Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1134 - 1134: The Bride

"Prince Long Chen from the Kingdom of Qiani?" the guards said as they looked at each other, surprised.

"Isn't Qiani a Rank One Kingdom?" One of them exclaimed, stunned. 

"That's right," Long Chen replied. "I was going to the Kingdom of Lucia for which I had to pass through this place. I was surprised to know that there was a celebration today, so I came to attend."

"Ah, Prince Long, please come. I'll take you in myself," the Guard told Long Chen with a fawning smile on his face as he started escorting Long Chen without asking any more questions. 

Their Kingdom of Zhu was a Rank Two Kingdom, while Qiani was Rank One. They couldn't offend this guy, they believe. 

"It's good. You're using your rain instead of forcing yourself inside. I'm impressed by your calm," Xun told Long Chen, praising him. 

"Of course, I wouldn't barge inside. It's not like I just need to get in. I just wanted to talk to the Prince and leave. No need for bloodshed," Long Chen answered as he sighed. 

Long Chen was taken inside a familiar looking palace where he had been before. 

It was the same as the old Palace that was destroyed. It seemed like these people remade it. 

Long Chen was taken inside the Hall where a celebration was taking place. Many nobles could be seen talking amongst themselves with a glass of wine in their hands. 

As Long Chen stepped inside the hall, many eyes fell on him since his attire looked even better than the clothes of Prince Zhu. It seemed to be made of the rarest of materials that weren't found here. As for the especially eye-catching thing, it was Long Chen's robe. 

Long Chen had hidden his powerful aura, and his Cultivation also couldn't be seen, but from his temperament and movements, it seems like he actually was a Royal. 

Everyone wondered who this man was. No one remembered seeing him before. He didn't seem like any noble of the Kingdom of Zhu. Who could it be?

Long Chen noticed everyone looking at him, but he didn't care. His eyes roamed around the crowd before finally landing on who seemed like the Prince. 

He stepped towards a long blonde-haired man who was dressed in Royal Clothes. The man seemed to have many beautiful yet expensive rings in each of his fingers. It seemed like he liked rings a lot. 

"Prince Zhu, I suppose?" Long Chen asked the young man as he stopped before him. Beside the Prince, a middle aged man was standing, dressed in just as luxurious clothes. 

"And you are the Royal General who is getting married, I suppose?" He asked the dark haired man. 

"Who might you be?" Prince Zhu asked Long Chen, observing him from top to bottom. 

"I'm from the Kingdom of Qiani. The name is Chen. I was passing through this city when I heard about this happy gathering and decided to attend," Long Chen used the same excuse. 

"Prince of Qiani? Are you sure? I remember going there and even meeting the King when my father took me there for an official meeting. I remember him mentioning that his son's name is Ruan?" Prince Zhu asked. 

"That's my brother. I'm the second son," Long Chen said, smiling. There was not the slightest bit of worry on his face as it didn't matter even if they found out. To him, it was more of a game and not a way to hide. 

Seeing his confident look, Prince Zhu also nodded his head. Since Long Chen didn't look the least bit worried, Zhu believed that he wasn't lying. 

"So Prince Chen, welcome to the kingdom of Zhu. We would like to welcome you," Prince Zhu welcomed Long Chen. 

"I appreciate the welcome, but why is this celebration so bland? Is the marriage over already?" Long Chen asked, curious. "Am I late?"

"Not at all. In fact, the bride is getting prepared. She should be coming soon," Prince Zhu smiled as he replied. 

"That's better. Anyway, Prince Zhu, I don't actually involve myself in the politics of other Kingdoms, so I didn't know much about the world. Only recently I found out that there used to be another Kingdom here which was suddenly destroyed. That matter really intrigued me. I'm curious, do you know who did it?" Long Chen asked Zhu as he picked up a glass of wine as well. 

He took a sip as he waited for the answer. 

"Who knows. We believe that it was some cultivator from a Major Empire. Many strong Cultivators came after that incident to investigate this place. I believe they were from the Mysterious Nineteen Supreme Sects. It seemed like a fight took place here, which resulted in this disaster," Prince Zhu answered as he sighed. 

"That's what happens when Supreme Cultivators fight near us ants. We are too weak to even look at those god-like characters," he further added. 

"Oh, I suppose you're right." Long Chen agreed. He was also amused a little. The people he was calling God-like? Long Chen had just killed their masters all at once. 

"There are always mountains beyond mountains. You're any before you, but they should be ants before someone as well," he said. 

"I doubt that. I heard that the Sect Masters of the Nineteen Major Sects are true gods. No one in this world is stronger than them,"  Prince Zhu answered. 

Long Chen only smiled and didn't say anything. 

"In the disaster that struck Shui, everyone died, right? Did anyone from the Royalty survive?" Long Chen asked the Prince. 

"Hmm? I don't know about others, but there is one that survived. Princess Yue Fei," Prince Zhu answered. 

"Oh? First time hearing that name," Long Chen said, acting ignorant. "Where is that Princess, if I may ask? She must be devastated that her Kingdom was destroyed?"

"She was actually. You know, she even offended one of the Elders of the Nineteen Supreme Sects when he came here to investigate what happened. Fortunately, that Elder left her alive, or she would be dead by now," Prince Zhu said, sighing. 

"Where is she now? If I may ask?" Long Chen inquired. 

"She?" Prince Zhu muttered as he smiled. 

He slowly raised his fingers and pointed towards the door that opened as a young woman stepped inside. 

Long Chen shifted his gaze to his left to see the woman who was none other than Yue Fei herself. The clever yet caring Princess that helped him a bit when he was young. 

The lady who lost her entire family because of him was standing right before him.