Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1018 - 1018: Fourth God Grade Weapon

Seeing Long Chen reach near the Scroll faster than he could, and realizing that Long Chen was from Heavenly Demon Race, the Emperor decided to put him down.

Even if it didn't seem like the right method, it was necessary in his eyes. He couldn't let Long Chen escape, which was highly likely if Long Chen managed to break that scroll. 

Lu Junwei wanted his right hand, making a translucent Scythe appear before him, made entirely of Qi. 

The Scythe shot out towards Long Chen, moving faster than the Emperor could. It moved even faster than Long Chen, who was just a few meters away from the Scroll now.

Unfortunately, these last few meters proved to be too long as the Scythe reached near Long Chen, targeting his neck. 

There seemed to be only one intention in this attack, and that was to slice Long Chen's head off. If that happened, he was going to be killed. 

Long Chen's fingers were only half a meters away from the Scroll when he felt a sudden sense of danger. It was as if death was close to him. 

Spreading out his Divine Sense, he noticed the attack that was coming closer to him. 

Seeing that attack, Long Chen only saw one option. It was to intercept the attack before it managed to slice his head. But that required him to turn back. 

It didn't feel like turning back when he was so close to the scroll. 

He decided to use a different approach. Instead of turning back, he only protected his back. 

He had the Blood Phoenix Robe, which was a saint-grade artifact itself. It should be able to take the attack of a Saint Realm Cultivator at least once without being destroyed. 

He could only put faith in the robe that Xun had praised so much. 

Instead of stopping, he tried to move even faster. The distance between the scroll and his fingers decreased when each passing second, just as the distance between the Scythe and his neck decreased. 

"F*ck it,  I don't want to take the risk!" 

No matter how much he wanted to trust the robe, ultimately, he just couldn't get himself to leave everything to it. What if it didn't work? His head was going to roll on the ground before he could even regret it. He didn't want to be that person. 

He stopped approaching the scroll as he retreated his hand while turning back, instead bringing the Sword of Time near his neck. 

The sword of time was made to intercept the Scythe of the Emperor. 

"Too naive! It's a Qi attack.  Even if you cut it, it'll still progress towards you. You can't survive," the Emperor muttered with an incomprehensible look on his face. 

He was relieved that it was over at one side. On the other side, he was sad that he had taken the man his daughter loved from her. It was something he just couldn't understand. He didn't know what to feel— happy or sad?

Unfortunately, what happened next, was something he hadn't expected. Let alone him, what happened next was something even Long Chen hadn't expected. 

As soon as the Qi Scythe touched the Sword of Time, it was as if something mystical happened. 

The rusted sword changed a bit. It started shining brightly suddenly as a mystical dark light surrounded it. The Dark light seemed to be even darker than night. It was unclear how it happened. 

The dark light seemed like it was swallowing the Qi from the Qi scythe. Even the Emperor himself was shocked to see it happening. Just what was it? A weapon that could swallow one of his strongest attacks? How? Just what was this weapon? How did Long Chen possess it?

He still couldn't understand that the weapon, which seemed like a Mortal Grade Weapon, was actually one of the strongest weapons to exist in this world. It was one of the strongest four God Grade Weapons. 

It wasn't something a mortal should possess, let alone use. 


Far away from the world where Long Chen was going through a battle, an unknown place existed. 

It was a dark world. No sun could be seen from that world, but a mystical light was giving a bit of visible brightness to the land. 

An intimidating-looking palace existed in the world, inside which a man was sitting on a Throne. 

The man was sitting with his eyes closed, no expression on his face. It was as if he was resting, but it was at that moment, his eyelids flickered. 

He slowly opened his eyes. 

"Hmm? Is this the Sword of Time I feel?"

"It seems to be pretty far away from my Heavenly Demon Realm. I can't find its origin. Too bad. Whatever, whoever found it will probably become someone big enough to be known. I would soon see that person, I guess," the man muttered before he lazily closed his eyes and started resting again. 


In a different realm, which seemed to be filled with light, another man was sitting on a different throne. 

The man was talking to his ministers that were wearing Golden Armor that was shining with heavenly light. 

If Long Chen had seen these armors, he would have recognized them. 

These were the armors that were on the men Tian Shen was fighting in his dreams. 

What Long Chen didn't know was that these Golden Armors were worn by the warriors of the Heavenly God Race. 

The Heavenly God Race was one of the two strongest races in this world, right beside the Heavenly Demon Race. That was when excluding the Heavenly Beast Clans. 

Together, these three were the peak powers of this world. 

"Hmm? The Sword of Time?" the man who sat on the throne muttered with an amused look on his face. 

A beautiful-looking crown rested on his head. 

"Your Majesty, do you feel the presence of the Sword of Time?" One of the Ministers asked. 

"Yeah. I guess it found an owner," the man on the throne replied. 

"Is it the Heavenly Demon Race? If it's them, then they would have two God Grade Weapons like us," another minister said. 

"No. It's not in the Heavenly Demon Realm at least," the Heavenly Emperor replied. "Back to topic... When will you give me what I asked for?"


Back in the Esteria Empire, Long Chen was standing surprised. It was the first time he had seen his sword like this. Previously, he had thought that his Sword couldn't even use Qi. It was just a strong unbreakable, brunt weapon for him. 

But it was only now that he realized that the sword could do more than he imagined.