Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 264 - 264: Dream

"What do you mean?" She asked as she looked at him.

" You mentioned that you were In-Charge of the beast forest. I'm quite fascinated by it and I was wondering if I can enter to look around. " He said with an innocent look on his face. 

"I'm sorry, but no one is allowed to enter the Beast Forest. Don't even try it as there is a powerful barrier surrounding the beast forest. You'll die if you even try." She replied as she shook her head.

" Is there really no other way?" Long Chen asked as he looked at her with pleading eyes.

" Well, there is a way. You are a temporary disciple, aren't you?" She asked.

" Yes. I just joined the Beast Hall as a temporary disciple?" Long Chev replied.

" Good. Since you're a temporary disciple, I think you will take part in the trials to become a true disciple. The trials will be held inside the beast forest, so I think that you will have your opportunity to see the majesty of the beast forest with your own eyes." Elder Xin let out with a bright smile on her face.

" Oh? Thanks for informing me, Elder Xin." Long Chen thanked her as he turned back and left.

Elder Xin stood there as she wondered what it was all about. She left as well.

Long Chen walked towards the teaching hall and caught sight of Mingyu and the others. He met up with them.

"Why did you leave in such a hurry? You didn't even look back. " Zhiqing asked in an annoyed tone.

" I can't blame you, Brother. It's no wonder that you were mesmerized and followed after her." Ji Shan chuckled as if he had realized what was going through Long Chen's mind.

Mingyu and Zhiqing heard his words and couldn't help but look at Long Chen with a doubtful look on their faces.

"Stop letting your mind wander unnecessarily. I just went after her because I had some doubts. She cleared my doubts and now I'm back." Long Chen explained.

" Sure. If that's what you do say happened, that's what happened." Ji Shan said with a grin on his face as if he didn't believe it in the slightest.

"Let's go."Long Chen ignored him and left with Zhiqing and Mingyu.

He told them that he was going to cultivate as he got to his courtyard and separated from themselves as he entered his room.

He fell onto his bed as he fell asleep. He was still quite tired from the last night of sleep.

He slept soundly till late night. It had been so long since he took such a nice sleep.

This was the first time he dreamt of his previous life.

In his dream, He woke up in a hospital and found out that he had survived the stabbing by that thief.

"You idiot. Did you really have to jump in front of a thief? Even if you did, is my son so weak that he can't even defeat a measly thief? " 

His father was scolding him, while his mother was sitting beside him as she held his hand.

For a brief moment, he forgot that it was a dream. He found it to be the reality as he watched the angry face of his father.

"By the way, who is the girl?" His father suddenly said.

"Which girl? " He asked with a doubtful look on his face.

" That girl? She had been here since the morning. Is she your girlfriend? " He asked as he pointed towards a girl nearby.

The girl looked to be 17-18 years old. She had beautiful hazel eyes, thin arched eyebrows, and a beautiful smile on her face.

Long Chen recognized that girl.

"Lin Yin?" He let out with a stunned look on his face.

She was the girl that Long Chen had proposed to be his girlfriend. She had said yes to his proposal. Thus, they were girlfriend and boyfriend now.

The girl heard Long Chen call her name as tears appeared in her eyes.

She nodded her head as she wiped years off her face. She stepped forward and stood near him.

Long Chen was wondering what was happening when his father roared in pain.

Long Chen looked towards him and saw a knife stabbed into his heart.

A masked man was standing near him and pulled the knife out. His father fell to the ground. His blood covered the floor.

The masked man was the same person who stabbed Long Chen before.

"Stop!" Long Chen let out loud as he stood up.

He punched towards the man, but the man easily caught his hand. Long Chen realized that he was too weak. He didn't have any cultivation.

The man kicked Long Chen which made Long Chen fall to the ground. 

He ignored Long Chen and walked towards his mother.

His mother was slaughtered as well, right before his eyes.

Long Chen again stood up, but before he could do anything, the masked man had stabbed Lin Yin as well.

Long Chen roared in madness as he ran towards the man.

He wanted to tear the mask man into pieces, but he was too weak.

The masked man caught him by the neck. Long Chen struggled to breathe as he tried to free himself, but he couldn't.

The man laughed like mad as he tightened his grip on Long Chen's neck. Long Chen's eyes were turning red as he found it difficult to breathe.

Without giving any chance to him, the masked man stabbed the knife in Long Chen's heart. 

"Ahhhh..." He roared in pain as he sat up.

He breathed heavily as he looked around. His surroundings were different and he was back inside his room.

His heart was beating faster as he stood up and opened the door.

He had just taken a step outside when Ji Shan came out of his room in a hurry. 

"Are you alright? What happened?" He asked as he breathed in relief as he saw Long Chen safe.