Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 863 - 863: Plan

"You are the Kid!" The Snake Monarch said, mocking Long Chen.

Long Chen could only smile wryly. He could understand what was happening inside. Orion had defeated the Snake Monarch last time. The Snake Monarch has already lost the title of Ruler to little snow, and now he has lost the title of second strongest to Orion.

No matter how much he said the rich were unfair, even he knew that he was defeated. Seeing himself like that, Long Chen was sure he must be feeling bullied and embarrassed inside since he is such a braggart.

Even though the Snake Monarch was a shameless braggart, he still wasn't as shameless not to be affected by this.

Long Chen felt somewhat bad for the Snake Monarch. 

"I was just kidding. Of course, my strongest beast can't be a kid," he said, trying to make the Snake Monarch feel better.

"Hah, Of course. It's good as long as you understand. You have a good future under this Monarch. Just be loyal to me and listen to me," the Snake Monarch said proudly.

"Now, let's get bigger. We need to be on our way. We are already late. We need to get Ji Shan and leave," Long Chen explained.

"Hmm? That puny human is back? Fine. Since you're my trusted follower, I'll carry him with me as well," the Snake Monarch said as he started getting bigger.

It got big enough to carry five people easily, even though he only needed to carry three people since he was excited. Previously, he felt like he wasn't the most valued beast here because of Orion and Little Snow, but he was again back to his old groove after Long Chen praised him.

Long Chen smiled, pleased at his action working.

He turned back to Ming Lan. He reached out his right hand under her knees and his left hand on her back before he picked her up.

He started walking on air as if he was climbing on the stairs that weren't there at all. The Sky Realm gave him the ability to walk in the wind even though it didn't allow him to fly.

Long Chen walked on top of the Snake Monarch and placed Ming Lan down.

The two of them sat down.

"Fly over the town. We need to find Ji Shan," Long Chen commanded.

"Hah? Find him? Did you lose that pipsqueak again? Sigh, fine. This mighty being will help you search for him," the Snake Monarch let out as he started flying.

He had only flown for a short while before he commented, "Isn't that the guy? It looks like he found some friends."

Long Chen could also see Ji Shan by now.

He was facing what seemed like a few bandits. The Battle hadn't begun yet.

Long Chen didn't jump in to fight.

"The enemies are weaklings. He can easily handle them," he said, smiling.

Even Ming Lan could see that Ji Shan didn't look stressed.

"Why is it that Battle always finds you guys. He just went out, and he's already engaged in battle. It's the same with you. You can't stay safe for a month without having to join a battle. Do you guys have some scent or something to attract trouble?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen, jokingly.

"Sigh, I wish I knew. Even I'm getting tired at this point. I just wanted to stay still and get stronger in silence," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

"We will be taking a break soon. At Least that can count for some peace," he continued.

"Break?" Ming Lan inquired, stunned. She thought they were going to be in a hurry to reach Mingyu's kingdom to stop a war. What was it about a break?

"Yeah. Before I do anything, I need to master a law. I have been delaying it for months, trying to find the right time. It will be good to comprehend it while I still have the chance," Long Chen muttered, explaining. 

He still had the law orb for  the Supreme Law of Destiny that he hadn't comprehended. He had thought that he would after finding Ji Shan, but that's when all the commotion happened, which made him delay his plans. Now he felt like he had the right time.

"I'll find some desolate mountain. You guys can camp outside," he said.

He soon noticed some worries in Ming Lan's face. "Is something wrong?"

"Ah..." Ming Lan hesitated to say something.

"Is something troubling you?" Long Chen asked, wondering what it was.

While Long Chen and Ming Lan talked, the battle had begun on the ground.

The bandits had attacked Ji Shan together, unaware the one they were attacking had a Cultivation close to Long Chen.

Their own Cultivation, on the other hand, was barely at the Spirit Establishment Realm. The power difference in this situation was much worse than it was for kids and adults. The bandits were nothing more than kids who were waving weapons at Ji Shan. 

They couldn't compare in strength or in speed, but more importantly, they didn't have the ability to walk on air.

As they attacked Ji Shan, he climbed into the air, going farther away from their reach.

"I told you not to mess here," he muttered as he sighed.

He gently waved his sword, which released a wave of Qi, which was aimed at the leader of the bandit.

The bandit leader's face turned pale as he saw the sudden turn of events. He pulled the reign of the horse to make it move, but it was too late already.

He was still trying to make the horse move when the attack sliced through his neck. The horse did move, and the man's body moved along with it; however, the head of the man wasn't on the body. It had already rolled on the ground. 

The other bandits were horrified to see the man fly. They knew what it implied. None of them thought for even a second about trying to attack the man since they had realized the difference between them.

Instead, they all started running away.

The people ran away in the opposite direction.

"You think you came to a party? You decided to stop me. You decided to attack me, and now you think you should be allowed to run away?" Ji Shan muttered as he grinned.

He was already frustrated that he wasn't able to help Long Chen in the previous battle. He could only see Long Chen getting beaten. He felt weak. Now that he faced weaker people who dared to bully him, he knew that it would be too shameful for him even to let them leave after all this.