Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1099 - 1099: Praying For Long Chen

They were trying to make sense of what had happened here from preliminary observation. 

The leader of the team agreed to all the suggestions as he nodded his head. 

"I believe you are right. As for the Heavenly Demon, that guy probably returned to finish what he left in the middle. And this is the aftermath. A destroyed city," he said. 

"Let's ask someone if we're right. There must be someone from the Royalty left who knew about such things." The second envoy said as he looked around to find a person.

Seeing a person nearby, he called out, "Hey, wait!"

An old man just happened to be walking back to his home when he heard a voice from behind. 

After stopping, he turned back to see a few oddly dressed men. Their clothes seemed a bit different from what was normal in this Empire, but the clothes didn't look bad. 

"Yes? What do you want?" He asked. 

"Ah, we want to know where we can find someone from the Royal Family.  The one who is incharge of this Empire at the moment," the first Envoy said as he expressed his desire. 

"Oh? You want to meet the Royal Family? You're a bit too late," the old man replied as he sighed. "They're all dead in this calamity that left half our city destroyed."

"Not only the Royal Family but the main members of all the noble families are also dead. May I ask why you wanted to meet them?" He asked. 

"Ah, they're all dead? Who is the one leading the city then? We want to talk to him," the Immortal World Envoy said. 

"There is no leader. We are all handling things as we go."

"No leader? It's fine. Can you answer our questions then?" The Envoy said. "We want to know what happened here? Did your Emperor fight against a Demon?" 

"Did our Emperor fight against a Demon? Hah, our brave Emperor was killed in the first moment itself without being able to take part in the battle as if he was a toy, not the Emperor,' the old man said as he sighed again. 

"Oh, you mean your Emperor was killed by that Demon at the start, and after that, he went on to destroy the city?" The Envoy asked. 

"What Demon? There were two who were fighting. A strange young kid had come to the Royal Feast and challenged the Son-in-law of the Emperor. It was the battle between the Prince Heir and the strange kid that destroyed everything. That Kid was also the one who killed the Emperor," The old man answered. 

"Ah, you mean your Emperor couldn't even last for a second against that Demon, but your Prince Heir not only lasted but fought equally, so much so that this destruction happened?" The Envoy asked, surprised. 

He was starting to misunderstand now. He thought that the son-in-law was the righteous guy while the strange kid was that person who was mentioned by the Emperor as Long Chen.

The Emperor in his letter had mentioned Long Chen's name and about him using the Heavenly Demon Wings, but he hadn't mentioned about Long Chen being his son in law since he wanted to keep as much distance from Long Chen as he could. He didn't want his daughter to be involved. 

"That's right. The two fought for hours before the noise stopped, and both of them disappeared, leaving what you're seeing behind. When we came out of our hiding, none of the two were in the city," the old man said. 

He had only seen the beginning of the battle between Long Chen and Wu Lia before he went into hiding, and throughout the duration, he kept hearing the noise of the battle. 

Unfortunately, he didn't know that the battle later was between Long Chen and someone else. As for Wu Lia, he was killed soon after everyone went into hiding. 

The First Envoy looked at the other Envoys as he frowned. 

"Are you hearing what I am? A human fought against the Heavenly Demon and lasted for so long?" He asked. "Just who was this guy? Or the better question would be, what was he?"

"Our Prince Heir name was Long Chen. I believe he died in the battle to protect this Empire while killing that kid. He was a really brave soul," the old man said as he placed his hand on his heart and looked towards the sky. "I hope his soul finds peace. He is the reason half this city survived."

As the old man thanked and prayed for Long Chen's soul, he was forgetting that the strange kid had come for Long Chen in the first place. 

Hearing the name of their Prince, the Envoys felt like they had a jolt of electricity. Long Chen was the son-in-law of the Emperor? How could it be? The son-in-law was the Heavenly Demon that the Emperor complained about? Why? 

"What did you say his name was? The name of the Son in Law?" He asked the old man again.

"Prince Heir Long Chen. Everyone in the city knows his name. Anyway, I'm getting late. I believe I told you everything I know about this incident already. I'll leave," the Old Man replied before he started leaving. 

The Envoy reached out his hand, but he stopped and didn't call out to the old man.

"Let's find another person to make sure about this," he said as he started searching for another person. Thousands of questions were floating in his head. 

Soon, he found another person. 

"What is the name of the son-in-law of your Emperor?" 

"Him? His name was Long Chen. I wonder if he is still alive."

After a short conversation, the second guy also left. 

"This... It is confirmed. The son-in-law of the Emperor was that Heavenly Demon he talked about. He just didn't mention the relationship between the two in the letter," the first Envoy said as he rubbed his chin.

" I believe during the stay of his son-in-law, he found out about him being a Heavenly Demon and wrote a letter to us," he added. 

"Then why did he say that the Heavenly Demon ran away?" The Second Envoy asked, confused. 

"Maybe because that guy had left? Let me make sure," the first Envoy said before he found another person, this time a lady.

"The Prince Heir Long Chen, I believe he fought for the Empire and died," the First Envoy said to the old lady. He knew that the people here considered Long Chen their hero, so he was playing into it.