Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1254 - 1254: Checking

The Western General told his men to take them to the higher floors where they believed the source of this destruction to be. 

As per his commands, he was taken to the higher floors. 

"This was the floor. But as our men checked, they found nothing strange. But they certainly believed that it was caused from here," Captain Wang explained to the Western General, stopping on Long Chen's floor. 

"Did anyone leave this place?" Western General inquired. 

"None. They're all still inside," Captain Wang answered. 

"Bring every single one of them out. I want to check myself," The Western General declared.

His men spread out, going to all the rooms, knocking. 

Even Long Chen's room was knocked, making him open his eyes. 

"Did they actually get to us? That was fast," Snake Monarch commented, hearing the knock. 

"Just stay silent and don't say anything. I think they're just here for a routine check, trying again to see if they can find anything. They're not going to find anything though," Long Chen casually sat up and got off the bed. He walked to the doors. 

"Yes?" Opening the door, he asked. 

"Our General wants to meet you. Please come outside," the General called Long Chen. 

Long Chen stepped out of the room and noticed that he wasn't the only one who was out. It seemed like people from the entire floor were out. 

Everyone was standing in front of the Western General in a group. 

" There has been an infiltration by a Criminal in the Royal City. And we believe that there's a good chance that a criminal is hiding here."

"That's why we'll be checking your things to make sure you aren't the criminal. If anyone has any problem with it, they can step forward!" The Western General spoke, his voice laced with his powerful aura, which made everyone scared of him. 

No one dared to step forward, scared of the Western General. Most of them had already recognized the Western General after all. 

"That's good. I don't want any of you to move. Only the one who is called should step forward. If anyone else moves even an inch, they'll be killed for disobeying the royal commands!" He warned once again before he pointed his finger at someone. 

"You, step forward!"

A middle-aged man stepped forward as per the command. He stopped in front of the Western General. 

"Check him for any storage items," the Western General commanded his men. 

The Royal Guards started checking the clothes of the man.

" He isn't hiding any items in his clothes," The Guards answered. 

"Alright. Hand me the ring on your finger," Long Chen commanded the man, glancing at the ring in his hand. 

The man took off his rings and gave them to the Western General. 

The Western General checked the ring, only to stop in the end. He couldn't find anything odd inside the ring. He returned it to the man. 

"You can go," he said. 

The middle aged man sighed a breath of relief as he went back to his room. 

The Western General called for another man from the crowd and started checking him.

After checking his storage ring, he found it to be ordinary too. 

"You can also leave," he told the next man before he shifted his attention to the third person. 

While the Western General kept checking the storage rings of people, the other guards kept an eye on the people in the crowd to make sure no one hid the rings they were wearing. 

Some guards were already checking their rooms to make sure no one had hidden their storage rings there before coming out. 

"Ah, aren't you in trouble? If he checks your ring, you'll be caught. Want to run away?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen, seeing the ancient ring in Long Chen's hands. 

Snake Monarch knew that if anyone saw the ring, Long Chen was going to be in a big mess. 

"Don't worry about anything. Nothing is going to happen. Just wait and watch," Long Chen told the Snake Monarch through his thoughts. "You just don't say anything. Alright?"

The line kept moving forward, and one after another, people kept getting checked. Long Chen was the last person in the crowd, standing at the end. 

It didn't take long before it was his number. 

"You! You're the last one. Step forward," the Western General asked Long Chen.

Long Chen stepped forward, standing before the Western General. 

"Check his clothes," the Western General commanded his men, who started checking Long Chen's clothes. 

"He isn't hiding any storage devices in his clothes," the Royal Guards replied. 

"Good," The Western General nodded. He shifted his attention to the ring on Long Chen's hands. 

He also noticed the Snake beside Long Chen.  

"Is that your tamed beast?" Western General asked Long Chen. 

"Yeah," Long Chen nodded. 

"Why do you drag this weak beast with you? He hasn't even broken past the Saint Realm. Whatever, it's none of my business. Give me your ring," Western General told Long Chen. 

Long Chen didn't argue and handed over the ring to the Western General. 

Snake Monarch was really struggling hard not to open his mouth. He wanted to curse the nine generations of the Western General, but he didn't do it as he had promised Long Chen that he'd stay silent this time. 

Long Chen took off a silver ring and gave it to the Western General. 

Looking at his actions, Snake Monarch was stunned. He wondered why Long Chen had given only one ring and not the Ancient Ring. 

What surprised him even more, was that the Western General didn't ask him for the Ancient Ring either. It seemed like he was satisfied with just one ring. 

The Western General looked inside the Silver Ring. 

"Hmm? The token of Princess? What is going inside your ring?" The Western General asked, looking surprised.

The Silver Ring that Long Chen had given them was a random lower grade ring. To not make it look empty, he placed some random items inside, including the rewards he had received from the Royal Palace for passing the test. 

He also kept the token he received from the Princess inside. He had already told the guard about that token last night. It was the only thing that could justify how he was able to stay in such an expensive place.

"Ah, General, I know about it. It was given to him by the Princess," The guard replied. 

"Princess Mimi gave him her token? Why?" Western General asked, confused as to why she would give something so special to a random person.