Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 301 - 301: Demon Of The Sect

"Hey, Can you stop blaming me for it? That boy was crazy! I tried capturing him, but he was surprisingly powerful. I had no choice but to kill him." Elder Ju responded in a loud tone.

He realized that he had screwed up by killing a 4-star disciple of the Dark Soul Sect, but he wasn't liking the blame that everyone kept putting at him.

"Alright. Stop arguing. Our main priority at the moment is to find the location of the Dark Soul Sect and destroy it. Increase your efforts everyone. We need to find them and get our revenge." Hall Master gave the final order before telling everyone to leave.


Somewhere inside the Beast Hall, A young boy was inside the practice hall.

He was testing the new skills that he had just learned.

He got into a sword stance as he made a slash towards the wall in front of him.

The walls of the practice halls were made in such a manner that they wouldn't be harmed even if a peak Earth Realm cultivator attacked them, but surprisingly, an 18-19-year-old boy's attacks had managed to leave a mark on the wall.

He was about to make another strike when he suddenly took out a talisman from his pocket.

"Hall Master?" He exclaimed as he heard the message.

He left the practice area and walked towards the Hall Master's place.

It took him around 20 minutes to reach the place. He knocked on the door.

"Come in." A voice came from inside.

The boy opened the door and entered inside.

"Greetings, Master." The boy bowed slightly as he greeted the Hall Master of the Beast Hall.

"Ah, Jichuan. Take a seat." Hall Master said with a smile.

"You must be wondering why I called you here. You must have heard of the Ancient Exploration, right?"  Hall Master said with a smile.

A surprised look appeared on the boy's face as he heard the words of the Hall Master.

"Well. The time of the Ancient Exploration is near. Since you're the Head Disciple of the Hall, I wish for you to lead the team of Beast Hall. What do you say?" Hall Master explained.

"It would be my pleasure, Master. I'm really grateful that you considered me worthy of this position. I promise that you won't be disappointed." The boy called Jichuan said with an excited smile on his face.

"Alright. That's good. I'll give you more information later on after the team is selected." Hall Master said.

The boy stood up after getting permission to leave and left.


It was morning when Long Chen finally woke up from his deep sleep.

He yawned as he stretched his arms before leaving the room.

'Master, Good Morning." Man Gu greeted Long Chen.

"Good Morning, Man Gu.' Long Chen responded. After the long sleep, he was in somewhat of a good mood.

"Master, Your Master had come here looking for you, a few days back." Man Gu informed him.

'My Master?" Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face.

"Oh, right. You're talking about him. What did he say?" Long Chen realized that he must be talking about Lang Jing. He was his master in others' eyes after all.

"He looked quite angry. He must have found out that you cut off the arm of someone. He left after seeing that you were busy." Man Gu explained.

"Oh right. He did tell me to give you this talisman. He said that you can contact him using this if you need him." He further said as he gave Long Chen the Talisman that was given to him by Lang Jing.

"Oh? I guess he did save me as I expected, but there's still a risk of being attacked." Long Chen smiled as he took the talisman.

"The ranking is out, right?" Long Chen asked.

"Yes. Master's performance was so awesome that everyone in the sect knows your name now. Master is the 3rd on the strength Ranking." Man Gu excitedly said.

"Only 3rd? Oh well, There's nothing I can do about the ranking. As long as I have enough contribution points as the reward, I don't care either." Long Chen let out with a smile.

"Master's contribution points have been credited on his 4-star disciple badge. You can use the points now. There should be around 3000 contribution points for getting 3rd place." Man Gu exclaimed.

"Alright. Come with me to the Alchemy Hall. Help me understand how I can buy things." Long Chen said as he placed his hands on Man Gu's shoulders and took him out with him.

He left his courtyard with Man Gu.

They walked through the sect and reached the Alchemy Hall. Quite a few people saw Long Chen along the way, but they avoided Long Chen like he was a plague.

Long Chen was quite famous in the Sect at the moment. His cutting off the hand of a 4-star disciple and then getting the 3rd rank in the strength ranking had made him known throughout the sect.

He was called the Demon of the Sect because of his fierce nature.

They were also quite a few rumors about him going around in the sect.

One rumor was that Long Chen had cut off someone's neck because he didn't like his hairstyle. Another was that he cut off someone's legs because that person was too tall. Quite a lot of people were scared of him.

Man Gu led Long Chen inside the Alchemy Hall.

They stood in front of the counter. A 4 star Yellow Robed disciple was sitting on the other side.

"What do you need?" The man asked Man Gu.

"Ahm...I don't need anything. But my master needs to purchase some herbs." Man Gu said as he pointed towards Long Chen.

Although many people had heard Long Chen's name, most hadn't seen him. The boy in front of Long Chen was one of them.

He noticed the 4-star disciple badge on Long Chen's chest.

"Tell me the herbs you need and transfer the contribution points. The materials will be given to you." The man said to Long Chen.