Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1125 - 1125: Reaching The Tomb

"This! Are they from another world too?" Long Ren asked his grandson. It wasn't his first time seeing people from different species, so he understood a few things.

"That's right, Grandpa. They can't go back to their home world, so I'll need them to stay here. Keep them in the clan and take care of the rest. Alright?" He asked.

"I understand."

"Alright, Grandpa, I need to leave. My body is unconscious outside since I'm here and I'm in public. I'll come later," Long Chen said before he disappeared. 

He woke up in the real world, finding him standing with the support of Mingyu.

"It's fine; you can free me," he said as he freed himself. 

He turned back to look at Chu Miao before he started speaking, "Alright, Chu Miao, it was really great catching up with you. And to know that you have become the head disciple, it's really great news. I'm glad."

"I hope you grow even more and one day become the Sect Master of Dark Soul Sect. You really do have the talent," he said before he glanced at an old looking man who was standing in the back. "Aren't I right, Prime Elder?"

"You're right. She really has the potential to become the Sect Master," the old man replied. 

"Prime Elder, I think you're the most sensible person here. Even when I was here, you were the most sensible. Now that that evil lady is dead, you should become the Sect Master for the time being. The Sect needs it," Long Chen told the Prime Elder, suggesting what should be done now. 

"Since you said so, it will be followed," the Prime Elder said, feeling happy. Long Chen's words meant that he was looking for the future of the sect. That meant he wasn't going to destroy this place. It was good news.

"That's better. Alright, Chu Miao. I'll take my leave. I have something else to do too. Stay safe and stay prosperous, alright?" 

Hearing Long Chen's farewell, Chu Miao felt like she wanted to say something. No, she wanted to say a lot of things. She wanted to keep talking to him and tell him everything. She wanted her to stay behind, but she couldn't gather the courage. 

All she said in response was, "You too."

She watched Long Chen fly with Mingyu and Zhiqing before he landed on the Snake Monarch and started leaving. 

Chu Miao watched the talkative snake leave, taking Long Chen as well. A lot of complicated expressions remained on her face as she kept watching Long Chen until he disappeared in the distant horizon. 

She wondered if she was ever going to see him again? He did say he was proud of her. She needed to keep growing so that she was prepared the next time Long Chen came. She needed to become the Sect Master as soon as she could, she thought. 


Unaware of the complicated emotions of Chu Miao, Long Chen had advanced towards the Tomb of the Saint King. 

The Place which was going to be the treasure trove from what he believed. Saint King had even gone to the Immortal World after all. His treasures couldn't be weak. 

The journey continued in peace before Long Chen finally sent Mingyu and Zhiqing back. Instead, he brought out Xue and Mei. 

He hadn't been able to spend any time with the two, and thus, he wanted to give some time to them. 

He continued the rest of the journey with Xue and Mei, but it wasn't a long journey since, with the speed of the Snake Monarch, it was pretty fast. 

They soon reached the Sect where the tomb of the Saint King was established. 

As the sect was a weak sect with barely a few Sky Realm Cultivators, the appearance of the Giant Snake in the sky brought everyone to their knees, not a single person dared to move even though they wanted to run away to save their lives. 

"These have been the best few days of my life. To see those insects treat me like their gods. While you always treat me so badly. Learn something from them," Snake Monarch told Long Chen, who was preparing to go down. 

"They need to pray to you because they're weaker than you. I'm not, so I don't need to," Long Chen replied as he yawned. 

"You really think you're stronger than me? Come fight me!" Snake Monarch challenged Long Chen. "I'll give you a handicap. I won't even use my hands during the battle!"

Long Chen gave a weird look to the Snake Monarch. Why did he say it like he was doing a favor to Long Chen by not using his hands? To use hands, one needed to have hands first. 

"I don't need to fight you. You're already defeated by Orion once. I don't fight defeated people," Long Chen taunted the Snake Monarch, reminding him about his old defeat. To face a shameless braggart, one needed to be even more shameless.

"I didn't lose! I just let him win! Don't change the story!" Snake Monarch said firmly. 

"You let him win? Didn't you say that he cheated last time? How did it become cheated to you when you let them win? Snakey, when bragging, at least get your story straight," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he rolled his eyes. 

"This, ah, that's right! He cheated to defeat me, and I let him win! Because even if a person cheats, they can't defeat this Monarch unless I let them," Snake Monarch said. 

"So you let them defeat you. A brave soul will never accept defeat. They'll never let others win. It seems like you have no substance. You're not brave enough to win," Long Chen countered as he placed his arms around the waist of Xue and Mei before he flew down to the ground. 

"Members of this tiny sect! If you value your lives, go inside your rooms and don't step out. I'll count to ten. After ten, I'll kill whoever I see outside!"

As Long Chen landed on the ground, he used his Qi to make sure that his voice was heard far and wide. He also spread his powerful aura, which sent chills down the spine of everyone that heard it. 

Everyone started running to their rooms as no one wanted to be out to face this person. Those who saw him knew that he was a Heaven Grade Cultivator because of his flying. And those who didn't see him felt his strength through his aura. 

Within seconds, the entire place became empty as not a single person could be seen. 

"Snakey, come. Get small; otherwise, you won't fit there," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch as he started walking towards the Saint King Tomb.