Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 875 - 875: I Did

Long Chen was just about to enter Ming Lan after a short session of foreplay when the door of his room was opened.

Ji Shan barged inside 

Fortunately, the two of them were still inside the blanket, so he didn't see anything he should have seen.

"Hurry! Give me the life-giving pill! The girl's heartbeat has stopped! If I don't give her the pill within fifty seconds now, she wouldn't even be able to wake up!" Ji Shan straight away demanded.

Seeing the urgency of time, Long Chen didn't bother asking about the details. He brought a life-giving pill out of his Ancient Ring and threw it towards Ji Shan.

Ji Shan caught the small pill. He placed the girl on the ground gently and opened her lips before he put the pill inside her mouth and let it melt.

He started waiting with a grave look on his face, praying for the pill to work.

Long Chen didn't stand up since they only had one blanket, and he couldn't use it to cover himself while simultaneously keeping Ming Lan hidden.

He remained on top of her as they both remained hidden in the blanket, watching the girl and Ji Shan.

Long Chen could see how severe Ji Shan was. He didn't know who the girl was, and if she weren't brought by Ji Shan,  he wouldn't have cared if the girl lived or died, but since Ji Shan cared so much, he also hoped that she would be saved.

The Life-Giving Pill melted inside the green-haired girl's mouth and got absorbed by her body.

Thump! Thump!

Her heart that had halted beating once again resumed it. Her pale face once again gained back its color. The bones that were broken once again started recovering. The bleeding also stopped; however, the girl didn't open her eyes. She still remained unconscious.

Even though the girl was still unconscious, Ji Shan still breathed a sigh of relief as he heard her heart beating again. Her breathing also returned to normal. 

'The girl is a Mortal. She isn't even a Cultivator. He was so worried for her. Just what exactly happened between the two? Also, how did the girl get hurt?' Long Chen thought as he saw inside the girl's body using his Divine Sense.

"She is safe. Don't worry. She is still unconscious. She should wake up in a few hours," Long Chen told Ji Shan.

"Thank you so much," Ji Shan thanked Long Chen. Just now, he realized the condition of Long Chen since his head was calmer now.  "Also, I'm sorry for disturbing your private time."

"Don't worry about that. Are you going to tell me who this girl is? And what happened between you two?" Long Chen asked.

"Ahem ahem!" Ming Lan suddenly coughed.

"Ah, right. This isn't the time for questions. Since the girl is healed, you can take her to your room and place her on the bed so she can rest. I will come to you. You can tell me what happened then," Long Chen changed his stance, understanding the meaning of Ming Lan.

"Right," Ji Shan replied as he picked up the girl.

The lock of your door is broken. I'll close it and guard it so no one will disturb you. You can take your time," he continued as he smiled wryly before he left.  He didn't forget to close the door as he left.

He placed the girl on his bed as he sat beside her.

He gazed at her unconscious face as he sighed.

"You idiot. Just why did you have to follow me in such weather. Why did you have to get close? Why for a stranger! You could've lived in your house safely instead of following after me. I am not a nice guy. I couldn't even save the girl I loved. Why did you expect me to protect you?" he softly muttered as he placed his hands on her cheeks.

" It's my fault, though. How could I lose my control like this... I'll compensate her with treasures for attacking her. That's the least I can do," he let out as he sighed.

He stood up and left the room with the girl resting inside. He stood outside his room and kept an eye on the corridor to make sure no one destroyed the room. The lock of their door was broken because of him. He had already troubled them enough. He didn't wish for someone else to do the same. 

As he was keeping an eye on the corridor, he saw the door opening. Long Chen and Ming Lan stepped out of their room.

"You're done already?" Ji Shan asked, stunned.

"What done? Do you think we can still do that after all that? Now tell me who the girl is and what happened?" Long Chen asked strongly as he gestured for Ji Shan to go inside the room. It was evident that he wasn't happy that he had to stop. Fortunately, that hadn't actually started the main thing. 

Ji Shan opened the door of his room and stepped inside. Long Chen and Ming Lan followed after him. They all stopped before the girl.

"Is this mortal girl someone you knew from before?" he asked Ji Shan.

Ji Shan sighed as he shook his head. "Today is the first time I saw this girl. I can't even say I know her, let alone knowing her properly."

"How was she hurt? Why did you worry so much?" Long Chen inquired.

"She was hurt by me. I pushed her with all my strength," Ji Shan answered, stunning both Long Chen and Ming Lan.

"You hit her? What? Why would you attack a powerless girl like that?" Ming Lan asked. 

If it was someone else, she might have been furious for them attacking a weak and powerless girl, but as the person in question was Ji Shan, she didn't reach any conclusion. She knew that he must have a reason if he did it. He wasn't someone who would attack a powerless girl like that for no reason.

Long Chen stepped forward and placed his hand on the girl's forehead as he closed his eyes. He soon opened his eyes again. "Why did you do it? I don't think it was intentional, or you wouldn't be so concerned to save her life." 

"I..." Ji Shan muttered as he sighed. He turned back and walked towards the window as he gazed outside.

"I was missing her..." He let out softly. Long Chen and Ming Lan understood who he was talking about, so they didn't ask him to clarify.