Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1032 - 1032: Evil Cultivator

The team of Esteria was also here, which contained the three princes, Ji Shan, as well as Emperor Meng, who had come here with his sons. 

Seeing the newcomers, Long Chen's eyes focused on Ji Shan, who was calmly sitting on an Eagle-like beast that flew with the group of others. 

"Ji Shan is here too," Zhiqing said, also noticing him. 

"Yeah. He had also qualified. So he is here too. What I don't understand is why? What happened to him? I guess I'll have to talk with him later," Long Chen said as he nodded. 

The group from Esteria also landed on the ground and met up with the others. 

"Emperor Meng, welcome to Fengshu. Did you like our world?" Emperor Du asked the newly arrived Emperor who had come here from a different world. 

"It's a pretty good world. Much like ours," Emperor Ming Said, smiling. 

"That's true. You might not know, but we have an Esteria Empire of our own. They must be here soon. It would be fun to see two Esteria Empires meet," Emperor Du chuckled as he said. 

"I would love to meet them," Emperor Ming Said. "That aside, isn't it time? Should we start the trial to decide the rank?"

"Now? Isn't there anyone else who is coming?" Emperor of Tricion asked, frowning. "There should be more candidates from other worlds that aren't here yet."

"They won't come. Apparently their candidates had suffered some accidents, and they died. Only six candidates are left—three from my world and two from yours," Emperor Ming Said. 

"Is that so? If that's the case, waiting would indeed be a waste of time," Emperor Du agreed, but he suddenly remembered that the Tricion Prince wasn't here either. 

"Ah, actually, one of our candidates isn't here yet either. We're waiting for him. How about we delay for a bit?" he said since he knew that the Tricion Emperor wasn't going to say anything. 

"Huh? Your candidate isn't here yet? Are you joking? This is such an important event that will decide the shares our world gets. And he isn't here? We can come from another world on time, but he doesn't come in time despite being here? This is not good," Emperor Ming Said, rolling his eyes. 

He was already upset because of being mistreated by Wu Lia previously. So he was in a bad mood and telling him to delay more? He didn't like it. 

"We're starting the Trial right now. The battle of Pei Zen will be in the end. We can start with the others in the meanwhile. If he can come in time for his fight, he can take part. If he fails, his opponent will be given victory."

"That is acceptable." Emperor Meng agreed. 

"Alright. Take your seat. We will start right away," Tricion Emperor said as he pointed towards the seating area of guests. 

The four Empires that had participants in the event were given special places, whereas the other Empires that had just come to watch the Event were given places in stands. 


"It's starting. Who do you think will win?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen as she watched everyone going to their seating areas. 

"Looking at their faces, who do you think will win?" Long Chen asked in return. 

"Me? I don't know. I haven't seen them fight. But you went against them in the first trial. You should know who had the potential to win?" Zhiqing inquired. 

"Honestly, it's not even a contest, in my opinion. Du Liang will be the clear winner. His special eye and his strength, both of them make him almost impossible to defeat by other candidates. As for the second, that should be Qian Yu," Long Chen answered lazily. 

"Hah, are you just saying that because you don't like the other candidates? They can't be that weak. You said that Meng Qian was second, find you? Why did you place Qian Yu above him when she was fourth last time?" Zhiqing asked since this didn't make sense. 

If what Long Chen was saying now was right, why didn't the first trials give similar results?

"I'm only guessing too, honestly. I'm going with what my gut tells me. Qian Yu hadn't used her entire effort in the first trial since she was keeping an eye on me the entire trial. But then again, I haven't seen Ming Qian, Meng Huling fight. I only feel that they are weaker... Much weaker," Long Chen answered. 

"As for Ji Shan... I've spent a long time with him. He isn't that strong. I don't even know why he was called for trials. Maybe because of me? Anyway, we would know soon enough," he added. 


A man walked into the middle of the Arena. 

It was an old man who seemed to have a long white beard that came down to his knees. The man seemed to be older than eighty, but he was still standing straight with an arrogant gaze on his face.  

"Look, there's General Wuki; he is said to be the strongest Cultivator in Tricion and the uncle of the Emperor. He also leads the Royal Army of Tricion."

"I heard that old man is really brutal."

"Hah? Do you really believe the rumors that he eats children? Those should only be rumors. Don't take that seriously."

"How do you know? I heard the stories. He had killed many clans that tried going against the Tricion Empire while also eating the children of the clan and selling the women. Only the men from the clan were executed, but their fates are actually the least cruel. Don't try to deny it! He certainly did it!"

"Shhh! Do you want to die? He would kill you if he heard it. Don't take rumors seriously, and most certainly don't say them even if they are true!"

Long Chen was sitting lazily, eating fruits while watching the old man standing at the center of the arena. He was able to hear the conversation of a group of youngsters that were sitting near him. 

"Eating children, huh... Wonder if those are actually rumors. If these are not, he should be an evil Cultivator that uses children for his Cultivation," he muttered as he observed the face of the old man. "He most certainly seems like one."

"Silence!" the Old man said, amplifying his voice with his Qi, so it reached every corner of the arena. 

"As you all may know, the Trials have been decided between twenty worlds to decide the rankings of them in which every world sent 3 participants. The first stage was brutal, killing most of these candidates while the rest failed, leaving only six of them!"