Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1247 - 1247: Taking Credit

Both Long Chen and Glaze looked at the same item and walked towards it. Unfortunately, Glaze happened to be closer to it; he had it easier. It was much closer to him than it was to Long Chen. In fact, it was only a few steps away. 

Stepping forward, he bent down to pick the item up. Unfortunately, before he could even pick it up, he saw the item disappear. 

"What the heck?" Glaze exclaimed, stunned. Just when his fingers were a few inches away from this thing, it disappeared? How was it possible? He couldn't understand it. 

He didn't know that Long Chen had just teleported near him, and after touching this thought, he kept it in his storage ring from right under his nose. 

As Glaze was wondering what was happening, he soon realized something as he saw the footsteps near him. 

"Who is here?! Show yourself!" Glaze yelled. 

"Sorry, but you're not worth it," a heavy voice fell in the ears of Glaze. 

After commenting, Long Chen disappeared and appeared in a different corner of the Palace. 

He didn't bother staying in the treasury as he received what he wanted. Instead, he swiftly prepared to leave. 

Through a series of continuous teleportation, he soon left the Palace, prepared to go back to the hotel. 

Along the way, he did wonder who the thief was that had managed to enter the treasury. A thief who actually tried to steal from the strongest in the Immortal World? He wondered how that thief got so much courage.

He was also curious why he was after the same thing? What use did it have for that guy?

Even though he was curious about it, he didn't stop to ask questions. He had already received what he wanted. Now he had all the things he needed to achieve his goals. 

He soon appeared back in the hotel room, landing on his bed. 

"Finally, we have all the things we need. We can work on making a body for you. Are you prepared?" Long Chen asked, looking at Xun, wondering if she was prepared for it. 

Xun simply glanced at Long Chen, wondering what to say. It was always her dream to be a real person. A dream to live a normal life, not be trapped inside the ring. But there was a voice in her head that was telling her no. 

She knew that if she did that, she couldn't actually be the Treasure Spirit. Who was going to help Long Chen in the trials then? She was going to lose all her connection to the Bloodline Temple. Moreover, she was also concerned about Tian Shen, not knowing that half her memories were false. 

"I'll take that as a yes. Don't waste this opportunity. Jump inside the body that is formed as soon as I call you. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity," Long Chen told Xun, getting off the bed. 

He brought everything that he had collected. He also brought a few more things that were already present in the storage ring when he had received them. One of those things was a huge cauldron that had a white tiger carved on it. 

The Cauldron was so big that it could easily accommodate five humans. 

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen started a fire right inside the hotel room to heat up the cauldron. 

After the Cauldron was heated, he brought out the jar that he had just taken from the treasury of Saint King. He opened the jar, which was filled with blood red liquid. He poured half the liquid inside the cauldron before closing the jar again. 

After closing the jar, he kept it back in his storage ring before he continued to place more items inside the cauldron, just as it was described to him by the Saint King in the book. 


Far away from Long Chen, Glaze was still inside the Royal Treasury, trying to find the person who had just spoken in his ears. He was known as the greatest thief in this world, and someone managed to steal something from right under his nose? He couldn't take it. 

Unfortunately, despite searching for over ten minutes, he couldn't find anyone. 

"Did he escape?" Glaze thought, sighing. He couldn't believe something was stolen when he was so close to it. "Cheh, it's fine. So what if I couldn't take that thing? I can certainly take credit for stealing it, can't I?"

He brought a token out of his pocket and placed it on the entrance of the treasury before he escaped, seemingly in a hurry as if something was going to happen. 

About five minutes after he had left, the soldiers started walking up as the effect of the medicine was over. 

"Ah, what just happened?" 

"The treasury! Sound the alarms!"

" Someone broke inside the treasury!"

As the guards woke up, an alarm started resounding inside the entire Royal Palace, warning others of intruders. 

Even the Emperor woke up from his sleep at the sound of the alarm. He left his room, wondering which idiot dared to enter his Royal Place. 

"What's happening?" He asked, leaving his room. 

"Your Majesty, an intruder entered the Royal Palace Treasury," The Guards informed him. 

The Emperor flew to the Royal Treasury, enraged. He couldn't believe that someone dared to steal from him. He was already wondering what was going to happen to his reputation if someone found out that he was robbed. 

He stopped in front of the Treasury. 

"What was stolen?" He asked the Western General, who had also appeared here. 

"We aren't sure yet. It seems like more of the treasures were left behind. We'll need to check thoroughly to know what was stolen. But we certainly know who did it," Western General replied, sighing. 

"Who?" The Western Emperor inquired. 

The Western General showed a token which he found at the entrance of the treasury. 

"It's the work of Glaze," he said. 

"That bastard! He dared steal from another Emperor? Lock the entire city down and find Glaze! And find what was stolen. I want that information in an hour," the Western Emperor commanded as he left. 

The Western General took a deep breath as he stepped inside the treasury, searching for what was taken from them. 

Even though the Western Emperor had told him that he wanted the answer in an hour, he knew that it was impossible to find it in an hour since the treasury was so vast. It was going to take at least a few hours in the least. 

I'm the meanwhile; he also commanded his men to help him. At the same time, he sent his other man to search the entire city for Glaze.