Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1003 - 1003: Back To Earth

"You duffer! You left Mingyu behind?" Zhiqing complained to Long Chen after hearing about what he did. 

"What was I supposed to do? She wanted to be with her mother, and I was a little angry at her father. In any case, I don't like being at the mercy of others, so I left. Don't worry. I'll go back soon to take her back. Her mother should be fine by then," Long Cheb answered. 

"What if she still doesn't agree? What if she still wishes to be with her family?" Zhiqing asked with concern on her face. 

"If she still doesn't wish to come, what can I even do? I'll give her more time," Long Chen replied. 

"In other words, you'll leave her again," Zhiqing said, concerned. 

Long Chen took a deep breath as he sighed. "What can I do?"

"Stay there and accept her father's punishment for the crime I didn't do?" he asked. 

"You can clarify. I'm sure they'll understand. Don't leave Mingyu because somebody schemed against you," Zhiqing let out as she smiled wryly. 

"You think I didn't try explaining?" Long Chen asked, gazing in the eyes of Zhiqing.

Did she really think he was an idiot who didn't explain himself?

"I'm sure you did. But still. Ahh, it's so difficult to explain. What I'm trying to say is that you should've given her father a chance. Maybe he wouldn't have punished you?" Zhiqing said, finding it difficult to think of what she acceptably wanted to say. 

"Isn't that the same as telling me to be at the mercy of him? Anyway, enough of that. Don't talk about that anymore. I'm not leaving Mingyu forever. Letting her stay with her family is different," Long Chen answered. 

"Moreover, I need to have my head clear for comprehension. So don't talk about that now. After I finish the comprehension, I can think about what to do. Let her have time to think," he added. "For now, just listen to me."

"Alright." Zhiqing didn't bug him anymore and started listening. 

"I'll go into a deep state of comprehension. It might last for one day, or it might last for a month. It could even last longer. So I need someone to protect me in case of an unlikely situation where someone finds us," Long Chen explained to Zhiqing. 

"At the moment, we're underground at a mountain range. I've closed all paths. It's basically impossible for someone to find us here but if they do get here, kill them. And if they're stronger and you think you can't kill them, use this," he added as he gave her a Talisman. 

"What's this!" Zhiqing asked, wondering what this Talisman was. 

"It's a Teleportation Talisman I purchased recently. If the enemies are stronger, use this. All of us will Teleport somewhere far away. That's all. In any case, don't risk your life. Alright?"

Zhiqing nodded her head as she took the talisman. "I'll handle the rest. Don't worry, and Cultivate in peace. Also, come back out fast."

 "That's like my good girl. Xia will help you by staying here. Also, this storage ring has all the food and everything you might need. You shouldn't run out of them," Long Chen said as he gave her a silver storage ring. 

It was a very expensive storage ring that he had received when he last robbed a treasury. If he excluded his Ancient Ring, this silver ring had the biggest storage space. 

After he gave her a ring and a few more instructions, he walked back to a corner and sat down in a meditative position while closing his eyes. 

He didn't jump straight into comprehending the Law of Destiny. Instead, he started making some changes to his inner world. He fastened the time of one of the two inner worlds by as much as he could to have it grow a civilization while also sending a few things inside so when life came, they could grow faster. 

It was a complicated process, most of which would have been impossible if he didn't have the Law of Illusion to give him the knowledge of making the impossible things possible. It allowed him to create many things inside his fake world. 

After finishing all the changes he wanted to make in his Inner World, he opened his eyes again. 

A deep sigh left his lips. He was feeling as if he had walked for thousands of years. The changes he made seemed nothing, but he was completely out of energy right now. 

Bringing out a bottle of water, he took a sip. 

"What happened?" Zhiqing asked, wondering what had happened to him. 

"Nothing. Just a bit tired. Don't worry."

As he talked, he finished drinking the entire bottle. Even though it didn't give him much energy, he wasn't as thirsty anymore. 

Sending the empty bottle back,  he finally brought the Orb of Destiny Law out. 

It was a beautiful orb, the shine of which filled the entire room. Even Zhiqing was amazed. It was her first time seeing a Law Orb. She couldn't believe something so pretty existed in this world. 

She kept observing Long Chen, who fitted the Law Orb, while closing his eyes. 

As soon as he touched the orb of Law of Destiny, it started shining even brighter. 

It was so bright that Zhiqing was forced to close her eyes as well. The only one who had their eyes still open was Xia, who had no expression on her face. 


As soon as Long Chen touched the Law Orb, he felt as if his consciousness was being dragged out of his body while being sucked in the Orb of Law. 

Within minutes, he found himself standing in a different place. Even though his eyes were still closed, the air of this place felt much different. It didn't have any Qi. It also seemed to be somewhere polluted. 

Just where exactly was he? Curious, he opened his eyes slowly. 

"What the heck?"

As soon as Long Chen opened his eyes, he found himself standing in a hallway. 

Many students could be seen leaving the palace. He recognized that place. It was the hallway of his college on Earth. 

It was the place where he used to study in his previous life? Just what was he doing here?

It was the work of Law of Destiny. He understood that. But still, to bring him here, it was a bit confusing. 

"Chen! Aren't you coming? Why are you standing there?"

Just as Long Chen was standing, he heard a familiar voice. 

Looking straight ahead, he saw a youngster waving his hand towards him, telling him to come fast.