Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 265 - 265:Tian Shen's Weakness

"Are you alright? What happened?" He asked as he breathed in relief as he saw Long Chen safe.

"Yeah, Just a bad dream." Long Chev casually explained.

"What dream could scare you so much? Were you caught having sex with Senior Mikan? That must be it, only sisters-in-law can scare you so much. " He chuckled with an amused look on his face.

" Nope. Though that would be scary as well." A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he heard his Ji Shan's idiotic assumption.

"Well, it's good that you're fine. I'll be going back to my sleep then." Ji Shan said as he walked back to his room.

" Just forget that life man. It's impossible. That's all in the past now. Don't think about it before you are strong enough to control your destiny." Long Chen muttered as if he was talking to himself.

He left the courtyard and sat in the garden outside.

It was Midnight and the full moon was high in the sky.

He gazed at the bright moon with a thoughtful look on his face.

"The world is so mystic. There are gods and they are demons. Humans can achieve immortality, they can fly. A mountain can be destroyed in one punch and the sea can be cut with a strike of the sword. Nothing seems impossible here. " Long Chen muttered as he stared at the moon.

He was feeling somewhat down at the moment.

" Xun, Do you think they are people on the moon?" Long Chen asked out of nowhere.

Xun appeared beside him and sat near him as she started looking at the sky as well.

"The moon? Yup. There are many species living there. " She replied.

" Have you ever been there?" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

" Yup. I got the opportunity to see the moon when I was with Tian Shen.

*You know about his slaughter, right?"

" When he was young, it had only been a few weeks when he found the ring. He tried to get stronger and he was going quite good."

"He had started his cultivation quite late. He wasn't able to cultivate before finding the ring, because he had no talent for cultivation... That's what he thought at least. The real reason for him being unable to cultivate was quite different though. Anyways, back to the topic. "

" He slaughtered everyone in that sect that beat him up... that mocked him... that simply watched... and the girl he was in love with. "

"I already told you about the side effect of the pill he consumed I think," Xun said softly.

"That pill was only useful for cultivators below Earth Realm. Once someone uses that pill, their physical strength and reflexes will improve by an abnormal amount. A person who has no cultivation would be able to face an Earth Realm Cultivator with ease, and if a Gold Core Realm Cultivator consumed it, he would be able to face even Heaven Realm Cultivators. As for its side effects... you would lose your cultivation... but not instantly. You might even die"Xun said with a serious expression on her face.

" You would lose all your cultivation as soon as you reach Heaven Realm Cultivation and you will have to start your cultivation all over again. And if a Cultivator can't reach the Heaven Realm in 50 years, they would die as their heart stops." Xun muttered with a downcast look as she looked down.

*He had consumed the pill and wasn't even able to move. He used the talisman that he received as his inheritance and he was sent far away from the planet. His life was saved at the moment. "

" The planet we teleported to was the one you see as your moon. That is the place where he first met her... I sometimes wonder, what would have happened if we had teleported to another planet. " She let out. Long Chen could feel a little sadness in her eyes as she looked at the moon.

"Her...? " Long Chen asked in a low voice.

"Do you want to go to the moon as well?" She changed the topic as she asked.

Long Chen understood her intention and didn't ask anymore.

"Yup. I think it would be good to see the moon. When I saw the astronauts walking on the moon, I always wondered what I would feel like. " Long Chen said with a slight smile on his face.

" Astronauts? What's that? " Xun couldn't understand his words and asked.

"Oh, Astronauts are like cultivators. They can go to places where no average human can. They can even get to the moon. " Long Chen chuckled as he said.

" Why have I not heard of them before?"  She asked again.

" Who knows," Long Chen acted ignorant as he said.

"Xun, Let me ask you something. You have been with Tian Shen for quite a long time. What was his biggest strength and biggest weakness? " Long Chen asked.

" Hahaha, Are you really asking me that? Well, I can tell you. " She couldn't help but laugh as she heard Long Chen's question.

" Tian Shen's biggest strength was his unwavering determination. He wasn't afraid of facing anyone. Even if a god had appeared in front of him, to stop him, he would have the god with his sword without taking a step back in hesitation. That's the kind of man he was. It helped him achieve many impossible feats, though." She further said.

" Interesting. His biggest weakness? " Long Chen let out. 

" His biggest weakness? He had two weaknesses. The first one was his unwavering determination. Even when all odds were against him, he didn't run away. It was like he was determined to either die on the War grounds or kill everyone standing in his path. There was no in-between for him" She said after thinking for a while.

" His other weakness was... his love. The love for the ones he cares about. I don't think I can explain more about it. To the world, he was a bloodthirsty demon, but to me, he was someone who cared a lot about his dear ones."

She said in a somewhat melancholic tone