Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 923 - 923: Clash


The team of the newcomers had met with the Emperor of Esteria.

The Tricion Prince had a straight face as he stood before the Esteria Emperor and heard his words. Even though he didn't react outright, on the inside, he was finding it funny.

In their world, he had the Prince of Esteria killed. It was funny that both the worlds have the same name Empires. The only thing different here was that Esteria was the only Empire here. In his world, however, there were many Empires that were always in conflict.

'One day, I'll make our world like this world as well—a world where only our Empire will reign supreme. Soon, we would succeed in our aim. It might take longer, but we have a clear sight. After we take over our world and wipe Esteria, Qiandi, and others, we would be sole rulers,' the Prince of Tricion thought. 'Then we can start conquering other worlds.'

He gazed at the Esteria Emperor with an innocent smile on his face. Even though his face seemed Innocent, his thoughts were cursing the Emperor.

' I would start with this world itself. I hate that they have an Esteria Empire. This world is pretty weak. It should fall easily. We can then move over to the stronger worlds. Soon, all the Mortal Worlds will be under our rule."

'With the power of all mortal worlds, we should be able to stand on the same level as the Immortal World. We would certainly be strong enough even to face Immortals. This would is only for ours to take.' he thought.

"Very well. You may all leave. The first stage will begin in the evening. You can go and rest now," Esteria Emperor told the Guardian of these youngsters.


Three youngsters and their guardians left the Emperor's room together with the escort that was given to them to take them to their room. There was only one girl amidst them, which was the Qiandi Princess.

While the others followed after the escort to get to their rooms, the princess started going in a different direction. 

"Where are you going?" Tricion Prince asked the girl.

"What does it have to do with you? Mind your own business," Qiandi Princess answered without a shred of care.

"We are a team. Soon, the ranking Trials will begin. We can't have you running around like a headless chicken and get lost. So yes, it matters to me," Tricion Prince said lazily, showing that he didn't really care but was saying it for the team.

"It's a solo trial. Worry about your own ranking. Stop putting your nose in my stuff," Qiandi Princess let out casually before she left. 

"This-" Tricion Prince wanted to say something, but the third man in the team chimed in.

"Leave her to what she wants to do. We are not a team but a group of people that took a ride together to take part in the same competition. She has no responsibility towards us. Furthermore, she is an adult. I believe she knows what to do and what not to do. She would be back by the time she is needed. She also has the reputation and name of her Empire to save. Let's go," the third man said with an expressionless face.

"Hmph, right," Tricion Prince snorted as he left with the others. 


The Qiandi Princess left the team as she wished to see the Palace. She had traveled with the team for a long time. She was not only tired but bored. She wanted to be by herself for some time, and the best way to do that was to go alone for now. 

She could not only see a few sights in the Royal Palace but also have a good time in peace.

She walked in a certain direction, not knowing or caring about where she was going.

She unknowingly walked in the direction of the high-ranking imperial Guard rooms. As all the imperial guards were on duty in the palace, none of the guards were there to stop her or to tell her where she was going.

Long Chen was simultaneously coming out of the Imperial hallway where his room was. He was also fortunate that there was not a single guard there. He was wearing a guard uniform, but his face was of Long Chen, who was wanted by the guards because of being the Saint Killer Heir.

All imperial guards knew his face. They would have attacked him on sight if they had seen him. 

"I need to find that guy alone to capture him. But I can't kill him. That needs to be done by Mingyu. The best way to do it would be to turn him unconscious. After that, I can switch places, but that's troublesome as well," Long Chen muttered to himself as he walked through the empty hallway.

'Where can I actually find that guy alone? He would be with his team for now. In the trials, he might be alone if it's not a trial of Battle. But I can't leave my plan on chances,' he thought.

"First, I need to find their room. Only then can I think about separating him," he thought as he reached the corner of the hallway. He was still so immersed in forming the core of his plan that he didn't notice that he reached a turn.

From the other side, Qiandi Princess was walking. She was also walking towards the same turn as Long Chen.

If one was to look at the top plan of this part of the Palace, they could see Long Chen could see Long Chen going straight. Qiandi Princess was walking towards the right. Long Chen was supposed to turn left, and the Princess was supposed to turn right. 

Long Chen finally came out of his daze as he reached awfully close to the turn. He turned left only to get stunned at the sight of a girl there.

Long Chen was stunned to see the girl and realize that he was going to hit her, but the girl was alert.

Seeing a man about to clash with her, she instantly reacted.

She clenched her fist and diverted her qi towards her fist as if she was using a Fist Martial Skill.

She didn't care if it was a guard or someone else. If someone was about to hit her, her first instinct was to attack back.

She punched towards Long Chen's chest.

The fist landed on his chest, making him fly back like a broken kite. 

Long Chen was about to crash on the wall, but he also used his skills to balance himself. Turning his body around, he landed on the ground safely.