Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1143 - 1143: Meeting Yu Tianhao

"God, this isn't how I thought my arrival here would go, but if that's the way it must be, then fine," Long Chen muttered as he sighed. 

He raised his right hand inside which a powerful Qi Knife appeared, which Long Chen tossed towards the old man.

Fortunately, the knife didn't stab the old man in any vital place. Instead, it hit his knee, making the man scream out loud as he dropped to the ground. 

"Arghh! You bastard!' the man roared in pain. Guards, catch him!" The old man commanded. 

"I let you live since it's Uncle Tianhao's Clan. But I promise you, if any of you attack me, there will be bloodshed," Long Chen told grimly.

He didn't want bloodshed himself, so he was about to release his aura to make everyone here know their place, but he stopped midway as he heard a familiar voice. 

"What's happening here?"

Hearing the voice, Long Chen couldn't help but glance to his left.

As he glanced sideways, he found a young lady standing there. 

"Ling, you've become thinner," Long Chen told Ling as he smiled. 

"L-long Chen? You're alive?" Ling asked Long Chen as her lips opened wide. 

That also happened to be the time when the guards came running and surrounded Long Chen. 

"Why? Did you want me dead?" Long Chen asked, amused. "Anyway, can you tell your guards to lower their weapons? I don't think I can control myself for long. I just get this urge to kill the people who point their weapons at me."

"All of you! Lower your weapons! Do you want to die?!" Ling yelled as she heard Long Chen's words. She knew that Long Chen was too strong. Even last time, he was keeping the Supreme Sect Elders at bay alone. 

She thought he had died that day and that the Supreme Sect Elders were the ones that destroyed the Dragon City. 

But it looks like Long Chen had managed to escape? Maybe that's why the Elders destroyed the Royal City in anger? Because they couldn't kill him, and he ran? She thought.

Hearing the words of Ling, the guards lowered their weapons as they stepped back. They couldn't understand why Ling was so upset that she was willing to have them killed if they didn't lower their weapons? 

They didn't know that it wasn't her who was going to kill them but Long Chen. She wasn't threatening them but saving them.

"That's better. I'm here to meet Uncle Tianhao. Where are they?" Long Chen asked Ling. 

Ling pointed towards Long Chen's back, making him turn back.

As Long Chen turned back, he saw Yu Tianhao coming out of a room in a hurry. Yu Tianhao's eyes fell on Long Chen, shocking him. His shock soon returned to a smile. 

"Ah, so it's you! I was wondering who it was. I can't tell you how happy I am. But why are you walking so openly, you idiot! Don't you know the Supreme Sects are searching for you?! Come inside the room!" Yu Tianhao chided Long Chen as he gestured for him to follow. 

Long Chen followed after him, smiling. 

It was just as he had expected. Yu Tianhao was a coward but not a bad guy. Even in the past, when he decided not to come back to help Long Chen was because he knew that it was impossible. In his mind, there was no way they could save Long Chen. 

It wasn't because he didn't want to help Long Chen. He cared about his family and chose to leave with her. 

How good of a guy he was became evident even before when he was ready to get his daughter married to Long Chen even when he was not in a sane mind. Unfortunately, things fell through, and it didn't happen as Ling broke the engagement without his permission. 

Even then, Yu Tianhao himself came to apologize for his daughter after finding out. The only reason she didn't force his daughter to marry Long Chen was because she threatened him to die if he forced her to marry Long Chen. 

" All of you, no one will speak a word of what happened here outside!" Yu Tianhao warned his clansmen before he left.

Long Chen followed after Yu Tianhao. He was taken to the courtyard of Yu Tianhao. 

"Treat it like your home," Yu Tianhao told Long Chen as he sat on a chair and gestured for Long Chen to sit as well. 

"Thanks, Uncle Tianhao," Long Chen said as he sat as well. 

"I really am glad to see you alive. It looks like you all managed to escape last time. I should thank god. My friend's bloodline isn't extinct now," Yu Tianhao told Long Chen. 

"By the way, I also wanted to apologize to you. That day, I couldn't come to save you. I was too weak, and I chose to leave. You have no idea how much I regretted that day. I always felt like I forced you to death by not coming," he further added as he lowered his head. 

"Please forgive this old man," he told Long Chen. 

"Uncle Tianhao, what are you saying? Raise your head. You didn't do anything wrong. Any sensible person would have done the same. You have your own family to take care of after all," Long Chen answered. 

"Thank you," Yu Tianhao said, sighing. "I know I really don't deserve your forgiveness, but you still forgave me. Thank you."

"Aren't you curious why I came here?" Long Chen asked Yu Tianhao. 

"You came to hide here from the Supreme Sects? Don't worry; you can hide here for as long as you want. No one will leak the information. No one saw you outside the clan, right?" Yu Tianhao asked Long Chen. 

"If anyone saw you, tell me. I'll make sure that person keeps his mouth shut too!"

"Uncle Tianhao, don't worry. I'm not here escaping from the pursuit of the Sects. I already solved the matter with them. No one will come after me now," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

"You did? That's such good news. That means you're free now! Wait, then why did you come here? Could it be so I could fulfill my promise? You want to marry Ling?" Yu Tianhao asked Long Chen, shocked. 

Cough! Cough!

Hearing his question, Long Chen couldn't help but cough uncontrollably. Just how did this man come to this conclusion?

"Not at all. Don't worry; I'm not here for that. The promise is over. You don't have to worry about this. Moreover, I'm already married," Long Chen answered. 

"Then why are you here for?"