Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1124 - 1124: No Way Back

"Do you have a way to go back?" Long Chen asked Terra, ignoring the horrified looks of the sect members who had just seen Long Chen kill eighteen heaven-grade sect masters alone. 

Not a single one could resist him. Just how strong was he actually? It was evident by now that there was not a single person in this continent who could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. 

The Sect Members kept their mouths closed and didn't even dare to breathe out loud since they didn't want to attract the attention of Long Chen. 

Their sect master had just betrayed Long Chen. It was quite possible that he would wipe them all out in anger. 

Fortunately, Long Chen seemed to be engrossed in a different conversation, completely forgetting about killing them. They prayed that he wouldn't remember and kill them later. 

"I am not sure. I just entered a room in the tomb in my home world, and I was brought here. Other than that, I don't know anything. I don't even know why that place brought him here," Terra answered as he sighed. He wished he had a way to go back, but he didn't. 

"A tomb that connected to this place? That seems tough. I don't even know where exactly your world is. It looks like you're stuck here," Long Chen answered, frowning. If they knew about their world, he would have preferred to take a trip to that place too, at least once. 

There were many people that he wanted to meet. Tensha was there, Xia was there. 

'I also need to apologize to the Loli Queen of that world. I really was impulsive that time, thinking that the world wasn't real. I not only stole the Law Fragment, but I also hurt her. I should give her a healing pill so her hands can return,' Long Chen thought as he remembered his embarrassing actions there. 

It was the first time he had stolen everything. Even though that thing belonged to him, he now knew that he was wrong. He had basically broken inside someone's home and stole from them. 

"Oh, Tensha, did those Monster King attack you again? Or did they change after my warning?" Long Chen asked, remembering about the war and how he had killed almost all Monster Kings, leaving only one alive, which seemed a little sensible. 

He had promised that he won't attack others again and that their Clan will go in a different direction, away from that bloodshed and towards peace. 

"Yeah. They have been pretty peaceful. Moreover, they also come to meet the Tribe leaders, bringing gifts. So far, I think the relationship between the two sides is improving," Terra explained. 

"That's good," Long Chen nodded, but that still leaves a question. How to send you back. I can't keep you with me throughout my journey, and I can't leave you here either."

'Xun, do you have any idea? How to get to their world?" He asked Xun, this time learning from his mistakes and using his thoughts to talk to her. He didn't want to seem like crazy for talking to thin air otherwise. 

"Don't ask me. I have no idea how to get to their world. The only way you got there last time was because of the Bloodline Temple and that too, with only your consciousness. Your physical body was still here in this world. So going through physically seems out of the question. At Least I don't know the way to," Xun replied, disappointing Long Chen. 

Long Chen looked at Terra, explaining everything to him. 

"I think there's no way to get you back. At Least for now. I should be able to find a way in the future, but it might take a few years or decades. Till then, you can't go back to your home."

"Years or decades?" Terra exclaimed in surprise. 

"Years or decades?" Terra exclaimed in shock. After seeing Long Chen, he had thought that Long Chen would have a way to send them back since he had once been there before, but even he was saying no. 

"You went there last time. It had only been a few months since that. How did you do it?" Terra asked. "Maybe we can try that method?"

"You can't. I used a trick that only worked for me, and that too, only once. It sent me to your world, but I still didn't know where that place was. Until now, I was thinking that your world was just an imaginary place. But it's real," Long Chen replied. 

"Moreover, it hadn't been months since that. It had been years. The time if your world is slower than ours. Months in your place are years here. So it had already been a long time for me since I last saw you," he further explained. 

This news seemed to come as a shock to Terra, but he also understood it. That's why his brother looked so much older than he should have been since he went missing. 

"So we might need to stay here for years? You're right. We can't follow you. We'll just become a burden on you in that case. You should leave," Terra said, sighing. 

It seemed impossible to go back now. Honestly, he wondered if a way even existed. It looked like they needed to spend what remained of their life here. 

"Sigh, it's fine. Come with me. I'll bring you to a new place. You can stay there with my family," Long Chen told Terra and Roli.

"Mingyu, catch me. I'll be right back," he said before he placed his hand on their shoulders. 

Terra and Roli disappeared while Long Chen seemed like he lost his consciousness. He didn't need to lose his consciousness to bring change to his inner world, but whenever he wanted to go inside personally, this happened. 

As Long Chen lost consciousness, Mingyu caught him and supported him in standing. Zhiqing, on the other hand, kept an eye on everyone that was present here to make sure that no one could even think about hurting him. 

Inside his inner world, Long Chen appeared straight in what was supposed to be his bedroom at that place. 

"You two stay right here. I'll go talk to my grandfather and inform him about you."

Leaving the two behind, Long Chen left. He found his grandfather and his father before he told them to follow him. 

He went straight to his room with them where he showed Terra and Roli. He told them everything that had happened and that these two were going to stay in the sect with them.