Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 763 - 763: Beast Region Battle

The middle-aged man laid dead on the ground while Long Chen stood tall in front of his body.

Looking straight ahead, he said grimly, " Are you going to step out of the shadows on your own, or do I need to find and crush you like I crushed this guy behind me?" 

Ten people appeared in front of him as if they had appeared out of thin air. 

"The Two of you who are still hiding, should I give you a special invitation?" Long Chen asked as he stood up and glanced to his left. Two more men appeared in front of him out of thin air. 

"The Twelve of you, You probably didn't leave this place, so you don't know. I'm from the Dragon Squad. I have destroyed half the city outside, and I've probably killed your leader too," Long Chen declared, glancing back at the dead body behind him.

"Now, you have one thing to decide. Is keeping the treasures safe more important to you or keeping your lives?" he inquired in a deep voice.

"Those that think loyalty to the establishment is more important for them than their lives, step forward, and attack me. I promise you that you all would die before you can even take ten steps forward. Those that think their lives are more important, show me the location of where this auction house is keeping the treasures that will be auctioned tomorrow," he continued as his gaze roamed over everyone. "Once I get what I want, I'll leave. You'll live, and many lives will be saved."

The Guards looked at each other before nodding their heads, albeit unwillingly.

All Twelve of them walked away from Long Chen slowly as they gestured to him to follow them.

Long Chen calmly followed the men.

He wasn't sure if he could find anything that was useful for him in this world, but he didn't lose hope. If he could find any rare Cultivation resource or anything that could wake his War Spirit, that was going to be enough. As for weapons, he already had two of the best weapons. The Flaming Ice Sword and something even more Special— the God Grade Sword of Time. He was the proud owner of one of the five Gold Grade Weapons that were still in existence. 

As he walked behind the men, he suddenly thought of something. He was thinking about the Sword of Time's ability and realized that he hadn't really understood the real prospects of this ability. If he could really go back in time, then according to his memories, wouldn't he be able to go back in time to before his Transmigration? Can't he go back to earth?

It seemed like it was a possibility, but he didn't really want to go back now. To him, this life seemed like his real life now. As for his old life, it was already over. 

Even if he goes back in time, he still would only be able to live for twenty-four hours before his entire existence was wiped from history, which was definitely not worth it. 

'Xun?  Theoretically, if I use the Sword of Time to go back in time, what would happen to you and the ring after I'm wiped out?' Long Chen asked curiously.

"Don't even try to do that. There might come a time when that ability might be used, but it definitely shouldn't be in your hands. You have many important things to achieve before you can even think about getting wiped out. Many important lives depend on your growth," Xun told Long Chen in a stern tone.

"Many important lives depend on me? My family, you mean? That's true. I still need to find a safe haven for them. I should be able to form my inner world soon. Then I would be able to shift an entire town inside my inner world. They can live happily there. It would be a real world that wouldn't be wiped even after I die," Long Chen muttered in an inaudible tone.


Far Far away from the Spirit World, there was a dark tomb.

Long Chen's body laid on the ground inside the enclosed tomb. His consciousness was inside the Spirit World in his new body, but his real body was still here. 

The Ancient Ring was still in his hand that seemed to be looking as magnificent as always.

There were many mysteries inside the ring and many realms. One of the many realms was the Beast Region, where his beasts were growing stronger day by day, eating rare herbs.

At the moment, Little Snow was watching something with great excitement. The Heart Devouring Insect also glanced in the same direction Little Snow was looking in.

The other beast seemed to be looking as well since an interesting event was taking place.

Orion and Snake Monarch were going to have a battle. Even though it was a friendly spar to test each other's skill, this had become a form of entertainment for them since none of them went out of the Beast Region in a while.

On Snake Monarch's suggestion, the beasts had created a little tournament of spars. There were semi-finals, which Orion and Snake Monarch won, respectively. It was going to be the final now in which Long Chen's top beasts were going to face each other.

Every beast had participated in the battles except Little Snow. Snake Monarch has disqualified her, using the excuse that she was not a male. He talked about this event being a male-exclusive. It was mostly an excuse not to have to fight her since he was still intimidated by her until now. There was just something about her that made his bloodline scared.

He had decided on this event to show off his glory in front of other beasts, and he didn't want to lose more than he gained by being defeated by Little Snow. 

"Come on, little puppy. This Father is giving you the chance to attack first. Why are you scared? This King knows that he had killed thousands of immortal beings when I was in heaven, but I would go easy on you. Don't worry. Attack this Father of yours, so I can defeat you faster and get named the King of Beasts!" The Snake Monarch said mockingly.

"Little Fluffy, watch and be amazed by this King's charm at how I fight," he said to Xun before he laughed out loud.

Orion just looked at the Snake Monarch weirdly as if he still was unable to understand his weird behavior. Shaking its head, Orion turned into shadow as it ran towards the Snake Monarch.


 While the Battle for the crown of beasts was taking place inside the Beast Region in his Ancient Ring, something else was happening in his other ring as well.

A fake world existed inside the Fake World Ring of Long Chen. Even though it was called a Fake World, it was no less than a real world. The only difference was that it was inside a different space inside his ring.

The Barren place that had a simple house made by Long Ren and others now looked like a proper town. The Spirit Fairies had made it their home. Nothing was lacking here now, and it was also looking somewhat crowded, which made people not feel a sense of loneliness.

Inside the Long Clan mansion that was created in the fake world; Xue, Mei, Mingyu, Zhiqing, and everyone else was sitting inside a room.

"It's been so long, but he hasn't called us outside. Is he fine? You said that he seemed to be in some conflict when he sent you here. He didn't call anyone out. I'm feeling worried," Mingyu said, wondering what might have happened to Long Chen.

"We can't stay here and wait for something to happen to him. We must take action," Long Chen's father, Long Jun, said as he stood up gravely.