Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1192 - 1192: Next Target

Many powerful swords kept being made from Qi that kept attacking the Skeleton Dragons, but the wave of Dragons seemed unending. No matter how many times Long Chen destroyed the Dragons, they just came back to life and were seemingly stronger than before. 

It was getting more and more difficult to destroy the Dragons as time passed. He even had to teleport a few times to save himself as the wave of Dragons kept coming close to him like an unending tsunami. ​​

"I hope he is fast. If he is late, I'm going to be in trouble," Long Chen muttered, frowning. " This can't go on for long."

Minutes kept passing as Long Chen continued the battle, changing his battle tactics. 

"Looks like I'll have to see the strength of the Blood Dragons. But getting it to fight against the skeleton dragons that are probably his ancestors? That is complicated," Long Chen said as he again teleported far away. 

"Demonic Slash!" He said firmly as he appeared at the distance while slashing his King's Sword.

A blood red arc of light came out of the King's Sword that advanced like an attack made of  Chaotic Energy, which kept cutting anything that came to its path, including the Dragons that were again flying towards him. 

Over fifty skeleton dragons were killed in a single strike, but the other half were still left who attacked while the first half started healing again. 

Long Chen waved his hand, bringing the Blood Dragon out of the Beast Region. 

"Little Friend, I'm going to need your help. I know they are your ancestors, but they'll even want to kill you. We need to hold them back for a little. Are you prepared?" He asked the Blood Dragon, who was stunned at where he was. 

He could feel the familiar energy of the Dragon Temple around him. 


A powerful roar echoed in the place as the Blood Dragon seemed to be agreeing to Long Chen's demands.

It looked at the Skeleton Dragons that were coming towards it as it opened its mouth wide, shooting its hellfire towards the Skeletons that were coming towards it. 

As the Skeletons Dragons were actually dead, they were weaker than the Blood Dragon, who was still alive and at its Peak.

The Blood Dragon stopped the fire after seeing every skeleton dragon being swallowed by his fire, but as soon as the flames disappeared, everyone realized that it was useless as the flames seemed to have no effect. 

The flames seemed to be useless against the Skeleton Dragons.

"I thought the best way to take them out would be to destroy their bones with fire. That seems unlikely now," Long Chen said as he frowned. 

"I'll have to keep breaking them again and again since it seems impossible to destroy their bones enough so that they don't heal.

He once again raised his sword as he attacked the Skeleton Dragon. But it also happened to be the time when he noticed the Snake Monarch in the distance, coming towards him. 

Tens of Skeleton Dragons were broken again. Long Chen sent the Blood Dragon back as he realized it was time to lead. He again teleported behind the Skeleton Dragons, closer to the Snake Monarch. 

"Did you get it?" Long Chen inquired. 

The Snake Monarch nodded. 

"That's good," Long Chen said as he sighed in relief. Let's leave."

He sent the Snake Monarch back to the Beast Region as he personally teleported at the entrance of this place. 

He pulled the door open while the Skeleton Dragons tried to get close to him. The massive gates opened again, letting Long Chen escape before he forced the gates closed. 


As the gates closed, Long Chen felt a thumping sound as if something had hit the gates from inside, but that thumping soon stopped. 

Long Chen sat down as he sighed in relief. It was over, and he could relax. He called out the Snake Monarch again. 

"Give me that box," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch, who opened its mouth to reveal a small red box in its mouth. 

"You were serious about keeping things in mouth, I guess," Long Chen smiled wryly as he took the red box. 

"What's in the box?" The Snake Monarch and Xun asked at the same time. 

"It contained the Eternal Dust," Long Chen replied, grinning. "One of the rarest components that I need to create a body for a soul. It's also the same thing that the Saint King used to make the body which a fragment of his soul was occupying previously, waiting for me."

"Eternal Dust?" Xun asked, surprised. 

"That's right. Eternal Dust. I saw it in the Blood Dragon's memories that this thing was kept here by a person even before the Time of Saint King," Long Chen replied. 

" But the memories also showed me that the last person who came here was the Saint King himself. He took some of the Eternal Dust before leaving. I think it wasn't long before the betrayal he received," he further said. 

"I don't know why he didn't tell me about this. I was so worried about where to find Eternal Dust after I saw the list of materials needed in his book. Fortunately, I got the rarest material. The rest of it should be easy," he continued.

"This thing... Is it for... Me?" Xun asked, surprised. She thought Long Chen was looking for a treasure to get strong, but instead, he was in such a hurry to get here because of her? She was stunned for words as she hadn't expected this. 

"Who else?" Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes. "I promise that I'll get you a real body of yours so you could experience real life too. I'll keep that promise."

He shut his thoughts to make sure that Xun couldn't hear it. 

'Also, this will separate your connection from the fake Bloodline Temple after you get your real body. You won't be in control, and I can tell you how stupid you were for trusting your fake memories,' he thought. 

"So, are we to stay here or leave? There are so many more places that we can visit which aren't graveyards. Let's go to look for treasures," Snake Monarch said to Long Chen as he looked at other floating palaces. "I also want to see more of this place."

"Yeah. Now that we are here, I also don't want to leave empty handed. It's not always that we get a chance like this. I want to see something as well," Long Chen said, nodding. "So, which place do you want to see first?"