Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1128 - 1128: You're Not Wrong

"This is the place where a small village existed during those times. In fact, this exact spot was where my house happened to be."

"We had lived in slavery for all our lives as the monsters of a different world came to our continent and took over. We became servants in our own continent, working for those monsters. We had no cultivation knowledge or anything to fight back. One mistake and our people ended up dead."

"Life was so hard at that time. You should be glad that you weren't there during those times. You really escaped a nightmare," the Saint King informed Long Chen, reminiscing about the past. 

"You're right. I read about that. How you became a cultivator and fought against those Monsters. You're a legend here," Long Chen replied, nodding his head. 

"Yeah. But most of the stories are wrong, actually. When I came back here, I was surprised to know a few of them. They talked about how I was the first cultivator and how I used the monster cultivation skills to make one for the humans so we could rise. It was so absurd actually," the Saint King let out as he chuckled.

"Yeah. I found out about it later. I also believed those stories and thought you made Cultivation, but my world view was too small. I was like a frog at the bottom of the well. Cultivation existed long before. It was also being used by humans."

"The humans on the other continents were cultivators long ago. I also know that the only reason those monsters came here was because the Emperor of Esteria gave them this land to use as if it was his property," Long Chen said, sighing. 

"Oh? You know about that as well? Have you been to that continent before?" The Saint King asked, surprised. 

"That's right. That's the place I got this second token from. It was being worn by the Prince of Esteria. For some reason, I had a conflict with them, and I had to kill their Emperor and the Ancestor of Esteria," Long Chen answered, subtly proud. 

"Wait, you killed their current Emperor? Has that Empire fallen so much? Wait, I just realized your Tamed Beast; he's a Peak Heaven Grade Beast. But the girls behind you are much weaker. As for you, I can't see your cultivation. Just what's your cultivation?" Saint King asked Long Chen, surprised. 

"The sixth Stage of Heaven Realm at the moment," Long Chen answered. 

"Huh, so the Emperor of the Esteria is now a Heaven Grade Cultivator too? They have really fallen. In my time, the Emperor was a Peak Saint Grade Cultivator," the Saint King alluded to Long Chen.  "I'm curious, though. How did my token end up in Esteria?"

"You're misunderstanding. The current Emperor was a Peak Saint Grade Expert," Long Chen explained. 

"Huh? You killed a peak Saint Grade Expert? With your cultivation of the Mid-heaven realm? Hahaha, that's interesting. You're really worthy to be my heir," the Saint King said as he started laughing out loud. 

"How old were you at that time when you went against Esteria Emperor?" Long Chen asked the Saint King. 

"I was at the Peak Sky Grade, so you're still not quite there yet," the Saint King said as he smirked. 

"But still, you're really good. Really worthy," Saint King said. 

"I have a question. How did you go against the world when you were only a Sky Realm Cultivator? Moreover, how did you actually learn the art of Cultivation? There was no knowledge of that in this continent."

"Moreover, those monsters had a different Cultivation since their core was their body. So how did you do it? What's the real story?" Long Chen asked. 

"Well, the stories that are going around about me are pretty fascinating. They make me seem like a god for making cultivation for humans from nothing but the reality is a bit anticlimactic," Saint King said as he sighed. 

"When I was seven years old, I fell down a cliff accidentally, but I landed in a mysterious water and survived," he explained. 

"Huh? Falling off a cliff? Mysterious water? Why does that sound an awful lot like my story?" Long Chen muttered, smiling wryly. 

"What happened next?" He asked. 

"In that water, a really big tiger-like beast was swimming. Instead of eating me as I thought, it brought me out of the water. That's the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness," Saint King continued. 

"Anyway, I woke up after an unknown amount of hours. The beast wasn't there. Honestly, sometimes I actually wonder if that beast was actually there or a dreamt of him? But if it was a dream, how did I come out of the water? So he should be real."

"What happened after that?" Long Chen asked. 

"After I woke up,  I started looking around to find a way up. Unfortunately, the only way out was to climb the cliff. I couldn't do that no matter how much I tried. When I got hungry, I started looking around," Saint King said. 

' His experience was really similar to mine. The beast thing is new, though. It would be cool if I had seen that beast too,' Long Chen thought, hearing the story. 

"As I looked around, I found the food. Through some strange coincidences, I ended up digging the ground where I found the book. Can you guess what that book had?" Saint King asked Long Chen as he finished describing.

"A Cultivation Skill?" Long Chen took a guess. 

"That's right. It was a really fascinating skill. Moreover, I was also able to read it for some reason," Saint King answered. 

"Not all stories about me are wrong, though. I did have extremely high potential and an ability to learn all skills extremely fast. So I was able to understand that skill, and I comprehended it. I cultivated using that, and the rest is history," he further said. 

"What skill could it be? Even I'm not able to fight Saint Grade Expert at Sky Realm that easily, but you could? How? Can I have that skill too?" Long Chen asked, desiring what seemed like an overpowered skill. 

Hearing Long Chen's question, the Saint King burst into laughter again. 

"Hahaha, kid. You're really greedy, aren't you? But do you really have to worry? You're getting all my inheritance. Do you still need to worry about it?"

"I was just making sure since that skill seems interesting," Long Chen answered as he smiled wryly. 

"Your first time, right? Just watch more; you'll see his real shamelessness," Snake Monarch chimed in as he talked to the Saint King. 

"Don't listen to him. He just talks nonsense," Long Chen retorted. 

The Saint King nodded in agreement. "I know. I had the experience of meeting someone from the Snake Monarch species. I must say, you're not wrong."