Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 988 - 988: Treasure

Long Chen stayed in his room throughout the afternoon, utilizing his time in his Cultivation since he has nothing more to do at the moment.

He had planned to meet the Emperor in the evening. Until then, he cultivated. 

Time kept passing slowly as the bright day started getting dimmer, signaling the arrival of the evening. 

Long Chen was sitting on the bed and only opened his eyes when he realized that it was the time to move. 

He moved over to the side of the bed, sliding over the velvet bed sheet that was covering the bed. 

Placing his feet on the ground, he properly arranged his clothes. He touched the door handle, which was cold to the touch, and pulled it open slowly to step in the long corridor. 

He strode through the long corridor to reach the throne room, which he had already seen previously. It was the beautiful yet luxurious hall where he had met the Emperor of the Esteria for the first time with Mingyu. 

As he walked towards the throne room, he happened to walk past a lot of the guards that were holding their sharp weapons. 

"Greetings to the Prince Consort."

All the guards greeted Long Chen respectfully since he was the husband of Mingyu. It had only been a short time since Long Chen had arrived in this massive Royal Palace, and the guards were already informed about him. 

Even the ones that had previously not seen Long Chen were shown his well-crafted portrait to make sure they didn't create any trouble for Long Chen. 

Long Chen kept nodding his head to respond to the greetings of the guards as he kept walking. 

After a decent amount of walking, he finally reached the Throne Room. 

"Is the Emperor inside?" he asked the guards who were standing outside. 

"Yes." The guards responded in a short and straightforward manner. 

Long Chen stepped forward and pushed the door open as he stepped inside. 

He walked to the middle of the Throne Room and bowed his head lightly, "Father-in-law, You told me to meet you."

He could also see that the Throne Room was mostly empty today. Except for the Emperor and him, no one was there. 

The Emperor had already finished his conversion with Lu Wang and sent him back. Thus only he was here when Long Chen arrived. 

"That's right. I did call you here. And I'm sure you already know why I called you, Don't you?" the Emperor asked with an amused smile on his face. 

"Ah, to give me a reward?" Long Chen inquired, remembering that the man had mentioned about rewarding him with something special if he was successful. 

"I called you here to reward you and to formally accept you into the family. You're a part of us now. So are you excited to see the reward?" the Emperor asked only to see a calm look on Long Chen's face. 

Even though the Emperor seemed excited, Long Chen was someone that had already lost the thirst for treasures long ago. He did like receiving them, but that didn't give him the same satisfaction. 

What could he even ask for? He had a Phoenix Blood Robe that was already a Heavenly Grade defensive artifact, at least.   

Moreover, he had the Saint King Sword that seemed like it was growing stronger with him. 

Not only that, but he also had the Sword of Time that was literally the Strongest Artifact in the world with a unique power.  

He was sure that there was more to that weapon, but he just didn't know how to bring out its full power. He could only use it as a blunt weapon at the moment, but it didn't mean that it wasn't a God Grade Weapon.

As for the others treasures, he had many more that he didn't even use. One of those treasures was the strange gloves that he had received from the Divine Heaven Sect. He still hasn't found anything special about them yet. 

After going through so much, he wasn't naive anymore to be excited at treasures. He had seen his fair share throughout this journey. 

The Emperor squinted his eyes, confused. From what he has heard from Mingyu, Long Chen was from a backward Kingdom where the strongest Cultivator was only an Earth Realm Cultivator. 

It was lucky that he had been able to grow this much, but still, shouldn't he be happy that one of the strongest Emperors of this world was giving him a reward? Why did it seem like it was him who had the favor of granting a treasure to Long Chen and not the favor of Long Chen to receive it?

"You can at least show me a smile," the Emperor couldn't control himself from commenting. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just lost in some thought. I'm excited to see my treasure,"  Long Chen let out as he smiled. 

"You brat, you don't have to show me a fake smile. Do you take me as an idiot?" The Emperor asked Long Chen as he shook his head, feeling that it wasn't a genuine smile. 

"Anyway, I'll still grant you the treasure. But there's a unique twist to it," he added as he smiled. 

He raised his right hand slowly from the hard armrest of the throne and waved it gently towards Long Chen. 

As soon as he waved his hand towards Long Chen, two beautiful boxes appeared in front of him.

One of these boxes seemed like it was made of pure gold, whereas the second box seemed like it was made of pure silver. 

Both these boxes were similar in size and came up to Long Chen's knees. 

"Are these two for me? What treasure?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"One of them is for you, whereas the other one is for my son," the Emperor responded as he smiled. 

"Both of these are the inheritance treasure of my Lu Family that are passed down from generation to generation, only given to boys. Since I had no brothers, I inherited them both," he added as he gazed at both the boxes that remained on the ground, looking beautiful. 

"I had decided that I won't pass both these treasures to my only son. I had decided that my son-in-law will also be like my son. So one of these will go to Wang whereas the other was for my son-in-law. I was waiting for Mingyu to be married before I brought these boxes out." he further said to Long Chen, who was wondering which of his boxes was for him.