Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 946 - 946: Bait

The Giant Snake swallowed Ji Shan whole right in front of the two Princes without giving him a single chance to react.

"Well, there we go. Our saint realm is already here. And our so-called helper is gone. So much for bringing him together. Such a waste," Second Prince Meng Qian let out as he rolled his eyes.

He took out his sword from his storage ring and pointed it out towards the giant snake.

"At Least he brought us to a Three Leaves Golden Flower. These things are rare, and we found one so soon.  No need to be upset," Third Prince Meng Huling continued as he rolled his eyes. 

He also brought his sword. Both of them were in the Heaven Realm and not in the higher stages. While the Second Prince was a Fifth Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator, the Third Prince was a fourth stage Heaven  Realm Cultivator, and they were going to face a Saint Realm Beast.

Both of them knew the graveness of the situation; however, their self-confidence was at an all-time high. 

"Support me from the back. I'll take care of this guy," the Second Prince let out as he flew towards the Saint Realm Beast. 

"There's no need. I can do it myself as well." The Third Prince refused to stay back as he flew ahead as well. 

The Giant Snake was about to enter the ground once again after eating Ji Shan. Its mouth was already inside the ground along with half his body when Meng Qian shot out a beam of light from his sword. The beam of light landed near the tail of the beast but refused to harm him. 

"Such a strong defense. Strange. Just which beast is it?" Prince Meng Qian wondered as he saw his attack going in vain.

That was when Meng Huling's attack also landed on the tail of the snake, which was almost fully inside the ground.

The result turned out to be the same, though. It was not effective. It was unclear if the Skin of the snake itself had such great defense or if he was using some ability to make his body so strong.

The snake had completely entered the ground, leaving no chance for them to see the Snake anymore. The snake disappeared from their view as the earth swallowed him.

"Did you really think your measly attack was going to be effective against it when my attack wasn't?" Second Prince Meng Qian asked the Third Prince as he landed on the ground.

"No. I thought my attack would work better compared to the weak attack you did. Albeit his defense was actually strong. And now that it's in the ground, it's even tougher to catch this guy," Third Prince Meng Huling answered as he rolled his eyes. 

"Yeah. But the universe is a way of balancing itself. Since this beast has such a great defense, its attack must be useless. That's why it hid in the group after eating that duffer." The Second Prince acknowledged. 

"It doesn't matter. This thing is too strong in defense. Fighting it head-on is just a waste of time. We need to create a plan to attract its attention while the other person steals the Three Leaves Golden flower," Meng Huling suggested.

"Theft? Are you an idiot? How dare you even suggest such cowardly practice to us. I am Meng Qian! The Second Prince of the Great Esteria Empire and son of the Emperor. And to suggest me to steal something in fear of a fight against a beast that doesn't even have a proper attack? You must have gone crazy!" The second Prince didn't like the suggestion as he felt like it wasn't worth his dignity. 

He wanted to fight properly and win before taking the flower.

"You duffer! You know how long it would take to kill that guy? Just look at its skin! We couldn't even put a scratch on it with our attacks. This battle might drag on for hours before we win!" Third Prince Meng Huling retorted in a frustrated tone.

"So what? It is worth it to Battle the beast. Didn't you hear, father? When the scores are tied, the number of beasts we kill will decide our rankings. Killing a Saint Realm Beast will give us the edge we need in that situation!" The Second Prince used another excuse. 

The Second Prince felt like facepalming himself as he heard these words. He couldn't believe it. Why was his brother so stupid? Why wasn't he understanding his words? 

"Alright. Take a deep breath and listen to me carefully. You're not seeing the full picture here! If we stay here for hours, fighting the beasts, we might win. But just imagine what if we lose?" The Third Prince answered.

He saw the Second Prince once again opening his mouth, seemingly unsatisfied. 

Before he could talk, the Third Prince took the lead and started talking first. "Or if we're weakened by the battle? Many more teams might get here from the commotion. They'll be like vultures who'll swallow us whole!"

"We're in a trial which every world wants to win. Do you think they'll care about morality? They'll kill us or steal the flower from this place. Don't make things more difficult than they have to be. We must take that item right now!" The Third Prince declared.

This time, the Second Prince didn't say anything as he understood that this concern did have a valid point. There were many who would be looking towards stealing the flower. If those people came here, they'd have a much lower chance of getting out with the Flower. 

"Fine! I'll steal the flower, and you distract the b-"

The Second Prince had agreed, and he was giving the more dangerous work to the Third Prince, but before he could, his senses of danger started tingling. He shot up in the air, as high as he could. 

Only a moment after he went up, the ground started shaking. A giant snake once again came out of the ground with its mouth wide open where Meng Qian used to be standing. Albeit it was a failure. Meng Qian had gone high in the sky. 

"This Bastard! It thinks I'm as dumb as that Ji Shan?" The Second Prince laughed. He thought he was safe, but he realized how wrong it was as the Snake didn't stop there. It also flew straight up in the sky towards the Second Prince.

"What the heck? This thing can also fly?!" The shock was written clearly on the face of the Second Prince, who thought he was safe after flying up.