Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 846 - 846: Heir Found

"Who knows. Sometimes it's tough to know about the hidden cards of people even if you're the King. Maybe the Clan was keeping secrets and getting stronger. That could be why the King called them traitors and sent an army after them?" Gu Yan said. 

"Hah, the foolish king still failed to assess the situation. It's obvious that the one this Clan was hiding was strong. Just look at how brutally these people are killed," Lim Yi said, laughing. 

"It doesn't seem like the battle was easy. The signs of destruction here are evidence of the strength that was used in the battle. Yet the people who fought these guys aren't dead," Gu Yan said.

He looked towards the body of Xie Clan Elder, who was killed by Ji Shan

"Only that guy is a Heavenly Realm Cultivator who seems to be from the Xie Clan, yet he died before the Warriors of the Royal Clan. The actual person who killed them has probably long gone," Bo Xo pointed out.

Fu Min was silent throughout their conversation. He just stood calmly with his arms folded before he looked towards the Prison Tower.

"There seem to be people there," He muttered softly.

Fu Min started walking towards the Prison Tower. 

"Let's see then. We're already here anyway," Bo Xo said as he chased after Fu Min.

The others also did the same

They reached the Prison of Tower and stepped inside. The first thing they saw were the prisoners who were there for a long time. After inquiring a little, they found out that this was a Prison.

The Prisoners begged them to be freed, but Fu Min didn't bother.

"So this is the Prison. That's why there are people still living here," Bo Xo muttered.

" The others that were from the Xie Clan have probably left long ago. The Royal Army is also not here. Except for a few Heaven Realm Cultivators, not many people of the Royal Army were seen here in the clan. They probably left this Place before we even came. I thought we'll get to kill and have fun. It was a waste," Lim Yi said as she shook her head in disappointment.

"Let's go back to roaming the city. It's useless being here," She continued as she looked at Fu Min.

Fu Min nodded his head as he turned back to leave, but that's when he stopped. He heard something.

On the upper floor, a Royal Army member was talking to his friend.

"How long do you think we need to wait here? When will his Majesty realize that his army hasn't returned and send people to save us? I don't like being imprisoned at all."

"It's all because of that Heaven Realm Cultivator. He killed all our Heaven Realm Cultivators and locked us here," his friend answered.

"I really didn't expect him to have the Saint Killer Sword, though. I read in our history books that it was used by a terrifying man who committed various inhumane crimes in our land. I wonder where the person found that sword from."

"Didn't you hear the Princess say that he's some Prince of some High Ranking Kingdom? Maybe his Kingdom found it and have it to him. We got nothing to do with it. We should be glad that he didn't kill us and only locked us up."

Fu Min heard the conversations, and for the first time, a severe frown appeared on his face. 

"Looks like this trip wasn't a waste. Our target is right here," Fu Min muttered as he started walking towards the stairs.

"By target, do you mean..." Gu Yan grew stunned as he heard the words.

"Yeah. The Heir of Saint Killer is here in this kingdom. Let's get more information about the specifics ourselves," Fu Min answered.

They walked upstairs and found the Royal Army members inside the cell. They opened all the cells, releasing them.

"Thank you for freeing us, but who are you?" the Princess asked since the guys didn't look like the people from the Royal Clan.

She couldn't see their strength either. They seemed to be outsiders.

"Who we are doesn't matter. What matters is the guy who was carrying the Sword of Saint Killer. Tell me everything regarding your meeting with him to the moment you were locked here," Fu Min said.

"Who even are you? We can't listen to you. That person is probably from a High Ranking Kingdom. If we said anything, wouldn't that mean the destruction of our kingdom?" She asked.

"High Ranking Kingdom? Can they even compare to the Empire?" Lim Yi asked sarcastically.

"Even if that person you talk about is really a Prince, by my authority as the Envoy of the Empire, I command you to answer what I asked." Fu Min showed her the token of his Empire that signified his position.

"T-this token. You're from the Empire. I apologize for not recognizing you," the Princess apologized as she saw the token.

The Empire was above everyone else. Even if Long Chen was from a High Ranking Kingdom, it could never compare to the Empire. The empire was the superpower of this Continent, and their Envoys were standing right in front of her. No wonder she couldn't see their strength.

"Tell me about that man. He isn't any Prince of any Kingdom. He is a fugitive who had been on the run from the Empire. He is also the heir of the cruel Saint Killer who committed mass Slaughter years before," Fu Min said.

"The Heir of Saint Killer? He isn't a Prince but a fugitive?" The Princess muttered blankly.

"Yeah. Stop wasting your time now. We have been searching for him for months. Trust me when I saw this, If we missed him because of your delay, you wouldn't be able to beat the consequences," Gu Yan chimed in as he told her the seriousness of the situation.

"Yes. Tell us about him fast. We can't let him escape. The last time he escaped, he was on the other end of the Continent, and he appeared here after months. We don't know how long it would take us to find him again if he disappeared now," Bo Xo let out

'He is the Heir of Saint Killer? The Enemy of this Continent? So I was right previously. He came from another Continent. If he is still at the hotel, they can catch him. Our Kingdom would get a lot of merits if we helped them,' Princess Zhu thought.

"Alright. I'll tell you everything. I was the first person who saw him. I was kidnapped by the Xie Clan and kept in this Prison when..."