Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1029 - 1029: Big

"That's right. I've lived life being careful for so long. When I have strength, why should I hide? Why should I be chased around? Why should I care? Killing the ones chasing me is easier than running away. Why should I hide then," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, shaking his head.

"Also, why do you all keep saying that I've changed?  It's no change at all. It's just that I'm tired of being worried and hiding. How can I face the real problems when I keep hiding from such small things?" He added. "Obstructions are not supposed to be avoided but to be smashed."

"Hahaha, that's the right mindset. As expected of the human, this King accepted as his right hand."

Snake Monarch started laughing as he barged inside the airspace of the city up ahead without caring. 

Zhiqing couldn't help but notice that Long Chen was actually more bold now. Even though he did have strength, he was still always careful but not now. 

Was it true that he was tired of doing that when he didn't need to? Or was it something else? Was it the shock that made him do it? Was he looking for some kind of rush in his head? There were many things that could have had an influence here.

She wanted to ask him if he was sure about going in while being careless, but she also knew that it could be taken as her doubting him in this situation. 

"It should be the right city. Also, many people should be coming or going because of the trials. I don't think anyone would attack us brazenly. People from other worlds are coming here as well. They wouldn't attack anyone for doing nothing," Zhiqing said, realizing that this situation wasn't that bad anyway. 

"That's right. And even if anyone dares to, I'll beat him so bad that he'll remember his ancestors. We're not useless. This monarch alone can take an entire city," the Snake Monarch said proudly. 

He started going down in a crowded place. 

The giant snake that flew above the head of the crowd attracted everyone's attention. Its massive size made it seem like a dragon which shocked everyone. 

"A dragon!"

"Look, real dragon! Are gods coming down?!"

"Should we run?"

"No,  idiot! Can't you see? Someone is on top of that Dragon! It must be someone's tamed beast! Haven't you heard about the Trial of worlds? Maybe some great young master is here for that!"

"That's right! Our world doesn't have beasts like Dragons! They are only mythical, but maybe other worlds have that? Or maybe it's someone from the world of gods that came here to see the trial?"

"Don't do anything! We shouldn't be harmed!"

The citizens talked amongst themselves. Most of the citizens were unaware, but some citizens were clever and guessed that Long Chen might be from another world. 

Some also guessed that maybe it wasn't a dragon at all but only looked similar.

The snake monarch was able to hear their words. He couldn't help but scoff. 

"A dragon? These idiots dare compare this monarch to a beast?!" he complained. "Long Chen, tell me I can eat them! They deserved to be eaten for that insult!"

"No eating anyone! Stay here. I'll go down," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch who was flying about ten meters above the ground. 

The snake monarch stopped right there when Long Chen stood up.

Long Chen didn't even bother flying and simply jumped down from the Snake Monarch. 

As he landed on the ground, a little crater was created where he landed. 

His entry had managed to amaze the citizens who were already considering him as a Heavenly Prince.

Long Chen roamed his gaze over all the citizens until his gaze landed on someone who seemed a bit knowledgeable. 

He started walking towards the man who seemed to be in his early forties. 

"Is this the Dinxi City?" Long Chen asked the man. 

"Dinxi City? It's not. Dinxi City is the next city in that direction, great master." The man told Long Chen with great respect.  

Long Chen turned back and flew towards the Snake Monarch. 

"We're in the wrong City. Continue in that direction," he told the Snake Monarch before he sat down and closed his eyes again. 

"Remind me when we're there."

Snake Monarch started flying again, leaving the amazed citizens behind, gawking at him. 


After some time, Snake Monarch reached the next city. 

The next city was the Dinxi City which was the Royal City of the Tricion Empire. It was the place where the second stage of the Trial was said to occur. 

There were three choices for the trial location. They were the three cities of the three participants of Fengsu Team. 

Tricion Prince was also a part of it, and he performed well too. That was why it was decided that Tricion was the place where the second stage of the Trial was going to happen. 

What no one knew was that Tricion Prince didn't even take part in the first stage of the Trial. He did go there to take part, but he was killed before he could do that. Instead, it was Long Chen who took his place, disguising himself as that man. 

No one except Qian Yu knew that this guy was actually Long Chen, pretending to be the Prince of Tricion. 

Unfortunately, she didn't know if Long Chen was going to take part in the second stage of the Trial. She did make Long Chen agree that he would take part in the second stage, but that was all there was to it. It wasn't certain if Long Chen was going to. 

The airspace of the Dinxi City was heavily crowded. People from far and wide were coming here from the entire continent to see the Trial of Worlds final stage, especially because their team was said to win this time. 

Even the streets were filled with carriages since many nobles and wealthy families were coming in carriages.

As for the ones who could afford flying beasts, they weren't less in number either. Hundreds of flying beasts could be seen in the sky, big and small. 

Even the Snake Monarch wasn't the biggest beast here, despite being the one who attracted the most attention. 

"Hmph, that big guy is getting more eyes than me. How can citizens ignore this Monarch? How?" Snake Monarch muttered, shocked. 

"Big things attract gazes. It's normal. Don't care for it," Zhiqing told the Snake Monarch. 

"Big? I'll show you what true big means!" Snake Monarch declared proudly as he started getting bigger and bigger.