stood in the back, knowing full well that it was going to be a storm when the girl finds out that he wasn't coming. That was what happened now as well.

The girl thought the helper had lied.

Since Long Chen was pretending to be their escort, it was his job to interfere now. 

He stepped forward and told the shop owner about what had happened.

"Did you lie to our guests?" Understanding the whole picture, the shop owner asked his men.

"N-no. I swear to god, Sir. That man had said he would come back with the money. He would certainly be on his way," the helper answered. Even he was sweating. It had actually been a long time, and the man wasn't here.

He was wondering if he was fooled. If the man didn't come, he was going to be in big trouble.

"Fine. I'll wait for one more hour. If he didn't come, It'd be certain that your man lied to us to boost the sales of your shop. If that's true, I want his hand on a plate before me," the blue-haired girl let out as he placed his right leg over her left and sat arrogantly.

The shop owner once again gazed at his worker, who nodded his head as if he was actually not lying. 

"And what if he isn't lying?" The shop owner asked, grimly. He was somewhat confident in his man. He was also feeling angry at the girl for such arrogance. He wanted to teach her a lesson using this opportunity.

"If he isn't lying and I'm wrong, I'll make up for it," the blue-haired girl answered casually.

Finding her words interesting, the shop owner asked, "Oh? How will you make up for it?" 

"Simple. I will buy all the artifacts in your shop at twice the price," the girl answered.

"Can you even afford it?" The shop owner asked sharply. He wouldn't have acted like this if the girl wasn't so arrogant, but now he wasn't going to hold back. "My shop isn't a cheap toy that anyone can buy."


Hearing the man's words, the red-haired man started laughing. The dark-haired man also started laughing in the back. Even their guardian was smiling while shaking his head.

The shop owner found their reaction strange. Even Long Chen found it strange. He didn't know the actual identity of the girl, so he didn't understand their response.

"You idiot man, do you even know who she is? She is the Crown Princess of the Shia Empire in our Lightning World. In relation to your world, she would be equal to your crown Prince," the red-haired man let out as he controlled his laughter.

'She's a princess? And Lightning World? Unfortunately, it's not the world I'm looking for,' Long Chen thought as he heard the man.

"P-princess?" The shop owner let out, seemingly stunned.

"Do you still think that she can not afford your shop?" The red-haired man asked with an amused smile on his face.

"O-of course not. I agree. I agree with the bet. If the person doesn't come as my helper said, he would die, and if he comes, you will buy all items in my shop at double price," the shop owner replied as he smiled.


"But sir, how can you..." The helper whose life was on the line protested lightly, but he wasn't even allowed to finish his words. 

"Shut up! If you're not lying, why do you need to worry? Don't worry. After I sell all these items, ten percent will be given to you as your reward. And if it turns out that you're actually lying, then you do deserve to die for wasting the time of these people," the shop owner replied sarcastically.

The helper could only shut his mouth since the boss had promised. 

Time started passing slowly. Each second was bringing more stress to people since Long Chen couldn't be seen coming. The helper kept checking every minute, but he couldn't see anyone coming.