Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1061 - 1061: Bracelet

"Yeah. That's part of the reason. I need to be prepared to answer their questions when I go back to them," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he laid down, gazing at the clouded sky. He found this place to be a bit relaxing. 

"How about you just tell them that the idiot deserved it?" the Snake Monarch suggested. 

"Sigh, I wish problems were that easy to solve. But yeah, Mingyu's father will be a mess after knowing his son is dead. As for believing me that he wanted to kill his sister, I think he would rather die than believe that," Long Chen told the little snake that was swimming in the cold water in her compact form. 

"I sure am glad to not be in your place. Your life seems pretty complicated," the Snake Monarch said before he stopped talking. 

"Complicated, huh. I guess you're right. There are some things that are pretty crazy. At Least Mingyu is safe now that Lu Wang is dead," Long Chen agreed.


"How long do you plan to sit here?"

An hour had passed since Long Chen arrived near the pond. The Snake Monarch had also become tired of swimming. He came out as he started flying around Long Chen. 

"Little Snakey, tell me one thing. How is it inside the Beast Region? Orion and others stay there, and they grow strong. The Qi there, how pure is it compared to this place?" Long Chen changed the topic as he asked a different question. 

"The Qi there is nothing like this place. It's just too pure. As for the herbs there, that's miraculous, honestly. That's the thing which helps them the most. But I don't like that place. To me, the normal world feels much better," the Snake Monarch replied. 

"It's been a long time since I brought the most of them out. Should I do that?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch. 

"As you said, things inside must be pretty boring," Long Chen said as he thought about it. 

"The Inner World is going to be ready soon as well. I've increased the time of that place. Life has started taking place. Soon, that will be like a normal world. I'll send you all there with my family. You can enjoy that place when you want. You all can roam freely without caring about anything."

"As for the herbs and the pure Qi, you can spend nights inside the Beast Region as well, so you all shouldn't be affected too much. How does that sound?" he asked the Snake Monarch. 

"I have a better suggestion. How about you kick them all to wherever you want and let me stay with you? I don't want any Beast Region. The real world of the best for me," the Snake Monarch said.

"Why do you like the real world so much?" Long Chen asked, curious. 

"Because I get to see hot ladies all around, appreciating my handsome looks here," the Snake Monarch said proudly. 

"Please tell me you're joking," Long Chen asked, smiling wryly. 

"I'm joking," the Snake Monarch said as he started laughing. 

"Honestly, I like it here because I think that pure Qi isn't suitable for me. I think I feel better in the Qi, which is not that much boosted in purity. That's why I prefer here," he added. 

"You'll get normal Qi in my inner world if that's what you're concerned about," Long Chen replied. 

"I will, but I'll also have to babysit everyone there. Here, I can just do whatever I want while you handle the rest," the Snake Monarch replied. 

"Also, don't think I haven't noticed what you're trying to do. You're diverting the question," he called out. 

"Tell me. How long are you planning to wait here? Since you're free, let's just go to the market and see some hot ladies. I'm getting bored here," the Snake Monarch said. 

"Since when did you become a pervert?" Long Chen asked as he stood up, laughing. 

"What pervert? I meant hot ladies who are getting warm under this hot son. We must tell them to go under shade. It's helping people. Nothing pervert in it," the Snake Monarch replied innocently.

"Won't guys be hot under this sun as well? Why only help ladies? Whatever, I know you're just trying to lighten the mood. Fine. Let's go walk through the city. Maybe I'll come up with an excuse by the time Royal Guards come to fetch me," Long Chen replied, nodding his head. 

"That's better," Snake Monarch said.


Listening to the Snake Monarch, Long Chen left that pond and flew towards the main market of the Royal City. 

He landed in the middle of the street as if it wasn't a big deal. Seeing his face, a lot of people were shocked since they had just been talking about him. 

The news was spreading all around that Long Chen was actually innocent. Since this involved a scandal of the Royal Family, the news was spreading even faster. 

Almost everyone knew that the Royal Prince had schemed against his brother in law. But they also knew that Long Chen was a fugitive of the Empire who was in hiding. They were trying to see what they were going to do about this. 

Were they going to forgive Long Chen since that guy was already innocent, as already known by everyone? Or were they going to arrest him? 

As everyone curiously gazed at Long Chen, he was simply walking through the streets. The Snake Monarch was proudly lying on his shoulder, wrapped around like a beautiful yet intimidating scarf. 

"See? Everyone is staring at me. How do you feel? Because of me, you're getting so much attention. But you can't blame me for this. It's not my fault that I'm this handsome," the Snake Monarch laughed as he appreciated the gazes of everyone. 

"Don't tell me this was why you wanted to come here?" Long Chen asked as he smiled wryly. 

"Maybe," the Snake Monarch replied, laughing. 

"Hey, look at that! The bracelet is so pretty. Buy that!" He suddenly called out. 

"We are not here for shopping," Long Chen replied lazily as he looked towards the direction where Snake Monarch was looking. 

As soon as he saw that, he fell in a daze. "This..."

He seemed stunned as soon as he gazed there. He slowly started walking in that direction. 

Stopping near the shop, he picked the bracelet up as he observed it. 

"You like it too, don't you?" the Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, who didn't listen. 

Instead, Long Chen looked towards the shop owner. 

"Where did you get this bracelet from?" He asked.