Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1172 - 1172: Invitations

Long Chen sat on the throne and allowed only Gu Wang to stand. He had seen the arrogance of strong people for far longer. Now that he had strength, he wanted to give the arrogance back two folds. 

Sitting on their knees in the distance, the Gu Clan members looked at Long Chen, hoping to be allowed up as well. But that didn't happen. 

Long Chen wasn't going to do too many favors as he didn't want to spoil the relationship between Gu Clan and others. 

If he made Gu Clan stand up, the others would think that it was Gu Clan's scheme to insult them. On the other hand, if he only had Gu Wang stand up at Gu Lin's request, they'll think that he's just doing it because he's close to Gu Lin. 

"Gu Wang! Please talk to the Senior about me too! I made a mistake. Please get him to forgive me too," The King pleaded Gu Wang as he saw him stand up.

"I, I will try," Gu Wang said, sighing. "But you really made things difficult for me. All I wanted was to introduce Senior to you. We're glad he didn't just kill everyone for this disrespect."

Gu Wang approached Long Chen, but before he could even say anything, Long Chen yelled, "I'm not going to listen to you. No one stands before ten minutes are over!"

As Long Chen refused without even listening, Gu Wang shook his head in disappointment. On the inside, he was happy, though. 

This worked just as he had planned. Now the King was going to understand his place, and he was going to be scared of his Gu Clan. Long Chen's presence today was going to keep Gu Clan safe for decades to come. 

With no other choice, the King decided that all he could do was wait. 

Time kept trickling away, and with each passing second, the King felt his self respect go down. His arrogance also kept decreasing with time. 

"Ten minutes are over. You can stand up," Long Chen commanded the men as he stood up casually. 

The others also stood up finally. 

After standing up, the others breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like their punishment was over, and they could start again. 

The King walked to Long Chen, and without caring about his dignity, he bowed in respect to Long Chen. 

"Thank you, Great master," the King said respectfully.

"Don't repeat the mistake again. You can take your throne," Long Chen replied. 

"No! With Great Master around, how can I dare to sit on the throne? Please take the throne and enjoy the event we planned for today. I'll take the seat around you," the King replied as he pointed towards the second chair that was around the throne. 

There were more chairs other than the throne, but the others were slightly smaller since only the King's throne was allowed to be the biggest here. As for the others, they were slightly smaller and for the Sect Masters to sit. 

"If you say so," Long Chen said, accepting the offer. Since the King himself wanted, why was he going to say no? 

He sat on the throne again. The King sat on the chair on the right side of Long Chen. 

"We apologize as well, Great Master. We don't know."

"We are so happy that you're attending the event. We would also like to invite you to our clans later. You can relax there. It'll be our pleasure to host you."

As the matter was over, the other Sect masters also started trying to get close to Long Chen. Almost all of them invited him to stay with them for a little while. Even the King invited Long Chen. 

Standing in the distance, Gu Wang had a deep frown on his face. It was the time of the test. Now he was going to know if his daughter was successful or not. If she was, Long Chen was going to refuse even the King's offer and insist on staying with the Gu Clan, he thought. 

"No. I can't accept your offer," Long Chen straight away refused. " I am already staying at the Gu Clan. I can't accept any other offers."

As Gu Wang heard Long Chen's answer, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. His daughter was successful.

"It's fine. We won't force you. But just remember, the gates of our Place are always open for you," the King told Long Chen. The other Clan Masters also expressed similar offers. 

"Alright. I'll think about it. For now, you shouldn't waste time," Long Chen answered. 

"That's right. The time of Senior is important. So stop delaying things! Everyone sit down so we can start!" The King declared.

As per his declaration, everyone started taking their seats. 

A green-haired man walked towards the chair that was empty on the other side of the throne, right next to Long Chen. 

"Han, you can't sit there!" Before the green haired man could even sit, the King stopped him as he stood up, yelling. 

"But Your Majesty? I sit in this place every year as my Han Family is always the winner. Why can't I sit here?" The green haired man asked, confused.

"Gu Wang will sit in that place now. You sit on the next one," The King commanded the green haired man who understood everything. It was to please Long Chen, who was close to Long Chen. 

"That's right. I forgot it was brother Gu's turn today. Brother Gu, please take the seat," the green haired man said, realizing that he needed to play along. He sat on a different chair. 

Gu Wang sat beside Long Chen, seemingly proud. Everything was going smoothly. In his head, he was blessing Long Chen for stopping in his forest. In fact, he was even thanking his luck in the last event where he had come last.

If he hadn't come last, he would have won some important piece of land instead of that useless forest. And then he wouldn't be able to know Long Chen. He finally understood how important losing was for the future sometimes.

'Only because I know Long Chen, I'm getting this much respect. If my daughter marries him, I can't even imagine. I'll become no less than the King of this Kingdom. Who knows, I could be even more,' Gu Wang thought as he looked at his daughter. 

'She must succeed. She must make Long Chen fall for her. I don't care what I have to do; I won't let this opportunity go to waste! He will be my daughter's only!'

Gu Wang clenched his fist as he decided what he needed to do.