Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1294 - 1294: The Island

The twitching of the woman was followed by her eyes slowly opening. 

As the eyes of the woman opened, her deep blue eyes became visible, which soon gained focus, looking around. 

The woman slowly started sitting up and stepped out of the coffin, looking around curiously. 

"Did he die? For me to wake up, that should be the case. But then again, why don't I feel the presence of those two? They couldn't have disappeared after doing all the world. They would have come to me to send them back, but they didn't."

"Could it be that they died? How long has it been? Did a hundred years pass? Or a thousand?" 

The woman seemed confused regarding a few things. Her figure soon disappeared as she appeared outside. 

She looked straight at the sun shining brightly above her head.. 

"The Origin had grown weak with the passing of time," she muttered. 

She slowly raised her head, bringing a strange clock out of thin air.

As soon as the first ray of light fell on the clock, its hands started moving. The five hands of the clock moved to end up in a strange formation. 

"Hmm? So long? How was I asleep for so long? The man in the prophecy, did he appear so late? I thought the prophecy was going to be short-term and that the man would appear in a hundred or so years? But he took so long?"

"Did I waste so long sleeping for no reason? I could have lived for a million more years without being concerned about his arrival. But then again, as long as he's dead, it's all worth it. With him gone, there would be no danger to me."

The woman started walking as she talked to herself. 

She waved his hand again, making the clock disappear.


Long Chen and Zhu Chang left the Snow Empire, entering the barren territory. 

As far as the eyes could see, they could only find desert. 

"Is this also an Empire?" Long Chen asked the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"You don't know about this place?" Zhu Chang asked, surprised. 

"I don't. It's my first time here. He's the only one who knows about this place. He's the guide here," Long Chen replied, pointing towards the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"This is also an Empire. It's the Barren Empire. But you won't see any city here. The beasts live underground. So it's better not to waste time in finding them. We can easily pass through this place, as long as we don't land on the ground," Blood Dragon Emperor replied.

"And if we land?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Well, if you land, then you might be in trouble. There are many traps on the ground to protect the Barren Empire territory."

"Moreover, many giant Beasts swim in the sand. They can easily come out and swallow you whole. So it's better not to land on the ground. It would just be a waste of time."

"Now that you mention it like that, I want to try it," Zhu Chang let out, licking his lips. He started flying down. 

Long Chen smiled wryly, shaking his head. He flew after Zhu Chang. Unlike Zhu Chang, he didn't land on the ground though. 

"Hmm? Nothing happened here! What should I do now?" Zhu Chang asked, landing on the ground. "Where are the traps? Where are the enemies? I want them."

"They aren't here. As I said, it's a massive desert. Finding them would be impossible. If you continue walking, they might come to you," Blood Dragon Emperor answered. 

"What if I destroy the entire desert? Will they come out then?" Zhu Chang asked, looking around. 

"Ah..." Blood Dragon Emperor found himself stunned, not knowing how to react. 

Ultimately, Long Chen took the lead and started talking. "Let's not do that. I think we already did enough destruction in this world. Moreover, finding them would waste a lot of time, even if you destroy the desert. They'll probably be scared and go even deeper."

"That's true as well, but it'll be boring without them," Zhu Chang let out, sighing.

"I can understand, but there's no other way. Let's go to Dark Spirit Island. It'll be more fun there. The faster we get there, the faster we can explore the mystery of that place. You'll like that too," Long Chen said, flying up. 

Zhu Chang also flew up, sighing. He and Long Chen started flying away. 

It was only after the two of them went far that a strange worm-like insect came out of the ground, at least ten feet thick. 

It soon went inside the ground again, not finding anyone there. If Zhu Chang had left behind, he might have received his wish. Unfortunately, the timing didn't match. 

The flight of the three continued, passing through the desert in the heat. They soon left the desert, reaching what seemed like a vast sea. 

Long Chen and Zhu Chang landed at the beach, staring at the sea ahead. The Blood Dragon Emperor also floated behind them.

"Is that Island in the sea? I can't see it from here though. It should still be quite far," Zhu Chang let out, frowning. Despite using his powerful vision, he wasn't able to see any island ahead of him in the sea. 

"It's not too far, but you can't see it from here either. It's a hidden island. You can only see it after getting close to it," Blood Dragon Emperor replied.  "Follow me."

He flew into the sea, followed by Long Chen and Zhu Chang.

The three of them flew above the sea for over twenty minutes, not seeing anything. 

"Where is it? We've been going in circles,"Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"I'm also trying to find it. It's somewhere around here, if I'm not wrong. We just need to pass through the shroud that protects it and keeps it hidden. That's why I'm searching," Blood Dragon explained, continuing the search. 

He didn't stop there and continued searching for ten more minutes. Zhu Chang and Long Chen also flew after him, wondering when he was going to find it, if ever.

"I think our guide isn't good. Can we get another guide?" Zhu Chang asked Long Chen. "I don't think we will find that place anytime soon like this."

"Here it is!" The Blood Dragon Emperor suddenly exclaimed, smiling. 

Long Chen and Zhu Chang also flew closer to Blood Dragon Emperor, soon feeling like they passed through a barrier. An island appeared before them which was previously hidden. The island wasn't small either, but the barrier had kept it hidden. 

Now that they passed the barrier, they were able to see it.