Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 872 - 872: Tian Shen's Location

A red coffin was placed in the center of the isolated room in an unknown place that was untouched by even the gods.

No one knew where this place was or who stayed in this place. Its existence was a secret.

The blood-red coffin had various veins that were golden in color. The golden veins were surrounding the coffin, wrapping it entirely.

The top of the coffin was lying on the ground near the casket. There was a Dragon Symbol on it, but the dragon had Wings that were like Phoenix. It also seemed to be on fire like it was the ruler of fire.

Inside the coffin, a man was lying. 

The man seemed like he was barely thirty years old. There was not a single wrinkle on his face. His skin was smooth. The man had no beard, but he did have beautiful long red hair that was flaming red.

As the man's eyes were closed, it was difficult to guess his eye color. There was a red trail on the corner of his eyes as if a tear of blood had spilled out a long time ago, which had dried now. 

Most of his hair was behind his back, but some even rested on his shoulder and came down to his chest.

The man seemed to be sleeping peacefully. It was unknown how long he was asleep, but it seemed like it wasn't a short time.

Other than this coffin and the man, there was no one else inside this giant godly palaces. Let alone inside the palace, even outside, no one could be seen. 

If Long Chen were here, he would have recognized the man easily since he had seen the man a few times in his dreams.

It was the man whose whereabouts he was curious about. The man was none other than Tian Shen. The man had steady breathing, so it was clear that he wasn't dead, but his breathing was too slow, unfortunately. As if he was in hibernation or a coma.

Even though the man wasn't moving, there was an incredible aura that was surrounding his body. Just that aura alone was able to destroy an entire planet, but it was being contained by the coffin.

It was uncertain if someone else had placed his body in the coffin to keep the aura and that incredible strength in control, or Tian Shen himself decided to sleep in the coffin since he didn't wish to have his aura destroy things.

The man that was worrying Long Chen was peacefully residing in the coffin. 

Unfortunately, Long Chen didn't know that the troublesome guy was lying still here, defenseless. If Long Chen had known the whereabouts of Tian Shen and if he had a way to get to him, he wouldn't have delayed for even a second. He would have tried his best to get to Tian Shen so he could use this god-given opportunity to kill Tian Shen once and for all.

Albeit, that was something impossible. Not only did Long Chen not know about this location, even if he knew, he wouldn't have been able to come here. Let alone him, even the Gods and Demons were incapable of entering this place. 

Unaware of Tian Shen's real whereabouts, Xun was still thinking that he was trapped in the mirror as per her fake memories. She was gazing at the mirror, which was showing a shadow. She thought that the mirror was the prison of Tian Shen and Long Chen was the key.

She didn't know that Long Chen wasn't the only one who was being fooled. She was the biggest fool in all this since she was the only one at the moment who didn't know the truth. She was just like an insignificant piece of the puzzle which had lost its use since the truth was already exposed. 

In the fake bloodline temple, Xun was busy gazing at the mirror and the fake shadow. In the real bloodline temple, Long Tian was busy on something else of his own.

He was floating in the empty dark space where he had met with the consciousness of Long Chen when his body was taken over.

He was standing floating mid-air as his eyes were closed.

Even though he was inside the real bloodline temple, his eyes seemed to be inside the Martial Space of Long Chen where his Martial Soul was residing.

The Martial Soul looked slightly different this time, though. It seemed a little weaker and a little paler. It was not noticeable to people unless they were observing the Martial Soul from the beginning.

It was unclear why the Martial Soul was weaker, though.

The red core was still floating in the Martial Space like it was the son, brightening up the space. It was also giving a little of its energy to the Martial Soul to help it recover slowly.

All of the Law Seeds that were inside the Martial Space had grown to small saplings. Even the Darkness Law seed was one of them, which had grown into saplings as his understanding of the darkness had increased.

There was also the heart demon inside the Martial Space, but it looked different as well. It was only half the size it had previously been.

It was all because the other half of the Heart Demon, which signified the anger portion of it, was given to the other half of Long Chen, to his clone, which was in the Spirit World.

After being separated from the other half, the heart demon got smaller and weaker.


The new day arrived, which brought forth another snowstorm with it.

Long Chen and the others were once again taking shelter since they didn't wish to fly in a snowstorm 

They had entered the Empire right when the snowstorm had occurred. At the moment, they were above an old-looking town. They decided to take shelter in the town inside the. Small town.

As Long Chen didn't give the currency of the Empire, he paid for their stay by giving a mortal grade artifact to the hotel. 

Even though it was an Empire and the mortal grade artifacts were the weakest forms of artifacts, they were still worth more than a few gold coins here, so the hotel accepted them with a big smile.

Long Chen was someone who had robbed many treasuries, so a Mortal Grade Artifact was nothing for him. Even if he had to pay Spirit Grade or Gold Grade Artifacts, he wouldn't have hesitated at all. The three of them walked to the room after paying.