Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 410 - 410: Walking In Air

"Is this place really the dead-end? This shouldn't be. There should be something that I'm not seeing. Why would they have a sea in their sect, That too at such depths," 

"I've walked so much, yet I never felt the ground level rise, so why would the water be so low with no ground around it? This doesn't make sense," he muttered.

Long Chen started looking around and found a small stone lying on the ground.

He picked up the stone and threw it at the down the cliff, but his frown deepened as he saw the stone floating in mid-air instead of falling down.

He threw another stone, but it also floated in mid-air, on the same level as the other stone.

"This is weird," he muttered."Is this an invisible ground?" 

He carefully tried using his feet to try it, and it was indeed ground that was invisible. He carefully took a step forth, and he was also standing mid-air, but that's what it felt like.

Long Chen knew that he was standing on the solid ground that was invisible below his feet.

"I didn't expect this, but they even managed to achieve this," he muttered with a wry smile on his face as he stepped forth.

He started walking ahead, but he had to carefully check if there was indeed ground ahead or not, for each step. It slowed down his speed significantly and, on occasions, even annoyed him as he found that some spots were indeed traps that didn't have ground there.

He looked down and saw water at the depths. A heavy wind was flowing in his direction, which made his long hair flow with the wind.

He kept walking on this tricky land, and another day passed away, but the end wasn't at sight.

He had come so far that he couldn't even see the land where he came from, and there was nothing visible on the front either.

He found himself in the middle of nowhere. After resting for half an hour, he continued on his journey.

He walked for half a day before he had to stop.

No matter where he checked, there was no ground ahead.

"This is stupid! Wasted so much time on this trip for there to be a dead-end after a trick dead end," Long Chen said in annoyance.

"Wait a minute. How come I never thought of using Fury like that," he muttered as he hit his head.

He brought Fury out of his storage ring, which flew around him.

He climbed on top of fury. Fury flew further and, as a result, carried Long Chen with it as well.

"It's a flying sword that can fly around me, so of course I should be able to fly on it. So much time would have been saved if I had thought of it before," he let out with a wry smile on his face.

Long Chen increased the speed of his Spirit Sword as he stood tall on it like a heavenly immortal who was above life and death. After half an hour, he finally saw something upfront.

There was an island that seemed to be floating in the air, but Long Chen felt as if it was just that the ground around it was invisible and not that it was floating.

There was nothing on this island except the single tower at the exact center of it.

He landed on top of that island and walked to the tower upfront.

Long Chen pushed the big doors of the tower. The creaking noise of the door was evidence, proving that the door hadn't been opened for a long time.

As he entered, the first things he saw were stairs and a beast standing before it.

It was a Snow Disaster Wolf that was said to have gone extinct. When these weren't extinct, the Snow Disaster Wolf was considered to be at the same level as the Devil Hunter Beast in terms of the rarity, Strength, and usefulness.

"You're not alive, are you?" Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

'I can't see any life force on it. It should be a puppet,' Long Chen thought, but the Snow Disaster Wolf attacked him.

The Spirit Sword came in front of Long Chen and stopped the attack of the Snow Disaster Wolf.

This small moment was enough for Long Chen to bring out his King's Sword.

The Snow Disaster Wolf jumped back, but Long Chen teleported right above it's back as he thrust his sword down.

The King's Sword penetrated the skull of the Snow Disaster Wolf.

Long Chen pulled the sword out instantly and sliced it's head off.

"If you were a real Snow Disaster Wolf, defeating you wouldn't have been so easy to kill, but you're just a corpse puppet. Your senses can never be as sharp as Orion or the Snow Disaster Wolf that is often compared to the Devil Hunter Beasts," Long Chen said as he landed on the ground.

He put the body of the Snow Disaster Wolf in his storage ring before he stepped on the stairs and went to the first floor of the tower.

The first floor of the tower had no beast, but it had writings on the wall.

Fortunately, it wasn't the Ancient Language; thus, Long Chen was able to read it.

"Isn't that a method to cultivate a skill?" Long Chen muttered as he read the first two lines on the wall.

"Doppelganger Effect. I should be able to use it to form a body double and give him half my soul, but I don't want to split my soul," He let out as he shook his head.

"That's right. Don't cultivate that skill. There are a few skills in this world that have the same effect, and you won't have to split your soul. Don't follow this skill's method as you would only affect your future prospects negatively," Xun informed him.

"I wasn't planning to cultivate it. It's not like I need another me going around if it's at the cost of half my soul," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

He ignored the writing on the wall and went to the second floor.

The second floor also had a beast, but there was a box behind that beast.

This time, it was the Mountain Swallowing Snake. It was said to be a snake that was capable of eating a mountain entirely, but it had also gone extinct.

"Another Corpse puppet of an extinct beast. My respect for the Divine Heaven Sect is going down watching them use Corpse puppets of these beasts. They were such a powerful sect, yet they dabbled in the shady practices of making Corpse Puppets. Truly Disappointing," he muttered.

The Mountain Swallowing Snake fired its poison arrow from its mouth to poison Long Chen and paralyze him, but Long Chen used teleport and dodged the arrow.

He appeared above the Mountain Swallowing Snake and swung his sword as it cut off its head.

"Again, the same thing. It's just not equal to the real deal," Long Chen muttered as he got off the bodies and put it in his storage ring.

He looked back towards the small box lying on the ground and walked towards it.

He opened the box and found a small golden key inside.

"A key? It might come in handy on the upper levels. It shouldn't be left here for no reason," he muttered as he climbed the stairs and walked to the next floor, and there was indeed another box there.

He walked to the small box and located its keyhole.

He inserted the key he found on the second floor and opened the box.

"Are they for real?" Xun exclaimed as she saw inside the box with a Long Chen