Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1155 - 1155: Law Of Heavenly Thunder

Long Chen absorbed the seventh lightning bolt as well, which made him breakthrough to the next realm. 

He had broken through to the Immortal King realm last time, but now he was a Tenth Stage Immortal Emperor. 

Every particle in Long Chen's body seemed to be filled with extreme strength as he had achieved so many major breakthroughs that he even forgot to count. 

All he knew was that he wasn't going to be weak when he entered the Immortal World like others. Instead, he was going to be very strong. He still had the Dragons to absorb now.

As the Seven Lightning Bolts were absorbed by Long Chen, it was finally the turn of the lightning dragons. 

Long Chen knew that this was going to be different than before. The lightning dragons were made for stronger cultivators when they reached the second threshold. And Long Chen had done that. He believed he knew what was coming. 

"Xun, what's the third threshold? I mean, how much do I need to break through to invite the next Tribulation so I can eat that too?" Long Chen asked Xun as he swallowed one more life healing pill. 

It not only worked on healing his wounds but also gave him more strength and stamina. 

He was using the precious life healing pills as his instant food item. 

"I don't think you can break through to that level just by absorbing three lightning dragons. That level comes much later, unlike the first two levels. 

"I guess these three dragons are all I have to eat. It's fine. I'll wait for my next Tribulation whenever it comes," Long Chen said, frowning. 

He glared at the massive dragon that was flying in the sky, staring at Long Chen.

"What are you looking at? Even my little snake is scarier than you, little guy!" Long Chen roared as he stared back at the lightning dragon. 

The dragon didn't take it anymore as it finally started coming down towards Long Chen, roaring again and again. 


"There it comes. I wonder how it'll go," the first Envoy muttered, frowning. 

"By the way, I think I have an assumption why it happened," he suddenly said. "Why the dragon appeared, I have an idea."

"Why?" The Second Elder asked. 

"I think it's because he did break through to the Earthly Saint Realm when he invited the Tribulation. But along the way, he broke through many times and invited the second Tribulation!" The first envoy said. 

"How can he break through so much? Even pure origin flowers can't help that fast. So how?" The third envoy exclaimed in shock.

"Only he can explain that. And we need to catch him alive to have our answers. So hope that he stays alive," the first envoy let out, looking at the dragon in the sky.


The dragon opened its mouth as if it was willing to swallow Long Chen alive, but that also happened to be the time when Long Chen felt a familiar energy. 

The Sword of Time once again started shining in a black light like it had shone a few times before.

As the sword became activated, a dark aura came out of the sword, forming what seemed like a dark shield before Long Chen, which was even wider than the dragon in the sky. 

The shield of Long Chen had surrounded more area than the mountain he was standing on covered. 

No matter how big of a mouth that dragon opened, it was nothing compared to Long Chen's shield.

The dragon clashed with the shield, but he couldn't push through. Instead, the lightning dragon seemed to be roaring in pain as he felt his strength being eaten by a black hole. 

The barrier kept eating the strength of the Dragon, transferring it to Long Chen. 

In the process, it also absorbed some strength of the dragon for himself. 

The more it absorbed, the mere the sword seemed to be healing. Its rust started disappearing slowly as it tried to return to its true form. Not the process seemed to be too slow. 

As more rust got removed from the sword of time, a few more ancient characters became visible on the sword. 


"What's that dark barrier? Where did it come from? Is this a treasure or the Heavenly Demons? Could it be that he's using that thing to break through? Even the lightning dragon can't break through."

"Maybe. As I said, it's no use guessing. Just wait until we catch him."

While Long Chen absorbed the lightning dragon, the Envoys of the immortal world became more and more amazed. 


First Stage of Divine King Realm...  Second Stage of Divine King Realm... Third Stage of Divine King Realm... Fourth Stage of Divine King Realm... Fifth Stage of Divine King Realm... Ninth Stage of Divine King Realm.

Long Chen achieved more breakthroughs as he advanced even more. By the time the dragon completely disappeared, he was in the Ninth Stage of Divine King Realm. 

As the barrier appeared, Long Chen had an easier time handling the beasts, but there was internal turmoil inside his body which was continuously in pain but something that had also happened. 

A new law seed had formed inside Long Chen's Martial Source.

As for the new law seed, it was none other than the Law Seed of Heavenly Lightning. After absorbing so much lightning, his comprehension of lighting had also increased by leaps and bounds. 

In fact, the law of lighting that he had learned wasn't any ordinary law of lighting. It was the law of Heavenly Lighting which was even stronger.

Unfortunately, since he hasn't comprehended this from a Law Orb, he didn't gain any special skill on its own. As for the skills, he needed to learn them himself. 

But this was the last thing in Long Chen's mind as he was already elated at how much he gained today. He felt as if today was his birthday, and god was giving him everything he ever asked. 

All Long Chen wanted was to have a higher cultivation, and it came just at the right time. Now he has a lead against his bloodline. 

His bloodline concentration was still far away from getting to a hundred percent which was going to awaken Tian Shen. After the breakthroughs he achieved, he had a lead now.

He couldn't help but thank the Sword of Time for everything. With the specialty of absorbing the strength and making him stronger, this was the best artifact in the whole world for him.

He couldn't have asked for anything better. In fact, if he was told to throw all other artifacts and only keep this one weapon, he believed he wasn't going to think twice.