Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 982 - 982: Sword

Lu Junwei and Long Chen stood before a black door that seemed to have various strange patterns carved on it. It seemed like the patterns were carved with pure gold.

"You might be wondering what I'll test you on. You know what the most important job of a husband is?" he asked, frowning. 

Long Chen looked at the man curiously. What could that be? Loving and caring for his wife? Keeping her happy?

"It is very simple when you think about it. The first job of a husband is to keep his wife safe from all harm. And to be able to do that, what do you think you need?" Emperor Lu Junwei asked.

"I need strength?" Long Chen replied. 

"That's right. A person needs strength to save his wife in all situations. That's what your first test will be about. You must prove to me that you're strong enough," the Emperor replied. 

"Oh? And how do I do that?" Long Chen inquired as he frowned. 

"It's very simple, actually," the Emperor let out as he grinned. 

Long Chen couldn't help but frown, finding it suspicious. What was he trying to say? How was he going to test his true strength?

"You just need to defeat me," the Emperor chimed in as he pushed the door open. 

A weird look covered Long Chen's face as he heard the words of the Emperor. He needed to defeat the guy who was probably a Saint Realm Cultivator? Did this man really expect a youngster to be able to defeat him? 

Even though Long Chen believed he had an opportunity and potential to defeat the guy, but that was going to mean that he'll have to expose his true strength. That was a mess as it seemed too soon, and he didn't feel comfortable enough showing his strength. 

"Don't tell me you really expect me to defeat you," Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly, acting ignorantly.

"Don't worry. I know my strength. You can't defeat me with how young you are. A first stage heaven Realm has no chance against me. Still, I must say that your Cultivation is already pretty impressive for your age from where you came from," The Emperor said as he observed Long Chen. 

"Then why do you want to fight me if you know that I can't defeat you?" Long Chen asked as he frowned. 

"To know that, you must understand about this room first. It's not a normal room. It's a special room that is filled with formations. And the only purpose of these formations is to restrict the cultivation of everyone that enters it to the Earth Realm," the Emperor said as he smiled. 

"We'll both be at the same cultivation, so it's less of a battle of true strength and more of a battle of our abilities, potential, and talent," Long Chen muttered as he understood what the Emperor was implying. 

It was not a battle of the strongest version of him against the strongest version of the Emperor. Instead, both of them were going to suffer through lower Cultivation inside the room to stand on equal ground against each other. But that was also beneficial in a way. He was confident that he had a better chance with that. And he didn't need to be exposed either. 

"I guess you can understand at least that much," the Emperor nodded his head. 

"Anyway, if you accept to fight me, step inside. If you don't accept to face me, stay outside," he added as he stepped inside. 

Long Chen stayed behind as he watched the Emperor enter the room after pushing the door open. 

'Stay outside? Why should I with such a great opportunity? When we're both at the same Cultivation, it's you who should stay outside instead,' Long Chen thought as he smiled while stepping inside. 

He stepped inside the room where the Emperor was waiting for him. 

"Good. You weren't scared. That's already good for the start," the Emperor let out as he smiled at the sight of Long Chen entering. 

"I might have thought twice if we were fighting at our strongest, but I would still have entered, let alone now when we're at the same level. But I must remind you, don't underestimate me," Long Chen let out as he brought out the King's Sword.

As soon as the Emperor saw Long Chen's King's Sword, a frown appeared on his face as if the sword had shocked him. 

Seeing his stunned expressions, Long Chen also started wondering the reason. 

"Don't tell me Saint King Xianwu created trouble here as well? I barely dodged the previous guys who were after me, calling me Saint Killer's heir. It would be a mess here is it's the same situation here,' Long Chen thought as he frowned. This could be problematic. 

"That sword, where did you get that from?" The Emperor asked, making Long Chen sure that the guy knew about it.

" It was a sword that I inherited from my family estate. Why?" Long Chen answered as he squinted his eyes. 

"Your family inheritance? Are you the descendant of Senior Saint?" the Emperor asked, respectfully. 

"Senior Saint?" Long Chen wondered. 

'Is he talking about the Saint King? The way he talks, it doesn't seem like he hated the guy. Instead, it seems like he knows him and respects him,' Long Chen thought. 

"Ah, I don't know what name you know him by. But he is the one who possessed the sword last time I saw it. It's been a long time since that. In any case, you must be his descendant. No one is capable of stealing his sword. So if your mansion had it, either he was your ancestor, or he gifted the sword to your ancestors. In any case, you're from a good family," The Emperor let out as he observed the sword. 

"Can you tell me more about that person?" Long Chen asked, confused. 

If this guy has seen this sword in his lifetime, it couldn't be the Saint King that had disappeared much longer ago than his time. 

Could this mean that there was another inheritor to the Saint King that had this sword before? Or was it just one of his ancestors that found the Sword and traveled the worlds before coming back?

It could also be what the Emperor said. The one who had the Sword after the Saint King gifted the sword to someone from his family after it was damaged? This was because the sword was damaged when he had received it. 

"That person, huh. He was my master," The Emperor answered.