Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1081 - 1081: End Of Count

It was made of more specks of golden light, and it also attacked on its own, but Wu Lia kept this golden sword away from Long Chen. 

He didn't want it to be absorbed by his sword of time again. 

As for Long Chen, he wanted to absorb the sword. Too bad Wu Lia was keeping it away from Long Chen, only letting it stop his Spirit Sword.

Long Chen couldn't help but be frustrated. He had the most tasty food before his eyes, but he couldn't taste it. 

If he didn't have the restriction on the Teleportation, he would have Teleported near the sword to absorb it. Albeit, his luck wasn't supporting. He could only watch that golden sword with desire. 


Orion reached the place where Emperor Lu was already waiting for him. 

Even though Orion was like a shadow, difficult to see, Emperors Lu seemingly had an idea as he was looking at the exact place where Orion was at the moment. 



As Long Chen had a mental connection to Orion, he also found out what Orion was seeing. 

Shocked, he looked back in the direction where his father-in-law's body was lying previously to see if this was real. 

"The body is missing! That's the real one. Orion, get out of here!"

Long Chen treated Orion like his family since Orion was one of his beasts that had stayed with him the longest. He cared for Orion and couldn't watch him be hurt. 

As for fighting against that being, it was impossible for Orion. Long Chen didn't understand how Emperor Lu came back to life, but he was a Saint Realm being. Orion was weak against him. Winning was impossible. 


As Long Chen looked back for a brief period in shock, his attention was diverted. And that little period of time was enough for Wu Lia, who grinned as he utilized this opportunity. 

Holding the long spear in his hand, he thrust ahead, stabbing Long Chen's stomach.


As Long Chen had been distracted, he couldn't save himself. His reflexes were fast, and his self-preserving senses made his body move on its own even though he was distracted. Despite all that, the spear still passed through his stomach. 

Extreme pain filled Long Chen's body as he flew back, letting the spear out of his body. 

There was a hole in his body, but since his vitals weren't stabbed, he felt he wasn't badly injured. As for the hole in his stomach, he immediately swallowed a Life Healing Pill to take care of himself. 

As soon as he swallowed the pill, his stomach started closing up. 

As his stomach healed, Long Chen kept moving back to protect himself against any upcoming attacks, but for some strange reason, Wu Lia didn't attack injured Long Chen. 

Instead, he stood calmly, with the spear in his hand. The spear was still covered in Long Chen's blood which was what Wu Lia was looking at, grinning. 

Long Chen watched the grin on this man's face and felt like something was wrong. Why wasn't he utilizing this opportunity?

Just as Long Chen was wondering, his wound entirely healed. 




Long Chen still didn't understand why this guy wasn't attacking when he started counting. 

Even before he could get his first answer, another curiosity filled him up. Why was this guy counting? Was he preparing to attack?

Long Chen gripped the sword firmly as he gazed at Wu Lia, ready to face anything. He also started collecting his Qi to use the final attack. 

It was time for him to use the new skill he was working on. A skill he had made with the Seven Forms of Sword Saint as a form while adding his laws into the mix. 

He couldn't use his Law of Space here, or his attack would have been much more powerful, but he had other plans. 

Since the Sword of Time wouldn't use normal Qi Attacks, he decided to use his Saint King Sword for this.

His eyes changed color, one of which turned darker while the other one turned a bit misty. 


Wu Lia continued his count. On the other hand, Long Chen also continued stimulating his Laws to bring out the most of this attack.

He was going to use something he hadn't used before—a Qi attack which was mixed with the Law of Darkness and Illusion. 

He had exchanged his swords, holding the Sword of Time in his left hand while holding the King's Sword in the right. 

He was more experienced in using such big attacks while holding the sword with two hands, but that wasn't possible today. He didn't want to send his Sword of Time back since if he did, he might be restricted in space by Wu Lia again. So he could only have one of his hands free to hold the King's Sword and attack. 

He slowly raised his right hand. The sky was dark, but it seemed like the Golden Sword of Time had turned even darker at the moment, mixing with darkness, almost turning invisible. 

As he was filling more and more Qi in the sword to attack, the golden light of the sword was shining brighter and brighter, but light still wasn't able to come out of the darkness, which was keeping it hidden. 

'First time using it. Best of luck,' Xun's voice resounded in Long Chen's head as he was about to attack. 


On the other hand, Orion had heard Long Chen's command. He turned back and started leaving. He gave up on destroying the spirit formation since that was what Long Chen wanted. 

Unfortunately, just as he was running back, he realized that he was being followed by that same man Long Chen told him to get away from. 

Not only did Emperor Lu follow behind Orion, but he was also closing in. 

Orion was known for his speed, but the speed lacked before a Peak Saint Grade Expert who was faster. 

It seemed like he was going to get caught as there remained only twenty meters of distance between the two, which was decreasing with each passing second. 

No matter what Orion did, he wasn't able to lose Emperor Lu. 

It was clear that escaping was impossible. 


Long Chen knew that Orion was in danger, but he was also in a mess. He could only go to help Orion after taking Wu Lia out, which was what he wanted to do. 

Mixing with Illusion, he believed this attack had the entire potential to kill this guy. 

As he was prepared, he slashed down with his sword. 

Unfortunately, that also happened to be the time when Wu Lia said zero, ending his mysterious count.